Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun times at PBU

So some car crashed into a fire hydrant down by the train station. Somehow something broke and all the pressure (and water) from PBU is being sucked out and flooding somewhere in some unknown place... and if it isn't fixed tomorrow, no classes! Unfortunately my class is an afternoon class. But anyway...

Thursday, October 26, 2006


...I studied in the library for 6 hrs and I'm trying to get at least 2 more in tonight. Waaah!!!

Ok, ok, I'm kidding... I am not supposed to be that happy doing a book report on The Problems of Philosophy

Much better...

Oh yeah... apple pics... oh well. Another time

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Break! Woohoo!!!

The "forbidden" path... teehee

Cool worm, eh?

The pond, early in the morning


Isn't it cute?

Some type of leaves


Some type of flowers

Anyway, we're officially on fall break. YAY. I must have been on Fall Break mode since Thursday. Thanks to Meghan, I didn't miss my exam. She woke me up 10 mins before class. Glad I'm not in Heritage or Penndel or I wouldn't have made it. See, Meghan, Ash, and Rach pulled an all-nighter. I heard them up and I figured it was time to get up since I'm always the first one up. Then I realized it was 5am. Sooo I went back to sleep and went into a deeper sleep and turned off my alarm. Good thing Meghan woke me up!

I went to PE, even though Mrs Hui said we could count it as a skip. She told us to come in and work on our workout programs. Me? Work on my workout program? Hah. So I just went to see if this other guy JR was going to play dodgeball as he had talked about doing on Tuesday. We played ball tag with several other people. Mrs Hui thought we were crazy.

I went to work on Friday and then ended up skipping Church History so I could go home. I got home an hour and a half earlier than I would have if I had gone to class. I stopped by Orchard (of course!) and Tracie talked to me about all I need to do in December. Looks challenging, but I'm kinda excited.

One thing I like about my dorm -- I don't freeze. I slept with several blankets, a shirt and a sweatshirt, sweatpants, 2 pairs of socks, and gloves. And then Andy was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.

Well me is going to live in the library now.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trust me to lose a library book the day I checked it out. Sheesh!!! I have NO clue where it could be.... unless it's in my math classroom. Waaaah!!!

It's all wet and dreary out. Oh well. And I have to drive to ministry tonight because Chris is sick. Let's hope I don't miss the turn..........again. And I NEED to get my full license ASAP.


We took Elizabeth to Nify Fifties for her birthday. Actually, I was supposed to persuade her to hang out with me after my night class yesterday and the other girls would meet us there, but instead they decided to blindfold her and take her. Haha. And I made her wear a giant crown that said "Lizzard Breath" on it. Funny, the other 2 tables that were occupied were by PBU girls. I wonder how many PBU students that place gets a night. Schofield is having a dorm event to Nifty Fifties tonight so Christy gets to go twice. I'm not going because of ministry.

I have a midterm tomorrow and then I can relax a bit because FALL BREAK is next Mon-Tues. WOOHOO!!! I have a lot of work for Fall Break. I want to get ahead. I had a lot this week, but I worked hard last week and got it all done. That's always fun.

Ashleigh and Rachael bought fish for our suite. The sad thing is that theirs died in 2 hours and mine is in the process of dying a slow death. It's very sad. Ash said I killed them. Hah.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hey hey hey!

I should be studying, but I'm not. I just finished cleaning for roomcheck. I just have to find the vacuum cleaner. It's somewhere in the dorm.

Weekend was busy. Thankfully I did a lot of work for this week ahead of time, so this week isn't that bad. It was Homecoming, but I wasn't here at all for Saturday because I had to work. Work was SO busy. I was called in an hour and a half early on Friday and Saturday. Boscov's just opened up and Dan dressed up as a cow and passed out coupons... which resulted in hoards of people coming to us. Ahhh!!! It was CRAZY. In the words of Jon, "Visions of Christmas......" HAH well I won't be here for Christmas so YAY.

I did make it to some of the Friday night Homecoming activities. There was Powerderpuff football (girls playing football, boys cheerleading). It wasn't that exciting though. I think Freshmen and Sophomores won... no wait, they had a tie breaker by eating donuts and I think the Junior/Senior representative won. I forget. The boys had a hotdog eating contest after that. Junior and Senior boys definitely wiped out the Freshmen and Sophomore guys. (Partly because the sophomore representative was RUDY and the freshman representative was a total goof and was dancing to the background music while Rudy was feeding him... so they weren't trying very hard.)

Donkey basketball was interesting. This year the faculty won... at the last minute. The half-time show was done by the guys. It was... interesting. And I thought dancing was banned on campus. I might put the video clips up sometime.

They showed "Glory Road" in the chapel afterwards. It was supposed to be outside in the BLC courtyard, but then it rained. I didn't watch it. Elena, Colleen and I went back to the dorm and watched "Pride and Prejudice." I slept through a lot of it though.

So Saturday was work... and then I went home and made Andy a casserole.

Sunday was good. Andy invited a bunch of people over. There were some visitors from Mass. come too which was cool. We had some interesting conversations... Andy hadn't really planned the food so Julie, Laura, Catherine, Kaitlyn, and Christiana came in and took over the kitchen. That was funny.

I just want to say that I do not want to see Andy's apartment if he ever has an apartment of his own. Hahahaha ask if you want details.

I went to work... and then drove 2 hours. I have to admit, I have become dependent on coffee. In the words of Elena, "Don't do it!!! You're too young!"

My Integ. Lang. Arts midterm is over. Yay. Now I can study for PE and my children's lit midterm that we know nothing about.

Anyway I should go... in search of the vacuum cleaner. Byeee

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aghhh school!!!

Christine came in today and sang an interesting song:

"Jesus loves predestined children
All the chosen of the world.
You and you and you and you
Jesus only loves a few
Jesus loves predestined children of the world."

Reminds me of the church history class. It's "church history" but more like "let's debate theology for 50 minutes." Last night, I met Nick's roommate from last year. I knew he had a bunch of books, but I didn't know if he was reformed or whatever. Nick had kept telling me I should talk to him. He's in my philo class so I talked to him after class and he said he started out dispensational, turned arminian with Nick, and then switched to mostly reformed. Nick became Presby and Dan is leaning towards the 1689 Baptist confession. I asked him if he had ever heard of an Al Martin and he said "Albert N. Martin??? Yeah! I really like his stuff!" He downloads Pas Martin's sermons from sermonaudio! So anyway, he was really excited to know that I go to Pas Martin's church. He wanted to know if I went to a Ref Bap one in PA so I told him about Providence. So anyway.. that's my story of the day. Goodbye!