Friday, March 31, 2006

Finally it's over...

Emerging not-s0-triumphant but nevertheless relieved from this week. The Four Gospels exam was horrible!!! I don't think I did well. I hate multiple choice tests asking things like "The incident in chapter ___ means" and then the answers are so close... and yeah. Too bad I can't get a copy of the exam to show some of the questions. A lot had to do with all the connecting passages. It was hard!!! I think if he had given an essay test I might have done better. UGH. Oh well!

It's nice out... 76! Yay... people are lying on the grass everywhere. They're all trying to get tan or something. Hah. I forgot Christy wasn't here so I didn't have anyone to eat with... but I ended up eating out on the grass in front of the dorm where there were a lot of girls hanging out and also Nick who was killing time waiting for his last class.

No I feel like sleeping but I have a lot of homework. So yeah. Toodles

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