Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"For by You I can run upon a troop;
By my God I can leap over a wall."
2 Samuel 22:30

Saturday, February 25, 2006

C is for cookie

I actually think these are similar to the last cookies that were so splendiferous, but these spread out all nice and pretty.

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 ounces milk chocolate (4 ounces coarsely chopped, 4 ounces cut into 1/4 inch chunks)
1 stick (8 tablespoons) unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 325. Whisk together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl; set aside. Melt coarsely chopped chocolate with the butter in a small heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water (that or microwave it!).

2. Transfer chocolate mixture to the bwol of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Add sugar, eggs, and vanilla; mix on medium speed until combined. Reduce speed to low; gradually mix in flour mixture. Fold in chocolate chunks.

3. Scoop batter using a 1 1/2 -inch ice cream scoop; place 2 inches apart on parchment-lined baking sheets (just grease them!!!). Bake until cookies are flat and surfaces begin to crack, about 15 mins. Transfer on parchment to wire rack. Let cool 5 mins.

What's with the parchment?!? Yeah so anyway... good cookies! They spread a lot too... and they don't look done but they are done. Also, I just used mini kisses for the 1/4 chunks and chocolate chips for the chunky ones.


So anyway, back to studying Anatomy and Physiology! After taking notes for every single chapter but Chapter 1, I am reverting to typing my notes because it's faster! I didn't get much homework done this morning because Kait came for lunch and then we went to Chester just for fun.


Friday, February 24, 2006

"If it ain't chocolate, it ain't breakfast!" -- Anonymous

Hi peeps... hey look, I haven't updated since Sunday! Woohoo go me! I have better things to do!

Let's see, this week at work:

I got called "Baby girl" by this crazy lady who was trying sooooo hard to be cool and really wasn't succeeding. She was saying things like, "Oh give me a high five baby girl! You're the best!" Ok I was snickering for a while after that. It was really weird.

Then there was an old lady that came and I got her stuff and she started saying, "So where do you go to school, dear?" I told her. Then she said, "Well you are sooo nice and sooo smart." Smart? Thankfully I didn't mess up giving her change!

And as I was walking into the mall yesterday, this guy followed behind me and said "Kamusta?" I turned around the guy was African-American and definitely not Filipino. I was a little creeped out and I kept walking and he followed and said "Aren't you Filipino?" I said "Um.. yeah..." and he said "I have lots of Filipino friends." I was thinking "Yeah that's nice go away you're scaring me." So he just said "Salamat" and left. That was interesting. Then I had a Filipino customer that day. She looked kinda Spanish but as soon as she opened her mouth, I knew she was Filipino. "Can I have... what do you call this..." =D

Wednesday was delightfully slow and I read 7 chapters of the Chick-fil-A book. It's actually the autobiography of the guy who founded Chick-fil-A. It was a pretty interesting book. One of the girls couldn't believe I was reading it and said, "Why are you reading that book?! Is it all 'holy'?" Nick, the 17-year-old manager, said it was a good book and let me read it. So the reason why Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday is because the guy who founded it said when he founded it that if it needed to be open 7 days a week to make profit, he would need to find another line of business... and since then, Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sundays.

And then I finally cracked down and got slip-free shoes for work. They help a lot actually. Tis amazing. In fact, I was leaving work and I called Rachael and she was going to WalMart so we met up for a while and went shopping.

Let's see... what other weird experiences this week... OH YEAH! Today I went to my fav gas station in Flemmington and the guy (who is Indian) finally asked what country I was from and I said Philippines and he said I looked Indian. He said my name was confusing him because I looked Indian and my name is definitely not Indian. HAHA so yeah... So as I drove away he said "Thank you, Rivka." At first I thought it was some sort of Indian term or whatever for girl or something... until I was about 5 minutes down the road and I remembered that my name is Rebecca and that's probably how he pronounced me name. HAH I am so dumb. Rivka. Not bad, actually.

I went to my ministry on Thursday. There was also another woman there for the first time -- she was also helping. I'm not sure where she's from. Anyway, Kiara was doing a math problem and Marissa (the new helper) couldn't figure it out and asked me about it and I gave her what I thought was right until math class this morning when I realized that I completely and stupidly gave her the wrong answer. DUH!!! The question was 10 - __ = 20. For some odd reason I did use a double negative but I said THIRTY. THIRTY?!?!?! How stupid is that!!!!

Speaking of my ministry, there are some kids there with major issues. Kelly, Krista, and Kearstin have major issues. Kelly and Krista are sisters and Kearstin is their cousin. All three of them are only in the program because their mothers are the only ones that are working. All the other kids seem to have a little better home lives than those three. Kelly is on medication apparently, which explains some of her issues. Kearstin has a major temper and attitude problem. She got mad at Kiara and started walking around KICKING things. Then there was Kelly who was mad at Kearstin. I went over to her and tried to talk to her and told her she wasn't dealing with her problem properly. That child is 10 years old and she said, "I hate Kearstin." Kearstin was at fault but I also told Kelly that hating her cousin wasn't going to help her relationship with Kearstin. You know what Kelly said? "I don't have no relationship. I hate Kearstin and when I go home I'm gonna slap her face." I tried saying something about the Bible but she said "I don't care and I hate her and I'm gonna slap her." Then she walked in the house and Kearstin's jacket was there and Kelly threw it on the floor, stamped on it, and muttered, "That is the ugliest jacket I have ever seen." I made her pick it up but she stormed off and sulked. Kelly has big, deep anger. Kearstin expresses her anger and she's very annoying. Out of the three, Krista is the best. Apparently, according to Trish, when they're alone they're better, but when there are two or all three of them, they are terrible. The other kids are so much better and listen and obey much more. Miguel of course is the cutest one of all. =) Trish warned everyone about obeying the leaders and she finally told us what the rules and penalties were so we could deal with the kids a little better.

Next Saturday is the MuKappa talent show. I'm trying to get out of doing anything, but Ariel wants me to do something. Benaiah said that if he makes it (he has a meeting), he, Joe, and I will have to come up with something. He said we should do tinikling with steel bars. HAH. And then he said we should sing. SING?

I am now going to devote the rest of my life to studying Mark... and Anatomy and Physiology. We have TWO weeks left until spring break! YAY!!! Before then I have exams for OT, Math, Anatomy and Physiolgy, and Four Gospels (I could have just said all classes but BI). Blah blah blah... sooo yeah! Fun times!!!

Sun Hee went crazy last night. In fact, we were both going crazy last night. I don't know. I was in a normal mood (sort of) and her mood rubbed off on me. I was lying on the floor screaming something about Anatomy and Physiology and she was bouncing up and down on the floor. Then there was knock on the door and I assumed it was Shannon cuz it was time for roomcheck and so I yelled "GO AWAY!!!" and SunHee opened the door and Kaleigh and Stef were there with shocked faces. HAHAHA. Stef said they were just checking to see if everything was ok or if we were fighting or something. They're usually the loud ones and so we scared them when we were going crazy. HAHA funniness. We calmed down for a while until Sunhee hit her funny bone on her bed and she starts going bezerk. She would go off into giggling fits and then she started throwing stuff and hitting a stuffed animal on the bottom of my bed. WEIRD!!! It was really crazy last night. Then we decided to go to bed but ended up talking unti 12:15. Crazzzzy times. This morning she was still kinda high cuz she got a good grade on calculus. La la la...

Sooo that would be as much as I can think to update. Have fun!

EDIT// Also, at work, I was filling two medium cups of lemonade, one diet and one regular. I picked them up and turned to the counter and set them down to put lids on them. Then I suddenly couldn't remember which one was diet. So I picked them up and turned around so I could see which one was the diet side. The customer was cracking up and she said, "Sooo cute." I felt stupid.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Um... HI! Did you miss me? Where was I... Oh yes, so let's pick up on Saturday.

Saturday morning I arose bright and early (yeah right... 8am)! I talked to my parents and I also corrected my A and P test and read a bit of the chapter. The reason I hadn't read the day before was because I was socializing in the lounge with the game night that wasn't. (Nobody showed up -- Shannon's sign was very confusing.) So I hung out with Valerie, Kendra, Shannon, Mel, and eventually Alicia (all upperclassmen). That was fun... Kendra had some cookie dough ice cream that she shared. Yummy.

Work was fine. Here's the conversation of the day:
"Hey Nick, I need ones."
"If you ask me for ones one more time, I'm going to shove my key down your throat!"
"You need change?"
"Yeah... ones."
"Remember what I said about this key!?!"
"Rahim needs ones too!!!"
"Well I didn't say it to him!"

I am convinced my drawer is cursed with the curse of always-running-out-of-ones. It ALWAYS happens. I am always the only one running out!!!

As I left work, snow was coming down... very fast too... but it was just flurries and by the time I was in Langhorne, the sky was clear. Weird!!! I got in around 6:15ish, ate dinner, did laundry, read A&P. So yeah... oh and the sky was really pretty. I took a picture... I shot it through the window at my side mirror... it was embarrassing because after I took it, I looked up and the car stopped in another lane had a little girl laughing at me. I was humiliated until I drove a little farther and started cracking up. Probably looked really stupid.

So I went to church in Trinity and we were invited to the Carlsons but I didn't go... and Andy was going to go where I was going so we had a little circle around the parking lot and stuff like that... he tailgated me the whole way home and I drove into the couldesac just because and he went the other way and got stuck with the lights so HA.

Just got back from Warminster... I spent 20 mins discussing dispensationalism with Pastor Wasson and then I left. The End

Friday, February 17, 2006

An update! WOOT!

I suppose my adoring fans will be calling for an update soon... sooo here goes!

Well, Wednesday I had classes (duh) and we had the A&P quiz that had been postponed from Monday. I think I got 2 wrong. (But my grade moved from a b+ to an a- now...) I also worked from 4-8. That was fun... and Chris (a 15-year-old kid who looks like he's 12) got us chocolate. I have no idea why (except that Sara said she wanted candy and he actually got some... at the dollar store...). Um, and the snow began to melt and it was all slushy.

Thursday we turned in our OT maps (I had done them 2 weeks before) and then I went to work which was fine and then to my ministry. It was pretty cool at Afternoon Impact yesterday. Jaci and I walked in the door and before I knew it, Krista was jumping into my arms (thankfully she's skinny as anything and very lightweight) and Kearstin was jumping at Jaci. We then proceeded to help them with homework and stuff like that.

I came to a definite conclusion that boys are easier to handle than girls. Kearstin was having attitude problems. One of the girls wouldn't share or something and she was pouting about it. I sent her out again, but she came back in and pouted and I walked over and she was trying very hard not to laugh. I told her she was faking it. Little brat. The girls are much more prone to sulking and whining and going crazy. The boys are sooo much more fun. If they get into a fight, it's dealt with nicely and quickly by some punches and then they're all best friends again. Definitely easier. What cracked me up was how Eric and Tony were teasing Lawrence for liking Krista (Krista is 9 and I'm guessing Lawrence is around the same age). They kept picking on poor Lawrence saying things like, "Put your girlfriend on a leash!!!" because she was screaming while playing playstation. (Lawrence does like Krista... in case you were interested.) I definitely think the boys are more fun than the girls... they have fewer issues. Miguel is 8 and REALLY tiny, such a complete ham, and soooo funny.

Oh yeah, Lawrence and Eric were playing playstation and Krista kept saying she could beat them all... until she started playing it and she kept dying. HAHA little girls... I was once one. *Sigh* How embarrassing.

Um... so yeah! Then I came back and started studying for the Matthew Exam. We were allowed to bring in a "cheat sheet" (or as Mr Oliff called it, "A study guide") which helped a tiny bit... but not all that much. I don't know how well I did. We'll see.

Today I am going to try to read a lot, correct my A&P test (he said we could go back and try to find the correct answers and bring up our grade by 50%), and read a lot (I already said that, didn't I?). Alexa and Benaiah are off to the MuKappa winter retreat.

I do like this planner I have. It keeps me organized!!! I thought I wouldn't use it much, but it reallllly helps! Want a sneak peak of next week? (Sure you do!!!)

Monday (hopefully get most done Fri and Sat -- all the reading is due on Friday):
Living by the Book (171-229)
Quiz: Systems of Nummeration
NT Wright "Gospel" (77-112)
Sailhammer -- Mark
Oliff "Messenger"
What On Earth is God Doing? -- Showers

Work 11:30-2:30

Work 4pm-8pm

OT Quiz (p. 111-123)
Work 11:30-2:30
Ministry 3:30-5:30

Ephesians 2:1-10 (Chart due)
Reflection Paper on Mark due

THREE WEEKS UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!! Before then I have whatever I said for next week, more reading due, finish 1 and 2 Samuel twice, a trace paper for Mark, an Anatomy and Physiology Exam, an OT exam, and Math and Mark exam (same day). Fun times.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy "Rotic Day" (Romantic without the man... according to Rachel P.)

Happy V-Day!!! HAHA, Chris and I used the two poems in the previous post for a card for Nick C. (guy at school) because he helped us when we had car trouble. He loved it... it looked like a 3rd grader made it, but who cares! He got a kick out of it. He's always screaming, so the outside says, "NIIIIIIIIIICK!!!" and top of the inside says "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Funniness. Also, on the front, we wrote 2 things that he often says: "WASSUP?!?!" and "Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang."

Ok, ok, back to homework

Monday, February 13, 2006


I don't wish to imply
that there aren't good
things about you
or that you're not
an extraordinary person
but I'd rather
let other people
enjoy the surprise
When you're away, I'm restless, lonely,
Wretched, bored, dejected; only
Here's the rub, my darling dear,
I feel the same when you are here.

Procrastination is a gift of mine

HI!!! I should be studying the muscular system, but I'm not. ("Muscles of three types you'll find/Skeletal, smooth, and the cardiac kind/Working together to make you strong/One gets short while the other long/Like your arm when muscles flex/Biceps short and long triceps/Your heart is a muscle too/Skeletal-type working like a smooth/A specialized muscle called the cardiac/But your skeletal muscles go right up your back") Hooray for anatomy songs!!!

Well phooey!!! I stupidly did not double check when I copied Philippians 2:5-11 onto an index card for taping over my bed so I could memorize it... and I memorized it, not realizing I had left out "and under the earth"!!! *Sigh* So dumb of me. Oh well.

I dreamed twice last night that classes were canceled. Sadly, I woke up, checked the emergency closing site only to find that all the classes were being held as scheduled. Sniff. Saddest thing in the uvinerse (hehe, Keena!). Oh well. Soooo I had to get up and get ready to brave the white stuff outside.

The snow was sooo pretty this morning with the sun glistening on it. Prettiness!!! It was also really bright and my eyes hurt.

We learned more about dispensationalism in class today. Woohoo!!! Fun times... so anyway, the concept of the dispensations is practically "salvation by works" although they'd never, ever admit it. See, the dispensations are basically testings of "stewardship" -- which sounds an awful lot like works. So yeah...

Christy and I ate in the Eagle's Nest for lunch. We got chicken nuggets... definitely fake chicken. At least Chick-fil-A uses real chicken (bet they'd be sued if they didn't). Teehee.

Sunhee's sick... but she should be back tonight... *rambles* Well I should probably start cracking down on my studying again. OH YEAH!!! I forgot -- we were supposed to have a quiz today in Anatomy and Physiology and I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT!!! Because of the weather, Dr. Beach moved it to Wednesday. *relief*relief* Danae didn't remind me about it cuz she figured I knew since I usually keep tabs on stuff. SHEESH. I do know that we have an exam in OT tomorrow, A&P quiz on Wednesday and hand-in set #2 due in math (which I did last week), OT maps due on Thursday (which I did two weeks ago), chapter 2 in Methodical Bible Study due (which I did last week) and an exam in Four Gospels on Friday. Yada yada.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Some more pix

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

"God thunders with His voice wondrously,
Doing great things which we cannot comprehend.
For to the snow He says, 'Fall on the earth,'
And to the downpour and the rain, 'Be strong.'"
Job 37:5-6
Anyway, it snowed. Lots and lots of snow. I think we got about a foot but maybe a foot and a half in the drifts. I wasn't able to go to church, though. I listened to a sermon on the Messianic Covenant by Pastor Nichols, listened to the morning worship service at Tenth Presbyterian, and listened/watched the on air broadcast that Trinity does at 4pm (it was Pastor Martin's sermonette (too much Oliff!) on "You Are Not Your Own" -- it was a Lord's Supper Meditation, so it was really short --> 45mins!).
I had to dig out my car this afternoon before it got all heavy and icy. Chris and Daniel helped too because Chris had to dig her car out as well. I was parked at a lower spot so I got the deep drifts. My whole front was buried.
This was when it had just started. Notice the rock in the second picture. It is still visible.
The next morning!
Now look at the rock -- Daniel is sitting on it!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Wow it has been a year since:
*Ate Rose's wedding
*Roasting Kemi and Elot

A year ago I didn't know where I was going to go to college. Now I'm in college. So much changes in one year!!! And, time flies! So many changes... so many things I never thought would have happened.

I should not be writing. I should be reading Anatomy and Physiology. I also should be reading chapter two in the Methodical Bible Study book which is SUPER BORING. (Living by the Book is sooo much better written).

The youth bible study was good. I liked the Zimbabwe report... haha they taught us a song and Mr Bell asked if clapping was appropriate in Trinity. Hehe. Funny. Anyway, they pronounce everything just as it is written -- like in Tagalog. The song started something like this:
Hakuna wakaita seJesu
Hakuna wakaita seYe
Hakuna wakaita seJesu
Hakuna hakunawo

I brought Kait's cow calendar and it was a huge hit -- Stringbean (aka Pete S. -- hey! He calls me Shorty!) wanted one so I have to get him one if there are any left. Chris F. was doing a monologue for the talent show this week during Trinity's spirit week. It was basically the written out version of "Why Murphy's Not at Work Today." Since I had my laptop there, I played the song for him and he loved it.

It is snowing. It is snowing a lot. Big, fat snowflakes. Hence SS and AM are canceled at Warminster -- but I have 3 tapes. Not sure if I'll go to the evening service -- depends on black ice.

Ok I should study or something! Bye

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ahhh, dispensationalism!

Danae, you may stop reading this post because it is written by a "covenant theologian who hasn't seen the light." *cough*

I am coming to a great conviction that dispensationalism is very inconsistent. When we were in Richmond on Christmas, they were wrapping up a study of dispensationalism. I wrote down all the things and am only now coming to really understand what they mean because of classes this semester.

Let's start with BI this morning:
We're beginning our discussion Dispensationalism, but we started with a discussion on Covenant Theology. I don't think it was painted in a very positive light, which is not surprising. Here is a quote:
"Some of the dispensations are spelled out in the Bible which is why I believe dispensationalism is superior to covenant theology."

He also said that Covenant Theologians are very allegorical and feel very free about what is taken figuratively. Emmons said that Cov's believe the central theme of the Bible is man's redemption. Dispys don't believe it is the central theme.

"I am very thankful for redemption, but I think the Bible is a little bigger than redemption."
Anyway, that was interesting. On Monday we're supposed to learn why dispensationalism is superior.
I had a discussion with Nick about dispensationalism. It's amazing how much he reads on top of schoolwork. Right now he's reading "Understanding Dispensationalists" and highly recommends it.
Yesterday I studied for 5 and a half hours. That fried my brain. I took notes on Chapter 6 in A&P. I wonder if there's a better way...
I work today. So bye.

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is what we learned today:

Biblical Intro
  • There are 3 views of the millennium: post-millennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism.
  • There are 7 years of tribulation before the establishment of the millennial kingdom.
  • The mystery kingdom is the Davidic kingdom that Jesus offered to the Jews but they rejected it. Because they rejected it, He postponed it and set up the church as the mystery kingdom until His coming which brings on the millennium.
  • There are 3 parts of the mystery kingdom: the last year of Jesus, the church, and the tribulation.

"Technically Jesus is not the king of the church. Technically He is not our king, but our husband in a figurative sense. He is the king of Israel and the king of the earth. We are His bride."
-- Emmons

Any volunteers to respond to that statement?

  • There are 57 hours for professional education. There are 48 for arts and sciences. There are 51 for Biblical Curriculum. That totals up to 156 hours to get 2 bachelor's.

  • I have taken and am in the process of taking:
  1. Old Testament 1
  2. Old Testament 2
  3. Four Gospels
  4. Doctrine 1
  5. Biblical Intro

  • I still need to take:
  1. Old Testament Poetics
  2. Prophetics 1
  3. Pauline Epistles 1
  4. Pauline Epistles 2
  5. General Epistles
  6. Prophetics 2
  7. Bible Elective (New Testament)
  8. Doctrine 2
  9. Doctrine 3
  10. Doctrine Elective
  11. Church History 1
  12. Church History 2

  • Dr Emmons did a "commercial" for studying in Jerusalem in our junior year to take care of our Doctrine and NT electives.

  • I am so glad we use the Hindu-Arabic way of counting.

Anatomy and Physiology
  • No wonder I'll never be in the medical field!

Four Gospels
  • It takes a whole 50 minutes for a class to come up with a definition for "parable."
  • It's a very tense, exciting class, but we never seem to get to the point.
  • Oliff is just strange. And he sings in class.

What I learned last night from Erin:

  • In Doctrine 3, you have to read Ryrie's book Dispensationalism and write a paper. According to Erin, "The book would be half the length if he stopped repeating himself."

This is fun. I just discovered how bullets work.

What I have to do this week:

  • Memorize Mark 1:1-3, 10:45; Philippians 2:5-11
  • Read Mark
  • Read Living By the Book pages 141-170
  • Take an OT quiz
  • Work 7 hours total (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Go to my ministry on Thursday
  • Make a slideshow for the youth Bible study presentation on Friday
  • Come up with something to say for Friday
  • Study for OT exam #1
  • Read Judges and Ruth again
  • Figure out if Mr Dunn's video camera can transfer video to my computer and then make a movie with Alexa
  • Get stuff ready to send to the Philippines

The courses I have left to take:

  1. Greek or Hebrew or Spanish
  2. Literature and Arts of the Western World 1
  3. Literature and Arts of the Western World 2
  4. Children's Literature
  5. Physical Fitness
  6. Life Management
  7. Philosophy
  8. Issues of Contemporary Literature
  9. Cultural Anthropology
  10. Physical Science
  11. Integrated Language Arts
  12. Early Childhood Math
  13. Teaching Social Studies
  14. Practicum
  15. Discipline Seminar
  16. Education Technology
  17. Teaching Science in Elementary School
  18. Dev/Diag Reading Middle School (huh?!)
  19. Math in Middle School
  20. Emergent Literacy
  21. Philosphy of School Ed
  22. Education Assessment
  23. Foundtaions of Special Education
  24. Music/Art/Health/PE
  25. Professional Seminar
  26. Student Teaching 1
  27. Student Teaching 2
  28. TESOL certification courses

CONCLUSION: This is going to be a long 5 years. Forget about the Masters Degree. (But then I can't go home and teach... guess I'm stuck.)

I double checked... Rev Dana is a man. Haha. I'm going to chapel.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tiz nobler to eat mor chikin

Um, TCBY is gone. Sniff. So sad. I drove past it today and it was empty. Working there was fun.

I worked today. It was non-stop busy! Apparently I sold a lot or something because Beth told me "you did awesome" after she saw the print out. Awesome?! Suh-weet dude. Weird English.

I drove back to NJ from work, walked in the door, dumped my laundry in the washing machine! Yay go me. I also managed to review for A&P some. I'm not sure if I'll be ready or not. I took crossword puzzles and quizzes and stuff in preparation. Sometimes I just get tired of trying to memorize it all! I guess you can overstudy. Sometimes I just give up and take the test. I miss when Mom would review me before tests. I might skip chapel on Monday and study... why am I skipping chapel? Because I'm not sure if the speaker, Rev. Dana, is a woman or a man. So yeah.

Um my feet are cold. I think I'll go to bed -- early again! YAY!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

first nap of the semester

HAH!!! I took a nap!!! Amazing! I never took a nap after class all last semester. I was rudely awoken by my pillow madly vibrating because my phone was ringing. Some random person dialled the wrong number... or something... or maybe he was someone I was supposed to know but I didn't. He called twice. The second time I let the phone ring to see if he'd leave a voice message. He didn't -- maybe he figured out he had the wrong number. The weird thing was that it was a 973 area code. Oh well. If I it was important, he'll call again. Maybe. Whatever. But anyway, I got up cuz I need to study and my roomie is coming back soon and I want to ask her about her new job in the cafeteria.

Right in front of me is my chocolate calendar from Susie. It says for Friday, February 3:
"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the pieces." -- Judith Viorst

And in my mailbox I got:
"'For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit...and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.' Romans 8:5,8

Dear freshmen: Stay strong in the Lord! Have a wonderful Day! In Him, the Freshman Cabinet"

I also got back my Matthew quiz from Oliff (97) and I didn't get back my reflection paper because I stupidly forgot to put my box number on it! Before they had a box for students to find their papers, but something about a privacy act changed that and they shred all the papers without box numbers. I got a 90 on it though, so that's a B and apparently he doesn't give out A's very easily. Now to see if I get a C on the trace paper. We discussed it in class and nobody brought up the kingdom even once, so I'm guessing I'm way off. Apparently the answer is in chapter 11.

Oh yeah, we didn't have a quiz in Four Gospels today. I don't know why -- probably because Mr Oliff would need a much longer class period to ever get somewhere. He goes off in tangents constantly.

I found out why Dr Hard was supposed to make a presentation at the end of OT (but didn't show up). He was going to give his advertisement for 2 weeks in Turkey or something which would count for Church History 1 that most of us will take in the Fall. It's like a hands-on history thing. I would love to do that, but yeah whatever.

The weather is so weird. The morning was really rainy with rain forecasted for the whole day. Now the clouds have moved away and the sun is shining and it's 62 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Miss MacCullough told me a story about how she was driving to Puerto Galera with 3 other women and her tire got flat and she couldn't figure out how to tell the people that she wanted a bigger hammer. After that she spent the next few months making sure she knew how to say "Masmalaking martilyo." So that was interesting.

Enough rambling. Goodbye.

P.S. I thought this was particularly amusing from Kamandag Ng Barakuda

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Blogspot is not working right now for some weird reason. *cries* I am resorting to using WordPerfect (WordPerfect isn’t even a word, yet they allow it to be a word just because it’s THEIR program – how selfish) ANYWAY! Writing heresy is tiring. HAHAHA. I just wrote my trace paper for Matthew and I am hoping that Mr. Oliff won’t kill me for it. I had help from two pastors too. =)

Um, when did I last write? Anyway... oh yeah!!! Kim! (If you ever read this, that is.) I passed a billboard today that said "It’s ok to pick your nose. Gabay cosmetic surgery." HAHAHA Gabay Girls rock. Anyone else who doesn’t get it probably wasn’t meant to get it so just ignore it.

Work is going well. Yesterday I worked from four to eight. The weirdest thing about it is that the managers are all basically kids. Two of the guy managers are 17! That means I’m older than them. I’m not used to being older than people. HAHA. So yeah... and I worked today too. Katie, I haven’t been able to say "Welcome to Chick-fil-a" but I have said "my pleasure" and then kicked the counter in embarrassment. There are a lot of rude customers out there. Sheesh.

Today I had a really busy day. The day started with me working on the Four Gospels paper past midnight. HAHA. Then I woke up at 7:30... I managed to type up my paper before class (I had handwritten it last night) and we got out early again! (Dr. Hard was supposed to give a presentation but he never showed up.) I picked up my bag lunch (PB and J – nobody laugh) before running off to the parking lot to head off to work. I am convinced that bag lunches are better than cafeteria food. HAHA. I finally figured out that I can park right by the food court door rather than park down at the other side of the mall and have to go upstairs and to the other end to get there. HAHA. You know what’s sad? Tuesday night I got lost coming out of the mall. I went out the wrong door cuz the escalator twisted me around. SHEEEEEEESH. I had to circle the mall to finally find my car. Ok nobody make fun of me. That reminds me of something – I went into Hallmark today just to kill 10 mins before I left for my ministry and Amanda (from school) was there and as I was leaving, she told me not to get lost. HAHAHAHA. Guess what?! I didn’t get lost!!!

Speaking of my ministry – ‘twas cool. I like it. I like the rambunctious, loud, crazy kids. I had visions of a really cool movie documentary as I watched them running around. Hehe. Trish was right – I fell in love with the kids. Hope House is where they have their After School program thing. It’s very well set up and stuff. I really liked it. I’ll have to describe more after I’ve been there for a while. The worst thing about it is that I have to parallel park. I haven’t parallel parked since my road test in September. Thankfully I did it fine. For those who are worried, yes it is in Philadelphia and it is an inner-city ministry, but I’m in the afternoon program and I leave before dark. I really enjoyed it, though. Today was an unusual day because they didn’t have school and I didn’t have to help tutor. (They got off for Groundhog’s Day or something...)
I know there were a lot of things I wanted to say, but right now I’m so tired I can’t think of them. Sunhee just got back from class. Connection?! I could be doing extra reading for A&P but I’m too tired. Can’t wait to get ahead by studying like crazy Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Hehe. So nerdy, no? =)

The picture is me being stressed over writing the Four Gospels paper. (I had to redo it since I unknowingly had some dispensational stuff in there.)