Friday, November 03, 2006

Woooo long week! And I have a ton of work to do! Oh well.

Let's see, first, Elena's birthday! It was great!!! After getting out of philosophy early (YAY) we waited around for Serina, Ally, and Katrina to get back from the Tabernacle visit. It was really late by the time everyone arrived, so we decided to go to MacDonalds for ice cream. It took forever to persuade Elena to come. I told her we needed an extra driver. We were all wearing our Elena Fans shirts under our sweatshirts. So we went to MacDonalds and all sat down. Then Sarah said "Wow, it's hot, so I'm going to take off my sweatshirt." So we all take it off and sing. Elena was thoroughly surprised. She got a little embarrassed too. Haha. Then she wore her shirt. She loved it and so did her family. (Her white family) So that was a success. There are pics from that but I don't have them on my comp yet.

Then Wednesday was a birthday for the summer bdays -- Danae, Katie, and me. Christy made us wear crowns and sent us on a "scavenger" hunt around campus. We had to go to certain locations and perform certain challenges. (Embarrassing pictures to be exact) It was a lot of fun... late night though!

Thursday night I worked, but I got off 2 hrs early cuz I had a lot to do. This one strange guy confused Carl and poor Carl ended up being $50 short in his drawer. I went off to get the manager but the guy saw me do it and ran off.

I got all my classes!!! Yay! And I'm exempt from chapel too. I have 18 credits. If I get the 3 classes I want next summer, I'll be a second semester junior at the beginning of my junior year. So I have Educational Technology, Foundations of Special Education, Educational Psychology, Emergent Literacy, Integrating Music/Art/Health/PE, OT Wisdom, Prophetics 1. Wheeee. MWF I start at 12 noon. TR I start at 9:30. I have a night class, and 2 other one day a week classes. I wonder if I'll live....

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Benaya said...

Sure, I would love to be a part of the cabinet. I don't know the new people and will need help getting back into things but yeah, I would love to:-)