Sunday, February 19, 2006


Um... HI! Did you miss me? Where was I... Oh yes, so let's pick up on Saturday.

Saturday morning I arose bright and early (yeah right... 8am)! I talked to my parents and I also corrected my A and P test and read a bit of the chapter. The reason I hadn't read the day before was because I was socializing in the lounge with the game night that wasn't. (Nobody showed up -- Shannon's sign was very confusing.) So I hung out with Valerie, Kendra, Shannon, Mel, and eventually Alicia (all upperclassmen). That was fun... Kendra had some cookie dough ice cream that she shared. Yummy.

Work was fine. Here's the conversation of the day:
"Hey Nick, I need ones."
"If you ask me for ones one more time, I'm going to shove my key down your throat!"
"You need change?"
"Yeah... ones."
"Remember what I said about this key!?!"
"Rahim needs ones too!!!"
"Well I didn't say it to him!"

I am convinced my drawer is cursed with the curse of always-running-out-of-ones. It ALWAYS happens. I am always the only one running out!!!

As I left work, snow was coming down... very fast too... but it was just flurries and by the time I was in Langhorne, the sky was clear. Weird!!! I got in around 6:15ish, ate dinner, did laundry, read A&P. So yeah... oh and the sky was really pretty. I took a picture... I shot it through the window at my side mirror... it was embarrassing because after I took it, I looked up and the car stopped in another lane had a little girl laughing at me. I was humiliated until I drove a little farther and started cracking up. Probably looked really stupid.

So I went to church in Trinity and we were invited to the Carlsons but I didn't go... and Andy was going to go where I was going so we had a little circle around the parking lot and stuff like that... he tailgated me the whole way home and I drove into the couldesac just because and he went the other way and got stuck with the lights so HA.

Just got back from Warminster... I spent 20 mins discussing dispensationalism with Pastor Wasson and then I left. The End


katie said...

haha how many registers do you have? we have six but we only use five of them most of the time. the one is used for printing reports and stuff. you guys have those registers with the touch screens and the tabs on the side for going to the different pages, right? i think they're really easy. :)

Becky said...

6 and one is for printing reports like you said... and no we dont have touch screens. we're not as advanced

thetwigsters said...

Hey it's katie!! my friends and i from church (aka the TWIGGS) made a blog. be warned: it is crazy just like us. enjoy.