Tuesday, January 30, 2007


After Jessi pushed Elena down the hill, I tried to help her up and she flipped me backwards and I went sliding down the hill leaving Elena lying in the snow kicking and giggling.

Elena is trying to look worn out

I don't know why I made such a weird face

This is Gertrude. There's also a snowball in the freezer. I named him Harold. Harry and Gerty are both safe and hopefully stay safe until May.

So it snowed and we went rolling down the snowy hill by Dr Babb's house at midnight. Twas much funness... and the next day it all melted.

We had a substitute teacher today... Oliff. He walked into class and everyone started grinning and you could hear a few people going "YESSS!!!!" Everyone who had had him before were excited... but some people were creeped out. He called on me and I freaked out because I kinda missed the question but thankfully he went off on another tangent after I tried to answer with what I hoped he was looking for. Haha! It was great... memories of Four Gospels class a year ago. Yeah he had some "interesting" ideas, but I liked his class and it was fun having him back again as a surprise.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It snowed!!!

And it's still snowing!!! It's so beautiful!!! But we're only supposed to get about an inch. It's coming down fast now. I got a little excited. So much for 10:30 bedtime.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh this Bible school...

You know you're in Bible school when...
* Upon entering the dorm you hear the book of Judges being played on an audio Bible program
* You are eating breakfast and you hear a heated discussion on Calvinism and Arminianism at the table next to you
* You get into a heated argument for a half hour when the majority of the students are against the professor
* You leave the argument and you run to another professor and ask him about what the first professor said
* The second professor tells you that the other professor was wrong and then tells you "Keep taking your stand for the truth!"

All of the above happened to me in the past 2 weeks, and the last four happened in the past 2 days. Ooooh this school.

See what happened was this:

For Pauline Epistles, we have study questions. One of the questions was in regards to 1 Cor. 15:1-4 and Psalm 16:10. The main point was that Jesus was buried and raised on the third day according to the Scriptures. Ok, so I was working on the study questions Monday afternoon. Monday night I was in OT Wisdom Books and Mr Hook started talking about the methods of interpreting the Psalms. He got to the Eschatological-Messianic Method which sees Christ in the Psalms. Mr Hook says that we can't say David was "prophesying" of Christ. He never meant Christ, however that's how it all unfolded in the end. He said the point of the Psalm is in the context and what was written about himself and what was happening then. He said a jump to Christ misses the whole point of the Psalm. So basically he said that although the NT writers cite the Psalms, we are not allowed to use the Psalms and put Christ in them. He said "Paul can do something we can't do." So basically the whole interpreting the OT in light of the NT? Yeah he doesn't go with that. That sent the whole class into a heated argument. One person brought up Psalm 110 and Mr Hook said that's the only Psalm he thinks refers directly to Christ. Then he told the class that he thinks that he might be proven wrong in Heaven, but for now, this is his view..... and in our study of Psalm 50, we're not allowed to use the Eschatological-Messianic method. SO today I asked Mr Allen what he thought and he totally contradicted Mr Hook and decided he's going to ask Mr Hook about it.

Anyway, time to run to Foundations of Special Ed! Later!!!

Edit: Great site!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Here are pics from Grandmother's bday last night.

Justin enjoying his Ethan-chair... and then Julia jumped on them

Wesley and his intellectual reading material

I turned the flash off. Sorry it's dark

Strange candids


Uncle Cal playing with his camera

Like his hair? It's his new "I'm trying to look like Daddy when he went to the Academy" look.

Trying to be CJ

The boys

The girls

Justin doing I don't know what

Are you taking a picture of me eating?!

Ethan the pyromaniac

"Ok, Julia, I'm going to 'Whooo!!!'"

80 candles

Mother and daughter

Looking at old pictures and saying things like "What was I wearing?!" Ok, only Julia was saying that

Ethan playing with the candles and then forgetting he had them lit and went upstairs

Wes, Ethan, and I were trying to analyze the motives of the artist (yours truly) who took this picture... and what each object symbolized

Ethan eating ice cream

And last of all, a video!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It snowed today!

An attempt to take a picture of a snowflake before it melted

The ducks were trying to walk on the ice and then the ice broke and we laughed at them.

The pond



Yay, snow!

Dunno how they can swim in icy water!

The amount of snow we had

Elena is excited about snow

An attempt to take a picture of ourselves with the snow

Contemplating the snow

So today Jessi and I finally got around to moving our furniture and now we have lots of space! We spent forever planning how we were going to move the furniture (we quit drawing and planning at about 1am last night) and then tonight we did it without using any of our former ideas. How lame!

Jessi thought she had strep throat (the nurse said so) so I took her to the doctor and apparently she's fine... sounds like she had a really lame doctor. Anyway, Jessi said she's giving me a 4.0. (If your roommate dies you get a 4.0)

School is cool! I'm loving every single one of my classes. So far, I've always had one class I've pretty much despised. First semester it was English Comp (I have her husband for one class now and he's just as quirky, but in a different way), second semester was Anatomy and Physiology, last semester was Church History closely tied with Children's Lit. So anyway, I thought I had met the nuttiest prof, but I met 2 more recently! Ok, actually, there are now 4 on my list of the nuttiest professors at school.

I like all three of my Bible classes. I like Prophetics because I love Isaiah. I like Pauline because I really like Mr Allen and I like all of Paul's epistles. We had a really good class today. Mr Allen talked on what is the gospel and he told us about a missionary during the missions conference who did a survey of 100 students at PBU asking them what is the gospel and only 6 got the correct answer (Jesus died for your sins and was raised on the third day). Most of them had things like "Jesus loves you and you should pray a prayer..." and stuff like that. He was talking about how many people will say that things like "Well I was 4 in Mrs McGillicuty's Sunday School class and she told us we would go to hell if we didn't pray the prayer so I prayed the prayer and I was saved" and yet think they can live any life they want because they have their "Hell insurance." He was talking about how if someone was really saved at 4, there should be growing evidence of that fact in their life. He also talked about hymns and how they dont have "repeat 3x" and involve waving the arms saying "Jesus I love you, I love you..." but had a lot more substance and the gospel in them. He also mentioned how people are without excuse and if they are to be saved, God will make a way. He mentioned the book Peace Child as an illustration. Good book. I read it over the summer. I like Mr Allen's assignments because he has study questions that are to be done before each class. He does this rather than a paper and the study questions are really helpful. I read Romans straight through the other night -- something I've never done. Mr Allen told us to read each of the books 3 times and one of those times straight through. We were also supposed to read it in 3 different translations but then he changed it to 2. I now have an ESV Bible as well.

I'm beginning to think that I need to get a Bible Knowledge Commentary. I've never really had to use it before, but more and more I'm using it for every single Bible class. Whoops. I'll have to actually get a copy and stop mooching off other people... I also finally broke down and got my own supply of crayons, colored pencils, and markers... which ever El Ed major needs!

Prophetic Books is an interesting class. Dr Toews has us read a passage out loud for the beginning. Bible classes sometimes remind me of big family devotions... or Sunday School. If a professor is also a pastor, the classes turn more into sermons than lectures. ;) I have cool MuKappa people in my class. Jessi says that if there's a MuKappa person in your class, then you're cool because you get to be in with the cool people.

Wisdom Books is an interesting class. It's a night class, so I've only had the intro. Like I said, the prof is a little nutty, but we'll see how it goes.

Emergent Lit looks like an interesting class. I have to tutor a kid so I'm doing Hannah A. from church. I just have to meet with her this weekend to do the "introductory meeting." Integrating Music, Art, Health/PE is an interesting class too. The other day we had to write a ditty to some subject. We did the planets to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Another group did something on math facts and it was really good. Some people are just creative. We thought we should perform in chapel. =)

I just realized that I have a lot of lesson plan writing to do... well the thematic unit for Emergent Lit doesn't really involve lesson plans, but still a layout of what we're going to cover. We have to write 6 that integrate technology for, surprise, Educational Technology. I have to write 4 and teach them to Hannah for Emergent Lit. Yeah, so I'm glad I've written about 8 PBU lesson plans already. I talked to Charissa at the DVYR and she said she's never had to write out a lesson plan in the PBU format ever again. It's good to know though. =)

For foundations of special ed, we have 8 class meetings and then we have the rest of the weeks to observe in an inclusion classroom. It looks like it will be interesting.

I am still jobless. I haven't really gotten around to looking... I definitely need to find one, but I want one that's actually worth my time. Maybe I'll work at Starbucks. Haha. I'm watching the bulletin boards for babysitting advertisements.

Next Saturday we're having a dorm event to Hershey Park!!! Yay for chocolate! Jessi and I were just talking about going there and then we're having a dorm event! Exciting. Then there's a dorm bonfire that's in the making... and Souder is "escorting" Scofield to a hockey game. Not sure I'm interested in that one. 1) I don't really care about hockey and 2) The Souder guys are really loud and obnoxious... at least the ones that did the gingerbread house are.

I saw some old friends this past week whom I haven't seen in a while. Benaiah came back from Israel, Nick C. dropped by for a visit, Katie (I don't remember her married name) came by for a visit too! Sun Hee owes me a visit sometime.

The only complaint about the basement is the lack of closet doors. Now we can't just stuff everything in the closet and shut the door and make it look neat... haha! Oh well!

On the 24th, there's a WW2 veteran speaking in chapel. That should be interesting. I am exempt from chapel, but I'll probably go more since I don't have morning work (yet). I'm not going tomorrow because I'm not too interested in the "Christian comedian" who's speaking. He spoke last year and I don't really remember being very impressed.

Oh yes, we went to Friendly's for Chris' bday and when we walked in there was a kid at another table who looked really familiar! He was one of the guys I worked with the whole time I was at Chickfila! He had finally made it to team leader and then he quit. Something about too much responsibility and he didn't like it (he's 16 or 17). Apparently a whole bunch of people quit. People keep quitting that place!

I've rambled on enough. I think I'll finish Romans and wait for Jessi to get back from the SMF informational meeting. Bye!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear curious world,

Did you miss me? It's only Wednesday but it feels like it should be Friday. Life is busy again, but I really like it.

First, the DVYR was good. Pastor Gambill preached on the marks and responsibilities of a true Christian. It was also a good time with friends... and I took a nice nap in the afternoon since I'm not a sports fan.

Classes are going well. I actually had a really lengthy post planned out, but then Serina called Jessi and me to dinner so we could read Luke. (They're trying to read through the NT by reading 3 chapters a night for the semester.) By the way, I love my classes.

Anyway now I'm off to AWANA and then a dorm meeting. Peace

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last of the ramblings for a while...

Hmm, this might be the last post for a while. It's the last day of having nothing to do! Horrors!!! Now I'll actually have to start working?! Oh beautiful sleep, I shall miss you.

I have 5 out of 7 of my syllabi. I can't wait to get to Barnes & Noble and hope that they have really really cheap planners again exactly like the one I used last year! I know they have them, I just hope they're all on sale again. My life cries to be organized. I've already pored over my syllabi trying to sort it all out. And I started a map project that's due in 2 weeks. Call me stupid all you want, but hey! At least I get it all done.

I am going to get acquainted very well with Psalm 50. Here are some of my assignments for this semester:

Study of a Psalm: Psalm 50
The purpose of this paper is to employ inductive Bible study and inependent research in the study of a psalm. The paper should summarize how the Psalm is handled by the various commentators and then the student should clearly articulate the form, content and design of the Psalm. This study should include an analysis of the poetic lines, use of parallelisms and figures of speech. Special attention should be paid to the purpose or universal lesson the Psalmist is trying to communicate by means of the Psalm. YAY for having had Emmonds!!!

The student will write a paper on "the fear of the Lord." The student should first define what is meant by "fear of the Lord," but the primary focus of this study is to determine how a Christian develops a "fear of the Lord." Since this is a key element in the life of a Christian, how does one go about making it happen in his/her life?

Zechariah and the Day of the Lord
Read selections from the following commentaries: premillenial: Feinberg and Unger; amillennial: McComisky and Leupold. Compare the amillennial and premillennial interpretations of Zechariah chatper 14:1-7. First summarize the difference between the premillennial and amillennial approaches to this context. Second, give a good example of the difference in interpretation with explanation (and quotes).
Yeah this is definitely too smart for me.

Tutoring Journal
Tutor a K-3 child a minimum of five times, diagnosing the child's reading ability and then teaching four lessons, maintaining a reflective journal of the session as outlined below... Hooray for having had Integrated Language Arts!

Lovely schedule:
12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe
6:30 OT Wisdom Books

9:30 Pauline Epistles 1
12:30 Foundations of Special Ed

12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe
6:30 Ministry

9:30 Pauline Epistles 1
12:30 Educational Technology (wow good thing I looked -- I thought Ed Tech was Tues)

12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe

Ok, where was I... I keep losing my train of thought because I'm also talking to my roommate online. And we're talking about chocolate. That's very distracting, you know.

I have to pick Andy up at 5:00. He's getting his car window fixed. I have to get gas too. Benefit of being sick -- not going anywhere which equals no using gas! Woohoo!!!

Oh for the interested, no I'm not laying anymore speckled eggs. They're all drying up and very VERY pickable. I love picking scabs. Aw come on, admit you (who's "you"?) do too... unless you're perfect like Mom. You miss out on a lot in life if you don't pick scabs. It's a delightful pasttime... I almost said "repast" but I think that's the wrong word. For some reason I think it has to do with food. I'll look it up later.

I'm sort of packing up, but not getting very far. Oh well.

Ok I definitely ran out of things to say. CHICKEN NUT BREAD!!! (I love that line) Ok, bye!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

There was this Filipino kindergarten teacher and she was teaching her class how to do the hokey-pokey. She started off by saying, "You put your right feet in, you put your right feet out, you put your right feet in...."

Suddenly one of the children said, "Teacher you have to say 'foot.'"

So the teacher said, "You 'foot' your right feet in, you 'foot' your right feet out....."

In English class, the teacher gave the class homework, using the words Chicken, Nut and Bread in a sentence. The next day, the teacher ask if anyone would like to read aloud their sentence. Pablo raised his hand and said "I will". He stood up proudly and read out loud his sentence. "My fader told me, not to put the plastic bag ober your sister's head, because Chicken Nut Bread".

Like my new collection?

And we had a light dusting of snow this morning.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Of muffins and chocolate

Today I made chocolate chip muffins. Man they're good. They're not too chocolatey or too sweet. They're just perfect. Yummyness. Ok the end.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New prayer cards

Our new prayer cards came out. I am cursed on prayer cards. I think I was blinking. Oh well. I look Chinese. At least I'm Asian. It's not as bad as LAST prayer card. That one is haunting in its ugliness! And I am happy to say that my name is "BECKY" on this one. Come to think of it, it's a very nice prayer card. I'm giving it to Danae because she insisted on a good prayer card. She took the old one when she was at Trinity because she thought it was amusing. Bad girl!!!

I watched the services via the live video feed. There was a very big benefit of watching a baptism on the video -- it was closeup (rather than trying to see through heads) and nobody saw me bawling. Hehe. Dusty was baptized (he turned 29 this weekend) and as soon as he stepped in the tank I started crying. And I have a cold too.

Anyway, my ears hurt so I'm going now. Byebye

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hello, concerned people. I am languishing on my deathbed. Ok, so at least I thought it was. I haven't felt this sick in a long time... kinda reminds me of when I had dengue except when I had dengue, I had baby rabbits to comfort me and boy were they cute! Ok so I don't even remember the rabbits part but I know there's a picture of the little bunnies in my bed. NO it's not my imagination and yes, Grandmother, Mom was the one who brought the bunnies to my bed. =D And I think Dad brought Pip up too. Hey, it's January so Pip is... SIX?! Wow, he's ancient. (He was born on Ingrid's birthday... random tidbit) I think Max died when he was six and I thought 6 years was a long, long time. That was probably because I was only like 8ish when he died. When you're eight, 6 years is a long time. By the way, happy birthday to my guinea pig. He's about 3 now. I was reading my journal and I got him in early 2004 and now it's 2007. WOW! That's a record! I have a history of killing guinea pigs. I shall rename Arthur to Miracle Pig. Except now he's bald and wasting away because he's spoiled and a brat because he won't eat rabbit pellets. Poor thing. Do you like how I talk about my pets and I haven't even seen them since May? I'm amazing, aren't I. And I speak English real good.

Devin, to add a ps to the frog throwing up thing, horses and rabbits cannot vomit. In case you were interested. I bet I could make a rabbit vomit. But that's a different story. Oh yes, starfish have no brains. Don't make a starfish your model. Although Andy says it's because their smartness is spread all over their bodies. Huh?! Maybe he's part starfish. I know he's part goldfish. Their memory span is 3 seconds. Or he could be part ostrich? An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. Cool huh. Oh and a dragonfly's lifespan is 24 hrs. No wonder Charlotte A. Cavatica wasn't a dragonfly... then again, dragonflys don't spin webs.

Oh yeah! I was really talking about my deathbed when I went off on a rabbit trail about, let's see... oh yes... rabbits! What a coinkydink. So my deathbed! I emailed the missions conf guy and he emailed back and told me about this student in their seminary in Mexico that almost died from it. So I hope this means I don't have to listen to all the sessions and write reports (if I do, what a nasty surprise. It's not MY fault! It's Andy's so HE should have to take the penalty) and I also hope this doesn't mean I can't be exempt next year so I can go home. HMPH. According to PBU I'm only allowed to miss one conference in my PBU career. Waaah.

Cheerio, kiddies! I've run out of fascinating things to say (not that I had any in the first place). I was going to talk about all my blistery things that are turning blackish and gross looking and I was going to talk about the nosebleed I had this morning, but then again, who wants to hear that? Peace dudes! (huh?!)

PS "Merry-go-round" --> did you ever think about how silly that name sounds? I did. Merry go round indeed. Why not have Christmas-go-round while we're at it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Devin!

Just for you, another pic from the Devin Fanclub collection. It's actually not a bad picture. It kinda looks cute, even if you don't have curly hair. HAHAHAHA

PS I found this fascinating:
It was discovered on a space mission that a frog can throw up.  The
frog throws up it's stomach first, so the stomach is dangling out of
it's mouth. Then the frog uses it's forearms to dig out all of the
stomach's contents and then swallows the stomach back down again.