Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time for Silly Quotes With Becky...

the part of the show where Becky comes out and says a silly quote!

Time flies when you're having fun; hotdot flies when you squeeze the bun.

Tune in next time for Silly Quote with Becky as Becky says...

Time flies like an arrow; fruitflys like a banana.

...and other cool quotes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello, my kiddies! And how are you today?

So last night I had a date with a great man, a deep thinker... except he's dead. I read Augustine's "The Teacher." Boy he had a smart son. Some lines deserved a double "HUH?!" Here is a quote:

"So, every name, including the word "name," is a word, but every word is not a name, though the word "word" is itself a name."

Somehow I think I managed to follow his train of thought. Would you believe that class has taught me to how read with comprehension. I actually liked this reading assignment. I get tense while reading because I have to concentrate so much. We have to write an essay on Augustine vs. Postmodernism. I completely did not understand what we had to read in Introducting Postmodernism. My mind has limits and it stops at comprehending utter bizzareness (i.e. postmodernism).

So I dropped one of my 5 ed courses for next semester and now have 4 ed courses and 3 Bible. Either way, it's still a load. Oh well.

Thankfully I finished some major projects so I can concentrate on writing final papers. Yay?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Who does homework on their break?!

I do.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I can speak French

I tried out my 4 French phrases on Philippe. He actually understood them!

Pictures from The Feed


Asia rules!

With Jessi and Ariel

Japanese Andy and Philippe (from France)

My sister

Ariel and Heidi

This is Ariel being sociable

Not a very flattering picture

So the French can be a little strange...

Cyprus (her real name is Jennifer but we never call her that) and Analee from Brazil

Cyprus and her pita bread

She's Asian -- always ready to pose for a picture

Ahhh last night was GREAT! It was a full house but it was so much fun. We played Cranium and a couple rounds of two truths and a lie (about our countries). The funniest part in Cranium was when our team had to hum or whistle a song for the rest of the team to guess. Philippe (from France) said he didnt know the song and we probably wouldn't either. The song? "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Haha that was great. I just love our group... such a great night.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The most interesting Student Life announcement


It has come to our attention that students have recently been mud sliding down the hills on campus using cardboard sleds. As a result, the property behind the maintenance shed has been greatly damaged and the cardboard has been left littered on the ground. We request your cooperation in putting a stop to the mud sliding. Please be aware that there will be consequences for those who act in violation of this request.

By the way, I have never gone mud sliding.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Many pictures time!!!

Now this is what I got up at 5:45am to finish! I have to make an interactive bulletin board for my unit in Integrated Language Arts. I attempted to put it up last night after work, but the security dude kicked me out at 10:15. So I called Security and asked when the BLC opens in the morning and they unlock it at 5am. I went in at 6am this morning to finish it. The web part took forever -- it's yarn stuck to the board with tacky glue (thanks to Elizabeth). To make the web, I put a picture of a web on the overhead and pulled it back so it filled the board and used it to guide the yarn. (A good idea, thanks to Rachel C.) Too bad my spider looks like a beetle.

Some ducks

And now for Elena's Aunt Mary's pets:

This is Mustache

This is... I forget his name. Oh wait! Curly!

This cat has an interesting name but I forgot what it was.

This is Rage with "Birthday Cake" on his (her?) head

This is what girls do to scare their RA's at roomcheck

Christy, Chris, and Janita threw a birthday party for the summer birthdays -- Danae, Katie, and myself

Sarah studies very well

Elena on the phone

The summer birthday party again


Ok, so that's it for some of the recent pictures. There are actually a lot more but I haven't had time to put pictures up.

Here's a week update:
Monday we went to Elena's aunt's house for dinner. Her Aunt Mary made perogies and they were really good. We spent half the time playing with the dogs.
Monday was also my group's turn to do a travelog on Germany for Integrated Language Arts. Yay, we got a 94 grade!

Tuesday I had my Early Childhood math midterm. I am still mathematically challenged. I had the worst grade I've ever had in that class... 88. Actually, my last lesson plan was an 87. Oh well. The nice thing about ed classes is that after all the work, the last month of the semester you basically do nothing other than play the part of children in certain grades and teach one lesson.

Also, my life improved when our philosophy essay was pushed 3 weeks. Yayness!

Wednesday was Wednesday... I don't think anything particularly interesting happened.

Oh wait, did I ever mention I know how to get out of a choke hold? We have a personal safety class in Life Management last week. That was fun.

Thursday we had a cooking demonstration in Life Management. Mrs Hui cracks me up. She made chop suey, aka stir fry. She also had good Asian rice. It was DELICIOUS. Yay! And she's cooking for our Monday MuKappa Feed!

Thursday night at work was B-O-R-I-N-G. There was a tornado watch so nobody was really at the mall.

And finally today was when I did the rest of my bulletin board, went to work, and went to class. I'm back in NJ now. Tonight I'm going over to Kait's house.

I got bitten by a tick in the woods this week. Elena was scaring me about Lymes disease. But according to people here, not every tick that bites has the disease... kinda like dengue I guess. Hopefully I don't get it because that would not be convenient with 18 credits next semester. Needless to say, the woods at the back of PBU are really cool.

Oh yeah, I now have a Chick-fil-A plush cow. YAAAAY!!! It's in my car with Thoughtful the Colored Lizzard and my purple dog. There was a Career Fair at school on Thursday and the guy from the new ChickFilA that's opening Dec 7th was there. I walked up and he said "You look like you need a cow." So I got one!!! And then I told him I work for John and Betty. If I stick with Chick-fil-A he said he might convince Betty to split hours between him and the Oxford Valley Mall branch. Coolness but I think I need a better job.

The Opera Workshop is performing tonight and tomorrow. They also did a showing Thursday afternoon. Sadly I will miss all of them. Serina is in it. They're doing selections from different operas. I walked past chapel on Thursday and heard a part of it. They sound really good. But I decided to drive back to NJ since I don't work tomorrow and I don't feel like paying $8. I only go to PBU events if they're free. HAHAHAHA.

So Elena was talking to her grandma on Wednesday and her grandma said, "There's something I really don't like about PBU!!! The kids make fun of you for living with a white family!"
Elena said, "No wait! Grandma! No! You know who started that?"
And her grandma said, "Who?"
"Who's Becky?!"
"She's adopted from the Philippines. She lives with a white family too!"
"Oh... so... the other kids don't make fun of you?"
"NO! It's just an inside joke with the two of us!"

HAHAHAHAHA and I hope I never meet her grandma. Just kidding!

Well enough yacking. This is going to be the most relaxing Saturday I have had in while. I don't have that much to do other than write 2 lessons, read a book for philosophy, read for Church History, and do a PE open book exam (really -- that's little compared to the past few weeks). Oh by the way, I got my first 100 on a lesson plan for Dr. A!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Oh and another thing, I realized how much I have changed in a year and a half since college. Standing up front in a class is really no big deal anymore, teaching a lesson does not freak me out, I actually sort of know what I am doing in lesson plans.... yeah... Hahaha. And I do like school by the way. Shhh, that's a deep dark secret.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick one

Welllll I spent all day studying. I think I got a lot accomplished -- except I am sad that I didn't read for philosophy yet.

Last night was MuKappa. It was a crazy event because people kept backing out and in the end we just had Jessi, Rachel, Sam M., and myself... and Janice as an honorary MK (she's Korean). It was still a great time. It was advertised as a Fellowship and Worship night, but it kinda didn't happen that way. We mostly sat around and laughed ourselves silly over stupid things we've been asked and other stuff.

"Star 247 -- I shall never forget that! This is gonna be FUN!!!" -- Sam M.
"Jello -- I thought it was jello and they just told me to go back to school and I did and it was yellow." -- Janice
"That should be our new advertisment -- come to the MuKappa Feeds!" -- Rachel
"My mom was asked if she could yodel." -- Sam M.
"Someone asked my dad what the kangeroos do in the winter." -- Sam (from AUSTRIA not AUSTRALIA)
"And so she said, 'You're Korean? But I thought you were Asian.'" -- Janice

"What knuckle thing?! Jessi, do you know the knuckle thing?!" me
"You've never heard of the knuckle thing? What is wrong with you!" Sam and Rachel
"I can use my fingers to count to ten..." Janice

One of my friends called me during MuKappa and Sam decided to answer in German. Then we called back and I hid my ID so it would come through as an unknown number. Sam spoke German, Rachel attempted to speak Korean but was laughing too much. After that everyone sat around trying to figure out how to hide their number. Sam was very pleased with the new found knowledge.

"You guys have cellphones?!?!?!?"

"Have you ever gotten a used tea bag? We did." -- Sam
"And you're not even in a third world country!"

It was a small group but it was funnnnn!!! Rachel and I went to HMart before and got stuff to make... I don't know how it's spelled... pretty much sushi kind of stuff. Twas fun.

The MuKappa and International Feed is going to GREAT!!!!! We want to make a house on stilts and put it over the pond so we can have a clubhouse to hold our "Feeds." =)

And finally, a video just for you! Enjooooy! (It's not on autostart to prevent annoyance, so you have to click play)

Quick! Start procrastinating before it's too late!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Sometimes there are little things in life that make me smile. Today, for example:
1) I was in class reviewing for a final and I reached into my jacket pocket and found some smarties that I had forgotten all about!
2) I walked out a wing in Heritage and bumped into Joe!!! I haven't seen him since December! It's nice to see old friends.

Anyway, let's do a brief update:

Yesterday, I unintentionally skipped Church History. That class had just started to get interesting because it is now on the persecutions and stuff... BUT smart me thought class ended at 2 so I scheduled a meeting for 2! Hah, class STARTS at 2! Oh well...

It's official -- I'm moving next semester. I'm just moving into the basement, though. Fourth semester, fourth room. I may or may not have a roommate. Right now there's nobody there... so I could have a single room next semester. Wheeee!!! We'll see though.

We did our group presentation for Children's Lit and we actually got an A. Yay!!! That was this morning. I had to be in class at 7:30am. *Yawn*

My legs are sore. I ran a mile for 10 minutes straight on the treadmill last night. That was fun. Colleen got the idea to go to the gym every night for a week and wanted us to hold her to it. So far we've been faithful from Monday-Wednesday. Hah.

I'm gonna go now... bye!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random thoughts

I was trying to think of a better word for "squirted" (don't ask me why) and guess what the first word that popped into my head was? "Squin-wirted" Hahahaaa huh?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Woooo long week! And I have a ton of work to do! Oh well.

Let's see, first, Elena's birthday! It was great!!! After getting out of philosophy early (YAY) we waited around for Serina, Ally, and Katrina to get back from the Tabernacle visit. It was really late by the time everyone arrived, so we decided to go to MacDonalds for ice cream. It took forever to persuade Elena to come. I told her we needed an extra driver. We were all wearing our Elena Fans shirts under our sweatshirts. So we went to MacDonalds and all sat down. Then Sarah said "Wow, it's hot, so I'm going to take off my sweatshirt." So we all take it off and sing. Elena was thoroughly surprised. She got a little embarrassed too. Haha. Then she wore her shirt. She loved it and so did her family. (Her white family) So that was a success. There are pics from that but I don't have them on my comp yet.

Then Wednesday was a birthday for the summer bdays -- Danae, Katie, and me. Christy made us wear crowns and sent us on a "scavenger" hunt around campus. We had to go to certain locations and perform certain challenges. (Embarrassing pictures to be exact) It was a lot of fun... late night though!

Thursday night I worked, but I got off 2 hrs early cuz I had a lot to do. This one strange guy confused Carl and poor Carl ended up being $50 short in his drawer. I went off to get the manager but the guy saw me do it and ran off.

I got all my classes!!! Yay! And I'm exempt from chapel too. I have 18 credits. If I get the 3 classes I want next summer, I'll be a second semester junior at the beginning of my junior year. So I have Educational Technology, Foundations of Special Education, Educational Psychology, Emergent Literacy, Integrating Music/Art/Health/PE, OT Wisdom, Prophetics 1. Wheeee. MWF I start at 12 noon. TR I start at 9:30. I have a night class, and 2 other one day a week classes. I wonder if I'll live....