Tuesday, January 31, 2006

98 days

"Welcome to Chick-fil-a"
"May I help the next guest?"
"My pleasure."

Yeah, we're supposed to say "my pleasure." I think that's such a cheesy line.

Hey guess what my life is organized! Sun Hee had to go to Barnes and Nobles and I went along and they had a clearance sale with an organizer thingy for $1. I got that and now my life is moi moi organized. (Yeah right)

OT was fine today. We got out early! Amazing. The sad thing is that the cafeteria doesn't open until 11 and so I really had to rush to grab something to eat before work. I forgot to order a bag lunch yesterday. I managed to order one for tomorrow and Thursday. Go me. I made it to work just on time and clocked in at 11:29. YAY.

Work was good. Beth (the manager that day) said that she was going to feed me to the dogs. I had to work the register and fill orders and everything, relying on all the stuff I learned on Thursday. Thankfully I survived. The only thing I was confident about was when someone wanted a cone with frozen yogurt. =) I wonder why I knew how to do that... I miss TCBY. It was fun working there. There was one really rude customer though. I made a mistake cuz I accidentally gave chicken salad instead of coleslaw.

"I'm gonna keep this cuz I opened it but I want slaw."
"I'm sorry, we have to throw it out and give you coleslaw in exchange."
"No I'm gonna keep it but I want coleslaw."
"I'm sorry but we can't allow you to keep it."
"Why not."
"Because we can't give out free food."
"I know what this is. I want coleslaw."
"I'm sorry, you can exchange it if you want."
"No. I'm keeping this. I used to work for Chick-fil-a. I know what this is." (HUH!?)

She finally walked off, keeping her chicken salad since Beth wouldn't give her the coleslaw.

I got to talk to Keena! YAY!!!

I was getting inspired to excercise MWF at 5:30 am, but I didn't get past being inspired. Then I was inspired to do it at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sun Hee said she'll do it with me -- and she'll MAKE me do it (since I can't get past being inspired). We'll see if I actually get around to doing it next week. HA!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, UC, my organizer thingy has CAT pictures. =) I almost got you a cat comic a day calendar, but I refrained.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Sunhee and I are having a "AAAAH CAN'T DO HOMEWORK!!!" day. Slowly and surely it is getting done, though. Right now Erin is helping Sunhee with her physics or calculus or something... I dunno. Something brainy that I know nothing about.

Julie's concert was great! Those homeschoolers can sing! It was amazing and very enjoyable.

The Singhs came over for lunch on Sunday. I left around 3 and got to church right on time. (Meaning, I did not get lost) Pastor Wasson preached on the Judge of all the earth.

We had a tea party in Danae's room. That was fun... there are some crazy pix on photobucket. I accidentally wasn't thinking when I was uploading and started make sub albums on top of each other rather than several sub albums under the campus section. HAH that was confusing. Anyway, here:
Tea Party
Nifty Fifties

After lunch, I came back to my room and procrastinated... then Sunhee and I drew one out of two maps for Old Testament. I still have to draw the Middle East one. I finished reading my A&P chapter -- just have to study the terms for a quiz on Wednesday.

Ok, in case anyone's interested:
Tuesday -- OT 9:30-10:50 / Work 11:30-2:30
Wednesday -- Class 8am-1pm QUIZ in A&P/ Work 4pm-8pm
Thursday -- OT 9:30-10:50 QUIZ / Work 11:30-2:30
Saturday -- Work 12pm-4pm

I accomplished my reading for BI that is due Friday. I also did my math homework for Wednesday. I just need to read a lot and do my BI grammatical chart and 35 observations for James 1:12

I have not decided if I like Oliff or not. Today he was really interesting -- he's just really strange! He was singing songs from "Prince of Egypt" in class and announced loudly that "The music was great but they can't get the story right!" Erin told me that on the first day of class when she had him, he jumped up on the desk and announced "I am Rabbi Oliff!" He also said today, "I'm not a Jesus died for all person. Only the remnant are the elect."

It's 9pm. Time flies.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Went to the concert last night. It was good. Todd has definitely cut down on his "snorting" to count the rests when he conducts. Anyway...

I was helping Rachel C. grade papers for her 2nd grade class. 'Twas very confusing. There was one paper Rachel was doing where it asked some question about the poisonous stew. The answer was supposed to be "There is death in the pot!" Some kid had written, "Elijah do something!" and we were cracking up! Funniness.

We went to the Carlsons afterwards for a hymn sing. There were a lot of people there -- including the entire Lipsy family (all 10). That was fun cuz I got to talk to Martha and Joanna! I haven't gotten to talk to them much lately. The Lipsys can all sing -- and sing really well! They sing parts and make up parts too -- but all in harmony and it's gorgeous! I was between Pete and Martha and felt incredibly insecure cuz both kept adding blends and I kept going off tune cuz of it. Haha. Besides the fact that I couldn't really sing anyway. I was coughing for a while (Pete: "Do you have a cough?" HAHAHAHA) until I got my inhaler. We got home around 1ish.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Random things

You know those cell site tower thingies that are disguised as trees? Well they're really cheesy!!! Maybe they kind of pass off as trees in the summer, but they look really stupid being the only tree with leaves on it in the winter. I noticed one while driving down the highway today.

Random conversations:
In the car with Nick:
"You don't have a CD player in your car?! What do you listen to?!"
"Uh... I have a bunch of tapes... kiddie tapes..."
"Tapes? They don't even make tapes anymore, do they?"
"Uh... whatever."

At work last night:
"So are your parents Filipino?"
"No... they're American."
"Yeah... I'm adopted. That's why I'm Filipino."
"Well I thought that maybe you just look like that cuz you know, you like lived there your whole life."
*Tries not to laugh*

I went to the Chinese store today. OH IT WAS SO COOL!!!! But who on earth would want to import Clover chips?! Or Vaseline shampoo that is 10 times the normal price back home?! They also had the pink cutex cleaner thingies that you can get at Astro for like... 10 pesos! FUNNY! They also had Halo Halo stuff. YUMMIFEROUS.

So I went to work yesterday. I basically stood around and watched. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week.

Last night I went to Nifty Fifties with some girls in my dorm. That was crazy and fun... and then I went to bed at midnight cuz Sunhee and I were taking weird pics of ourselves. I'll post some pix another time. La de da.

Going to Sheryl's concert tonight. Toodles!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

blah blah blah

Hey I'm done my homework!!! Last night, I was going to bed and suddenly was inspired to write my reflection paper for Four Gospels... after the dorm devotions last night, Shannon came up and told me what I did wrong with my BI chart for Mark 1. Soooo I had to fix that up -- just finished it. There's still an empty title that I wasn't able to fill in. Those charts are such a pain. (And they've only just begun!)

David played the guitar for me again -- wow, he's improved so much! I am so jealous... I want to learn how to play the guitar! Pastor Nene says it must be in the blood cuz both Dave and Calvin are picking up really well.

I had a donut last night. After the Bible study, Shannon decided to go on a donut run and they brought me back a chocolate one. Yay.

I'm sleepy. I should take a nap. Last night I slept on the floor on my banig and sure enough, my nose didn't fill up! (Except when I pressed my nose near my pillow -- then it immediately started filling up.) I still coughed the whole night cuz for some reason, lying flat made the mucus (how delightful) drip down. Coughs are not good for working at a food place. Oh well. Maybe I need to get back on my seretide thingy. Whatever.

It's 2pm. I could sleep for an hour before going to work. I might do that. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Some pix

Kiddies at AIG conference

Buddy Davis (I was zooming in all the way)

Ken Ham (I was zooming in from the top balcony)


I'm updating. Happy?

Ok I'm updating! Yay! Go me!

So Saturday was good. I went to the conference. I missed the lecture on "The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye" because I was molding clay dinasaurs with the kiddies. Haha. I volunteered to help with the kids and that is what I did. For a while it was kinda boring but then we got into the activity. I was wandering around when some little boy asked me to help him. He was only 4 years old and not doing that well. (He was too young to be there anyway.) That was fun. He was a cute kid, even if he was hard to understand. His name was Okuchu or something like that. I was also helping 2 other kids who wanted to know if I was Spanish. There was a Spanish boy there who spoke perfect English, but spoke Spanish a mile a minute to his mom. In Teaching Bible, we learned about how kids need a secure learning environment. As I was walking by, one kid asked me, "Can you tell me if I'm doing good?" Guess he needed security or a boost on his pride. Haha. Some of the kids could draw really well!

There were a lot of Spanish people there and I also heard a good bit of Tagalog. That was cool.

The last lecture was on the movie "Inherit the Wind." Dr Menton named his lecture "Inherently Wind." He went through the movie pointing out the errors. (It's about the Scopes Monkey Trial)

I went to bed at 8:30 Saturday night. YAY!!! That was nice!

Sunday afternoon Andy and I went to the Carlson's for lunch and then from there we drove to Warminster. There was a Filipino family from Tenth Presbyterian visiting. Andy shocked the woman by saying "Magandang gabi, po!" Teehee. Funness.

Tuesday I got my car back! Nick went with me cuz Dad didn't want me getting ripped off. Shows a lot I know about cars -- I thought the guy said "crank shaft center." It was the SENSOR. Oh well. He was really nice (and they have a beautiful black lab behind the counter) and explained everything and stuff. It cost $186. The labor was the most expensive. Good grief!!!!!

Today I went for an interview at Chick-fil-a. I basically got hired on the spot cuz I'm from PBU. The owner's son is a senior at PBU. Anyway, she said that the fact that I go to that school says a lot to her. Uh oh. When she found out I was homeschooled, she was even more thrilled. She has another homeschooler working there and told him that she wanted more homeschoolers. Sooo I guess that means I have to fulfill a big standard -- Homeschooler and PBUer! The downside of it is that I have to work every other weekend. (Although I could make it back to NJ for dinner on Saturday... but I don't know how worth it that would be.) My major homework day would be Monday, but that's ok because I do most of my homework for Friday on Monday. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm tentatively set for 11:30-2:30 which means I can do my Afternoon Impact ministry on either of those days (it's at 3:30 I think) and still have a while to study. The starting pay is $5.50. Oh well. That's more than I make now (which is $0). I go in for training tomorrow from 4pm-8pm (or 9pm). Thankfully I've been here long enough to be familiar with what quarters look like (haha TCBY memories).

I need to do work... lots of work. Gotta make a chart on Mark 1 --> Emmon's way or the highway. (We learned about the "dispensations" today. How intriguing. Danae immediately asked me at chapel, "SO! What did you think about the dispensational stuff?!?" Haha.)

So bye!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Maagang ibon... in English: early bird!!!!

Well I'm waiting for my slowpoke bro to get ready so we can go to the conference. I did finish studying my A&P so that was great cuz now I can study later today! We went straight to the conference and made it for the 2nd session which was absolutely great, by the way. Quote of the lecture: "And by an amazing stroke of dumb luck... there is no HINT of design here!" HAHA. The man doing the lecture has to do it at a public school where they have people watching him to make sure he doesn't bring in intelligent design. SO he was practicing his lecture on us. It was hilarious.

"You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Um.. yeah! So I went to bed at midnight last night (bad, bad) and was pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30. Wow, 'tis amazing. At least I don't have a schedule like my roommate! She has a two-hour class MWF from 7:40am-9:50 (calculus) and TR she has an 8:00am class (World Civ). Thursday nights she has a 7-10pm class (physics). AH!!!!!

I have one of those half-colds again. I got one last semester too. My throat is very drippy and I can feel it in my chest, yet my nose is pretty much fine. I can live with that -- as long as my nose doesn't get clogged.

I had a panic moment -- I thought I dropped my ID as I was leaving school. Thankfully I saw it in the back of Andy's car this morning. WHEW! That lanyard holds (in order of importance) my chapstick (big deal), my penknife, my Bucks County Public Library card, my room key, my school ID, and my driver's license. (Hey -- at least I separated my car keys from there!) The only reason I keep my driver's license there is cuz I'd probably go out without my wallet and not bring my license.

Coming up: A nice report on the tattle blog about Andy's driving.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Car trouble, episode #1

Well! I just had my first car trouble episode! I was all packed up and ready to leave when I went to start my car... it wouldn't start. I thought it was the battery so I called Chris but she didn't answer her phone. (Her car was parked right in front of me, so it would be easy to jump start -- I've jump-started her car in the past) So I called Nick who was eating lunch and didn't have a class (Mr Oliff canceled all his classes today which is why I got out early). He talked to someone from security who eventually came and tried to jump start the car. It didn't work and my battery was definitely strong. SO I tried calling AAA and was being really dumb by dialing 111 instead of 222 for aaa. DUUUH! Anyway, I went back to my dorm and met Sunhee who was just coming out (she went home this weekend too). Her dad has fixed tractors and stuff so he came over and took a look. I have zero tools in my car so I called Nick again who thought he had tools. (He just had a crowbar or something... and golf clubs.) Anyway, Nick came over and stuck his head in the hood and looked around (he knows a bit about cars). Then he called his dad on his cellphone and had his dad listen to the engine noise over the phone. The conclusion was that it is probably the gas pump. Something about the gas not coming up and kicking in? Don't know... anyway I figured out my AAA mistake and called them again. I was able to answer all the questions without sounding *too* dumb but couldn't describe what was wrong with my car OR where the school was located. HAH so I gave the phone to Nick who talked to the guy. Anyway! Sunhee and her dad left and I went back to my dorm to wait for AAA to come... they came within like 5 mins! SOOO I tore around the dorm trying to find someone to drive me to the car place (Nick told me not to ride with the guy) and Chris was in a class. Thankfully Rachael was free! (And Oliff canceled her BI class so she could take me!)

Anyway, the guy, with tatoos and all, was rather nice and told me he didn't want to take the car to PepBoys because they're known to be really slow about things. He did a whole speech on how he is not trying to take advantage of me and he knows the people at Citgo and they're trustworthy and he's not trying to take advantage of me (I would have laughed if it weren't my car cuz it was one of those "I'm not trying to take advantage of you and I'm not trying to take advantage of you and did I mention I'm not trying to take advantage of you?") and how he has a daughter probably around my age and therefore he wasn't trying to take advantage of me.......... SO I went with the Citgo choice.

He zoomed off and Rachael and I thought he went ahead, so we just went to the place. The next minute my phone rings and the guy was calling asking where we were. He had gone out the front entrance and was waiting for us! Hah oh well. We knew the way so he just met us there.

AAA told Nick that I was only covered for being towed 3 miles. Any distance past that would be $3 per mile. Either it wasn't 3 miles or the guy was really nice and didn't charge me. God is good -- the guy could have been really brusque and mean, but he was helpful and nice.

The Citgo guy was nice too! He didn't even look like he belonged working in an auto place. We drove off and the guy called me cuz I forgot to give him my keys. DUH!!! So after getting those to him (they have a really nice black lab there too...) we finally got back to school. I had transferred all my stuff from my car (cuz I was going home) to Rachael's and then we unloaded again at the dorm. Interesting day.

Um........ oh yeah I missed my job interview too cuz of Charlie (my car). I called them (Chick-fil-a) and they just said to come in on Tuesday for an interview. Wheee!!! And probably after my car gets fixed, I'll really need the money.

So now I'm back in my dorm and the nice thing is I can study Anatomy and Physiology. Sunhee left so I borrowed Christy's book (although she's leaving in an hour). I'm waiting for my brother to pick me up. He's being really nice and driving all the way here to get me and then he'll take me back Sunday (which will be good cuz then he can show me the quickest way to Warminster from Gmother's). We'll miss the beginning of the AIG conference, but oh well! We're volunteers over the conference too.

So now time for A&P. I just thought you would all be interested in my car story... not!!! (Well my parents will be... the rest of my adoring fans probably skipped this post.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Becoming a pastora...

Well I just spent an hour breaking down Romans 12:1 to come up with 25 observations for Biblical Intro. Trust me, I didn't come up with 25. I just realized that the work that pastors do is quite hard. It took me an hour to come up with points that would take me only 5 minutes to explain. But anyway, I had never concentrated so long on a verse before. It was really good! I like that class... at least I will like it until we come to dispensationalism and literal interpretation. Heh. Oh well.

Yesterday there was still snow on the ground. This morning it was all gone and it was raining. WEIRD WEATHER!!! Oh well.

Oh yeah, at the retreat, we were playing foosball with Josh Carter. Funny, it was 4 girls against him and I was cheating by playing on his side, but turning the things backwards to help the girls' side. You know what is sad? We still kept losing. =P

Yay I did most of my homework for Friday!!! I spent 2 hours on Four Gospels (although I still need to re-read Matthew) reading Matera's "The Plot" and then a few mins on math and an hour on Biblical Intro. I should probably begin reading for OT... and read for Anatomy and Physiology. Reading all that is painful.

The End

P.S. 110 days

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Dorm Life
Chris's Birthday
DE Valley Youth Retreat

I suppose I need to get a life and update..

Well the retreat is over! Pastor Jim Savastio preached... it was really good. The theme was "Remember your Creator" but it wasn't only on Ecclesiastes. It was basically just about youth -- Josiah, Mary, David. Pastor Jim gave his testimony Friday night too. That was interesting!

Oh yeah I rode in the Sutherland's suburban with Jon and Ben Sutherland, Ryan Wasson, and Jeremy Korteweg (who was driving). I just drove to the Sutherland's house from school. Ben and Jon are extremely funny so it was an interesting ride. I don't know why I find 14-year-old boy's humor so funny. Jeremy started the trip by "crashing into the bushes" according to Ben. (It wasn't that bad -- he just put it in drive instead of reverse.) The only time Jeremy scared me was when he was on the highway and I was talking to him and turned around and started talking to me... that was a little scary because keeping your eyes on the road is a good thing. =) It was very foggy too.

Since I'm in college, I got to be in Beechwood Lodge which is a lot nicer than the cabins that they put the high schoolers in. =) I roomed with Bethany, Sara, and Esther. Esther is from Trinity so I knew her and I enjoyed meeting Bethany (from Flemmington) and Sara (from Wayne Mack's church). The nice thing was that we went right to sleep when we went to bed. The girls cabin was apparently very noisy.

For the games night they played milk carton lacrosse. That was interesting... and they also did tug of war. Our side let go on the other side and they all crashed. That was quite interesting... only I was too much in shock to take the picture. Phooey!!! (I wasn't playing at that point because I was taking pix)

I met a girl from Baltimore -- Rosie Noll. She's 14 and homeschooled and I really enjoyed meeting her. We had some good talks... she's very serious-minded and sweet.

Saturday during the time for sports and stuff, I just hung out in the main hangout area because I don't play sports... I talked to whoever was down there. For a while I watched Dave and Jon play chess (also took pix of the Star Wars chess pieces) and I played some games of foosball... stuff like that.

We had the talent show Saturday night. There were some amazingly gifted musicians there! Tim Carr is pretty good on the guitar and he played with some guy who is more than amazing on the piano. There was another girl that wrote pieces and she played a duet that she wrote. WOW!!! One girl sang "Think of Me" from "Phantom of the Opera." I wish I could play the piano like some of them. Jon Sutherland was amazing me with his playing too -- he writes pieces as well. I wish I knew chords!!!!!!!!! Jared Firth played in the talent show as well. The Chamerbsburg skit was the "Beans" one that they had done 4 years ago. I still clearly remember the first version and it was funny because it was done this year by younger siblings that had been too young to go to the retreat 4 years ago.

Sunday we went to the Downingtown church. Usually the church comes to us but since the churches merged, there wasn't enough space. They had a schoolbus bring some people and others that had cars came in those. I rode in the suburban again. According to Ben, the shock absorbers are so bad that if you hit a bump, it feels like "going over the Grand Canyon and up the side." He has a way with words.

Sunday was good... there was supposed to be a hymn sing, but we didn't really have one. It took forever to take the group picture and this year they took the college and high school separate. Oh yeah, the guy Dan who was amazing on the piano was playing backwards -- and I mean backwards. It was unbelievable!

Sunday night we went to the Steiners and then back to the Sutherlands and I drove back. When I got off the exit, I noticed it had snowed. We hadn't had any where we were. I actually spun out a bit at the Bellevue exit because it was so icy.

Monday was good -- I love my classes. I am way too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the Biblical Intro class. I know I will have serious issues later on (some of the topics coming up are "Literal interpretation," "Kingdom," and "Dispensationalism") and I've heard he's very narrow-minded about some things. My main defense is something he said in class yesterday -- "Don't interpret the Bible as what you think it said or as you want it to say -- interpret it as God says." HAH so if God didn't mean things to be literal, then we shouldn't interpret them that way. But anyway I loved the class on Monday. I don't usually answer in class, but my hand kept going up and I kept answering questions. Yeah I'm a freak.

We had a surprise bday party for Chris last night. We were going to blindfold her and make her search for her gifts in the ball place, but they wouldn't let us. Oh well. We still had fun.

Sunhee and I are going to the mall in a bit... she's ironing Pap's pants right now. I'm enjoying rooming with her -- we are at each other's throats everyday though... =) Just kidding! It's great!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hurried post

Hey -- can't type long since I'm off to the retreat. First day of classes went well. Surprisingly I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for BI with Emmons. I actually like him... perhaps the workload will be hard, but I liked him and I think he'll be a good teacher. Math was... well... math. Miss MacCullough is teaching it this year. She's different than Mr. VanBilliard, but she's nice. (She's also my advisor) Chapel was... not very great. They had some comedian there. Anatomy and Physiology -- well, I'm not quite sure what I think about it yet. I haven't decided if he's going to be a good teacher or not. There are 5 of us from Memorial dorm there, including my RA Shannon. Four Gospels was ok... Mr. Oliff's eyes scare me. He's kinda... I dunno. We'll see what that class is like... so basically, much to my surprise, my favorite class (for the day -- we'll see when the workload begins) was BI with Dr. Emmons!

I bought 2 books from Christy and Sun Hee and I are hoping to buy the anatomy and physiology book from her friend and then we'll split the price and share the book. I finally bought a Scofield Bible cuz I need it a lot. Sooo yeah....

Have to go now. Bye

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do you know how much sound travels in this dorm?

I can actually hear Steff's voice up above me... along with a lot of banging and ocasionally Amelia's voice. I moved to the room directly below my old one! Yes, I got to move in with Sun Hee! Wheeeee!!! Soooo happy, yet also feeling like I chickened out or something. Oh well... my RA's assured me that they think this is the best and that we'll both grow and not to feel too badly. Apparently every dorm is supposed to have 2 in-reachers. Our dorm was full last semester, so we only had one. Since Bo moved out, I went down to Sun Hee's room (although her room is the official in-reacher room) and the new in-reacher, Rachel, moved in with Amelia.

The move was interesting. I was told at 9pm last night to move as much as I could that night... soooo the opposite wing (Elizabeth, Janita, Katie, Rachael) helped me drag everything down. It was such a mess. Then today Bethany and Rachael helped us move the furniture all around to make more room. It took a while to clean up, but it looks soooo good and there is so much room!!! Ariel and Alexa are complaining about missing me, but Ariel said she'll visit often, with or without our permission. =)

The missions conf is officially over. It was... interesting. The workshop I liked the best was "The Role of a Wife and Mother on a Mission Field." It was done by Mrs Severn, the main speaker's wife. It didn't really stay on topic, but it was still interesting because they were missionaries to the Philippines. It was cool listening to some of her stories.

A lot of the missions conference had to do with stories about how God spoke to people and called them. The last session was interesting... they practically had an altar call, but it was more of a "Send Me" call. Mr Severn had people raise their hands if they were willing to go and then he had them all come up and had missionaries lay their hands on them and pray. Sooo... yeah.

It's weird being at school yet not having any homework to do. Last night I watched "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" (or something like that). It's based on a true story of a girl who was a diving girl in a stunt during the Depression. (She would jump on a horse as it ran up a ramp and they would jump off the tower into a pool of water.) Anyway, she became blind and yet she managed to still dive blind. It was a good movie, although I hated the ending. "I married him and continued to dive for 11 more years and led a happy life." Booooring!!!

Later in the evening we played Balderdash in the lounge. I didn't stay for long, though because it was getting late and I had to look for Sun Hee. There was an international food and games thingy but I didn't stay more than 5 mins cuz the Eagle's Nest was CROWDED and incredibly hot.

Speaking of hot, we've had gorgeous weather here, only a cold front is coming in soon. =( The weather has been in the 60's!!! WHEEE!!!

Sooo I now have 15 credits and am really hoping for Lit and Arts to open up so I can take 18. With 15, I might have to work overload or do something over a winter or perhaps summer. Oh well! I have the hardest professor in the school MWF at 8am! Woohoo go me. ?! Yikes. Oh well...

Anatomy and Physiology looks great. Sun Hee and I are in it along with Danae and Christy. I was looking over the syllabus and immediately started singing all my A&P songs. Sun Hee said I should teach them to her. See?! Lyrical Life Science comes in handy in COLLEGE!!!!

Tomorrow I have 4 classes (with chapel in between) from 8am-1pm. Then I leave at 3:45 for the Sutherland's house to meet Jeremy and whoever else is going to the youth retreat with him... bunch of guys I don't even talk to. Sheesh. Oh well. The only getting lost thing to face would be getting to the Sutherland's.

Sun Hee's gone... she went to watch King Kong with a friend. I don't know where everybody else is. I'm going to bed early, though!!!

I'm hungry... I'm making milo. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I have pix but they're not posting right now

Monday, January 09, 2006


Back to school today (well missions conf until Thurs)

Goals for Spring Semester 2006:

* 4.0 (hahaha)
* get a job
* study away the 120 days left

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The heavens are telling the glory of God...

Hi! Today was great... so far! And this evening there will be a baptism. Anyway, we took a break from godly churchmanship in Sunday School and watched a video from an Answers in Genesis conference on the 'best' evidence that God created. It was really neat -- there were all these creatures talked about like the mimic octopus (definitely the coolest) and man and all that. Oh, and the answer to the question is the Bible. The Bible is the best evidence. I realy liked it and I'll probably go to the AIG conference next week. (20-21)

For the morning, it was on a Christian perspective on life... wait, that wasn't the exact title. Oh yeah, "Facing the New Year with the Mind and Tongue of a Christian." It was really good. The last point of application was really vital -- although we shouldn't throw in "God willing" for every single thing we do (meaning, you aren't going to win any brownie points with God for using that phrase, but rather it should be from the heart and should be obvious in the way you live), saying it can in fact serve as a check for sin. I mean, you can't say you're going to do something that you know is sin and add "God willing" to it. It serves as a check.

Anyway, that was this morning. This evening is the baptism and Lord's supper.

Last night I went over to Kait's. It was good... they're going through "Manly Dominion" in their family devotions and the chapter was on peace. I realized that relying on the feeling of peace is a mentality that I see all around me in PBU ("I have peace that..." blah blah blah) and something that I see myself having the tendency to fall into. Besides the fact that sometimes I think I struggle with the tendency to make my conscience my God, I also can see the tendency for that whole "peace" thing too. Anyway, now I want to read the whole book.

I played Uno Attack with Kait, Susie, and Cameron... but then it turned into "Susie Attack" by Cameron.

I think I shall go take a nap now and then catch up on reading for OT and Four Gospels. Toodles!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

goofed up the recipe

Correction to the cookie recipe -- when I first made them, I had a blonde moment and didn't bother to check how many ounces were in the boxes... sooo the reason why they were rock hard balls when I tried to drop them on the cookie sheet was cuz I overdosed the chocolate. I did a full recipe for the chocolate and half a recipe for everything else. HAHAHA. They still tasted great, but I just made them properly and they're much better. Oops!

Going to Kait's for dinner.

Friday, January 06, 2006

La la la

HI! So yeah, as you can see I tried out Hello. It's cool. Hey Dad you should get it cuz it's easier sending pix that way than through Yahoo. It's a Google tool.

Um... well I've been setting my alarm clock back little by little but I was so tired this morning that I turned my alarm off when it went off at 7. Sheesh.

I'm still working out my class schedule. I'm still waitlisted for BI and I considered dropping it. I just don't really want Oliff twice. But while I was searching through the course sections, I found out that BI with Emmons (very *cough* dispensational) is open at 8. So I emailed my adviser about dropping Lit and Arts and putting BI in there. Then I would waitlist for Lit and Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11. (Meaning I'd have the same TR schedule as last sem) I would still be #1 on the waitlist, but just change which class I'm waitlisted for. That would ease up my schedule with haveing 4 classes on MWF and two on TR rather than 5 on MWF and 1 on TR. Sooo yeah, that's probably what I'll end up doing. Yeah I know Emmons is very dispensational (and I think he's hard too), but maybe it will give me a better idea of what dispensationalism is all about anyway. Nick had him last semester and he would come into class and tell me what dispensational thing Emmons said. =) Haha. I thought about taking Four Gospels on Tuesday night and just get it over with, but the syllabus wasn't that nice looking. Haha.

I suddenly realized that I must have missed Sheryl's birthday. I knew it was coming up because last year we left on her birthday. Sheesh! So I managed to find her a gift and I'm going to their house after dinner. Oh and I got Mom her birthday gift. Wheee! Go me!!!

Ah it's Friday. Which means it's almost Saturday. Which means it's almost Sunday. Which means it's almost Monday. Which means I have to go back to school. Time flies (so do birds). I need to write thank you notes tomorrow.

Blah blah blah... andy spent all day playing his stupid warcraft game. (I don't feel like putting that on the tattle blog) But really... he comes down and plays games and eats lunch and plays games. Oh and he laughs a lot too... I think it's cuz they chat while playing... I mean the other players . It's online... blah de blah.

122 days


The reason for the last post was that I downloaded Hello... it's pretty good for uploading a bunch of pics to blogger! And yeah it's google...

Aww how sweet!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hey look at this!!!

Monday, May 8

Flight: Northwest Airlines 651

Depart: Newark Liberty Int'l (EWR), May 8 12:30 PM EDT

Arrive: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport (DTW), May 8 2:24 PM EDT

Class: Economy

Seat(s): Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport (DTW) to Nagoya, Japan (NGO)

Monday, May 8

Flight: Northwest Airlines 71

Depart: Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport (DTW), May 8 3:40 PM EDT

Arrive: Nagoya, Japan (NGO), May 9 6:00 PM JST

Class: Economy

Seat(s): Seats will be available within 90 days of departure.

Nagoya, Japan (NGO) to Manila International Airport (MNL)

Tuesday, May 9

Flight: Northwest Airlines 71

Depart: Nagoya, Japan (NGO), May 9 7:30 PM JST

Arrive: Manila International Airport (MNL), May 9 10:35 PM PHT

Class: Economy


Baker's One Bowl Chocolate Bliss Cookies

2 pkg (8 squares each) Baker's semi-sweet Baking Chocolate, divided
3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup butter, slightly softened
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
2 cups chopped walnuts

Preheat oven 350. Coarsely chop 8 of the chocolate squares. Set aside. Microwave remaining 8 chocolate squares in large microwaveable bowl on High 2 minutes. Stir after 1 min. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Add sugar, butter, egg, vanilla. Stir until well blended. Add lfour and baking powser. Mix well. Stir in chopped chocolate and walnuts. (If ommitting nuts, increase flour to 3/4 cup) Bake 12-13 minutes. Ungreased sheet.

* I didn't have semi-sweet squares, so I made half a recipe and used chocolate chips. For making half a recipe, melt about a little over 1 and a half cups of chips and set stir in the other 1 and a half later on.
* Next time I make it, and if I do a full recipe, I would use the squares for melting and the chips for the un-melted ones rather than try to chop up the squares.
* They look like little rock balls when you roll them, but it's fine.
* Don't overbake them. They look like they're not done, but they set. Mine are kinda hard cuz I overbaked them.
* They're really good!!!

Well, I have a new book!!! I was looking for a book for my devotions and I decided to break away from the Welwyn and try the "Let's Study" ones. I picked the Ephesians one cuz it's by Sinclair Ferguson and I like his books usually. Anyway, as I was pondering whether to buy it (why can't books be cheaper?!) Andy walked in (this was at the book room at church) and bought it for me. Awwwwww... so now I have a new book! Yayness! Thanks, Andy!!!

I'm going home, God willing, in 123 days. Looks like I'll be going ahead of Andy. I would wait for him, but he's not sure if he's coming or what. Plus, I need to get back and get a job. I'm leaving May 8 at 12:30pm and I arrive around 10:34 in Manila!!! I come back June 6... which is one day over 4 weeks. It will go by too quickly, but oh well. Gotta work!

Uh... 2 months until Spring Break! (Masyadong excited ba?)

The End

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm not gonna survive 8am classes. I like my sleep thank you. I was going to go to bed earlier last night but then Kim started talking. HAHA. I wasn't really talking, though. I was just making faces at the webcam behind Andy's back. Wheeee!!! Anyway, gotta go! Toodles!

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It isn't snowing snow... it's snowing violetsssss

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Secondly, I wrote up a lengthy post and the computer jammed (again). My computer has been freezing way too much lately. Yesterday it took about 5 restarts. David said it's just too cold here. Haha. So I had a really nice post, but as I said, it got lost. SNIFF!!! I was going to rewrite it right away, but then I drove Grandfather to Home Depot. By the way, MY CAMERA IS BACK!!!!! (Can you tell?) Yayness!

Anyway, I'm going to try to rewrite what I wrote before... the wedding was fine. I didn't get any inspirational ideas, though. My phone was on silent so I missed Julie's call. She called to see if Andy and I wanted to come over cuz Pastor and Mrs Carlson went to the reception. So we ate dinner and turned around and went back to their house. We watched one and a half episodes of Andy Griffith and then Andrew went to bed. (Sheryl had gone to watch Narnia with the Vroegindeweys) Julie, Andy, and I played Scattergories until Sheryl came home.

Saturday we didn't do much. We went over to Aunt Annie's for dinner to watch a documentary on Becker's Train (in Roseland) and also "Holiday Inn." (Keen, if you're reading this and don't already know, it's with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby.) I left around 10 but Gmother and Gfather stayed to watch "Little House Christmas." They actually went to bed around midnight!!! I think I was the first in bed...

Sunday was really good. Pastor Dunn preached in the SS and morning service ("Solid Hope in a Tsunami World" and "Kingdom Service.") The Singhs came for lunch because it's ECH day. I went with Andy... wow, I bet that hospital was beautiful in its day. Too bad the buildings are all run down. My first thought was that it would be a perfect spot to shoot a war movie. Anyway, Andy did the Scripture reading, I played the piano, and David preached. He's pretty good -- connects well with them. (Oh yeah, the ECH ministry is to the mental hospital people) It was nice and warm in there too.

Pastor Tracey preached in the evening. He preached on John 10. Wow, another really good sermon. His first point was that God loves His own Son. He made the point that we tend to only think of the gospel in a selfish way -- "God loves me" not noticing that God loves His Son and that is how we are caught in the embrace --> election. You are the gift of the Father to the Son. The Son obeys the Father and pays the price to make us His own. This is already agreed between the heart of the Father and the heart of the Son. His last point was that the Holy Spirit loves the Son and will bring you to the Son -- caught up in the embrace of the Trinity. Pastor Tracey made the point that the phrase, "I have decided to follow Jesus" is true, but only because the Trinity embraced you. His application to those in Christ was: do not live in such a way as to make this glorious gospel look like cheap grace -- God forbid that we should treat this grace as though it were cheap. For those not in Christ: you must not shrug your shoulders saying, "I don't know if the Father has chosen me," but rather, you must believe.

After the sermon, I was hanging around talking and Andy, the social butterfly, comes up and wants to leave!!! Good grief! He's the one who doesn't ever want to leave! I only have 2 Sunday evenings left for a while, so I wanted to stay. Anyway, after a while, I got the idea to ask Kait to sleep over! (She started her wonderful winter session today) Sooo Andy was complaining about how he could have gone home awhile ago. But he eventually left and I waited for Mrs Bonsell to stop talking and Kait drove us all home. She got her stuff and we went back here.

Believe it or not, we didn't talk until stupid hours of the night. In fact, I fell asleep on Kait who didn't fall asleep for another hour! Haha. I fell asleep at 1 and was woken up by someone crashing down the stairs (guess who... more about that on the tattle blog) but promptly went back to sleep. Kait hung around Monday until about 3... we were goofing off talking to Hannah, laughing hysterically over despair.com (Mr. Birkett's favorite site), and stuff like that.

Last night I had every good intention to go to bed early.... but it didn't happen. I ended up going to bed at um... 2am. Haha. Cuz I was doing something and then David came home from school and we chatted for a while and then he started playing the guitar so I got him to skype me so I could hear... he was singing and playing for a while and then Pastor Nene played for a bit and Tita Ophelia came in and started playing as well. They were all waiting for Calvin to come home (he went to IngOng's (I think) to play Warcraft). That was fun...

Gmother is taking down the Christmas decorations... and the tree is goooone. Oh and it snowed most of the day too. Now it's kind of a mix of snow and rain... Gas prices are going up. Yesterday Caldwell Gas Stop was at $2.15 and now it's $2.19. On the way back from Home Depot I went down by the Grover Cleveland Birthplace because the gas is cheaper there ($2.09). I was almost empty so I had to fill the whole tank up. (I hate doing that. It's very depressing... I usually fill it up when it's half empty (or half full), it's not as shocking.)

Oh yes, did I mention we went to Marty's on Thursday after bowling? The Traceys were looking for shoes for Anna. Anyway I found boots. They're cloddy, but WIDE. That's what counts. John wanted to know if I need a heel like that cuz I'm short.

Anyway, I'm making Adobo tonight for dinner. The End!!!