Monday, April 03, 2006

An update... woohoo!

So the lots of homework in the previous post? It didn't get done. *Sigh* What happened was... (*dun dun*) I was peacebly reading when Sun Hee got back, inspired by the weather and my skirts and decided she wanted one. (She owns 1 black one and she's had it for 7 years...) SO we went on a spur of the moment shopping trip and discovered that all the stores sell exactly the same thing and we didn't like anything. Then we stopped by Sun Wah (the Chinese take-out) and got some real food (ha rice!!!) and met Jessika there... and took her back to the dorm with us.

So we got back and watched "The Scarlet Pimpernel" with Danae and Janita... and now I'm inspired to read the book because apparently it's quite different. It's a cool story, only it took me forever to begin to understand what was going on and sort out the characters. The only disturbing part was that the bad guy was Gandalf. (With short hair and less wrinkles)

After the movie was over, Danae had some coupons for free junior smoothies at Wendy's that expired that night... so we got them and hung out in Danae's room until midnight.

Saturday I woke up at 8 and kinda managed to do some work. Then I went to work and for some reason, I was alive and awake and it was good. Except when I was serving a deaf customer and then I goofed on her order and I had to explain on paper why I was doing an overring. There were a ton of people at the mall for some reason... just wait until April 10th. I won't be there, though... Barnum and Bailey clowns are coming from 4-5pm! I'm glad I'm not working cuz that means a ton of kids meals (a couple came up and ordered 7 kids meals! *dies* Thankfully Chris filled the order as I tried to sort out all the meals to ring up). Some of the girls are refusing to work because they're afraid of clowns. I've come across more clown-a-phobic people in America than ever before (come to think of it, I don't know any clown-a-phobics back home). Apparently earlier that morning, Dan (I think that's his name... but it might not be...) was dressed in the cow costume for some reason. I want to wear a cow costume... only I'm too short. Dan is 6'6".

Drove back Saturday night... then yesterday I was at Trinity the whole day. I was accepted into membership in the evening... kinda weird cuz I just remembered that I was baptized about a year and a half ago and I've been a member at the church I grew up in for a total of 9 months only. Heh... so yeah, I kept thinking of MCBC. I was dying up front and then Pastor Martin said, "I know this is probably quite embarrassing for you..." Then I was in the greeting line and half the people I didn't know and some people that I had seen but didn't know their names. But anyway, the line trickled down pretty quickly, so I got out around 8:15ish and drove back to school. There must have been a huge accident on 287 North because it was blocked up for miles with huuuuge trucks and cars. Then there was an accident on 202 as well, but it was kinda near the end, so there was no traffic.

So now I am back in school. 36 days until I go home.

EDIT// HAH I got a prank phone call from who knows who it was (they hid their ID.. prob someone I don't even know) asking if I could babysit on Thurs from 5:30 until 2 in the morning... "I have 12 kids, ages 1 month to 62." HAHA

EDIT// On PBU humor: At chapel today, a guy from STS (Student Theological Society) announced the next speaker for their meetings (Vern Poythress) and the guy said, "So come if you want to know why the rapture isn't going to occur..." and there was silence... and then he said, "Um, that's a joke." HAHA the things that make PBU students laugh.


katherine said...

I am a clown-a-phobic. clowns freak me out.

i hate getting huge orders. one person ordered ELEVEN combo number ones and one kids meal. at least they were all with cokes! we all worked togther cuz it was slow business, and we ended up getting her order completed in 6 minutes. it was awesome.

oldgreybeard said...

Pray for wisdom for Dr Poythress!

Old Greybeard