Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hello, concerned people. I am languishing on my deathbed. Ok, so at least I thought it was. I haven't felt this sick in a long time... kinda reminds me of when I had dengue except when I had dengue, I had baby rabbits to comfort me and boy were they cute! Ok so I don't even remember the rabbits part but I know there's a picture of the little bunnies in my bed. NO it's not my imagination and yes, Grandmother, Mom was the one who brought the bunnies to my bed. =D And I think Dad brought Pip up too. Hey, it's January so Pip is... SIX?! Wow, he's ancient. (He was born on Ingrid's birthday... random tidbit) I think Max died when he was six and I thought 6 years was a long, long time. That was probably because I was only like 8ish when he died. When you're eight, 6 years is a long time. By the way, happy birthday to my guinea pig. He's about 3 now. I was reading my journal and I got him in early 2004 and now it's 2007. WOW! That's a record! I have a history of killing guinea pigs. I shall rename Arthur to Miracle Pig. Except now he's bald and wasting away because he's spoiled and a brat because he won't eat rabbit pellets. Poor thing. Do you like how I talk about my pets and I haven't even seen them since May? I'm amazing, aren't I. And I speak English real good.

Devin, to add a ps to the frog throwing up thing, horses and rabbits cannot vomit. In case you were interested. I bet I could make a rabbit vomit. But that's a different story. Oh yes, starfish have no brains. Don't make a starfish your model. Although Andy says it's because their smartness is spread all over their bodies. Huh?! Maybe he's part starfish. I know he's part goldfish. Their memory span is 3 seconds. Or he could be part ostrich? An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. Cool huh. Oh and a dragonfly's lifespan is 24 hrs. No wonder Charlotte A. Cavatica wasn't a dragonfly... then again, dragonflys don't spin webs.

Oh yeah! I was really talking about my deathbed when I went off on a rabbit trail about, let's see... oh yes... rabbits! What a coinkydink. So my deathbed! I emailed the missions conf guy and he emailed back and told me about this student in their seminary in Mexico that almost died from it. So I hope this means I don't have to listen to all the sessions and write reports (if I do, what a nasty surprise. It's not MY fault! It's Andy's so HE should have to take the penalty) and I also hope this doesn't mean I can't be exempt next year so I can go home. HMPH. According to PBU I'm only allowed to miss one conference in my PBU career. Waaah.

Cheerio, kiddies! I've run out of fascinating things to say (not that I had any in the first place). I was going to talk about all my blistery things that are turning blackish and gross looking and I was going to talk about the nosebleed I had this morning, but then again, who wants to hear that? Peace dudes! (huh?!)

PS "Merry-go-round" --> did you ever think about how silly that name sounds? I did. Merry go round indeed. Why not have Christmas-go-round while we're at it.

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