Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yesterday Mr Robb called me Becky Norrmaier. I prefer Needermaier.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So apparently I have a new name. I am Becky Needermaier. I walked into the cafeteria for lunch and Laura was the checker and asked me to eat my lunch at the checker table and scan people's cards because they were so short handed. So I got to have the cool laser pointer thingy and pretend to hold up everyone who arrived. Anyway, Mr. Robb (he works for alumni relations) showed up and I said "Hi Mr Robb!" He was embarrassed because he couldn't remember my name even though he knows what office I work in. So I told him my name and then after class today, passed him in the hallway and he pointed at me and said, "Becky!" And I said, "Yep." And then he said, "Needermaier!" and I started laughing. He said at least he had the maier part. I think it's fun to confuse people on campus. I remember names and faces pretty well (including people I haven't officially talked to) so I like greeting people by saying their name and sometimes providing additional information such as their academic major and that freaks them out. Mwahaha. So Needermaier was my amusement for the day... that and threatening people with the scanner... or with no lunch by refusing to scan their cards.

I went to the Oliff's and cooked caldereta last night. Yummy... it was fun! I never realized how much of an act of service/ministry just cooking a meal can be for a busy family. Thankfully the girls aren't picky and they all loved it. I tutored Ruth for a class last semester and this semester I'm going to tutor Bekah so in some ways it was a thank you for letting me use their girls in spite of the danger of permanently scarring their academic career. Haha.

Tonight is dorm dessert at the RD's apartment. Woohoo! Yay for food.

Tomorrow I start my ministry with kiddie college. There's a ladies bible study on campus every Thursday and we take their kids and do stuff with them. I hope I get put with the infants. You know, brainwash them when they're young.

Oh yeah, I actually went to the Luau this year. They had a slip and slide and Dr. Babb went down it. Everyone gathered around it and "took a knee for Dr Babb". You can tell he's a swimmer -- he made a perfect dive on to the slide. He's one of the top ten swimmers in his age group in the nation.

So here are some pics of recent stuff.