Thursday, January 18, 2007

It snowed today!

An attempt to take a picture of a snowflake before it melted

The ducks were trying to walk on the ice and then the ice broke and we laughed at them.

The pond



Yay, snow!

Dunno how they can swim in icy water!

The amount of snow we had

Elena is excited about snow

An attempt to take a picture of ourselves with the snow

Contemplating the snow

So today Jessi and I finally got around to moving our furniture and now we have lots of space! We spent forever planning how we were going to move the furniture (we quit drawing and planning at about 1am last night) and then tonight we did it without using any of our former ideas. How lame!

Jessi thought she had strep throat (the nurse said so) so I took her to the doctor and apparently she's fine... sounds like she had a really lame doctor. Anyway, Jessi said she's giving me a 4.0. (If your roommate dies you get a 4.0)

School is cool! I'm loving every single one of my classes. So far, I've always had one class I've pretty much despised. First semester it was English Comp (I have her husband for one class now and he's just as quirky, but in a different way), second semester was Anatomy and Physiology, last semester was Church History closely tied with Children's Lit. So anyway, I thought I had met the nuttiest prof, but I met 2 more recently! Ok, actually, there are now 4 on my list of the nuttiest professors at school.

I like all three of my Bible classes. I like Prophetics because I love Isaiah. I like Pauline because I really like Mr Allen and I like all of Paul's epistles. We had a really good class today. Mr Allen talked on what is the gospel and he told us about a missionary during the missions conference who did a survey of 100 students at PBU asking them what is the gospel and only 6 got the correct answer (Jesus died for your sins and was raised on the third day). Most of them had things like "Jesus loves you and you should pray a prayer..." and stuff like that. He was talking about how many people will say that things like "Well I was 4 in Mrs McGillicuty's Sunday School class and she told us we would go to hell if we didn't pray the prayer so I prayed the prayer and I was saved" and yet think they can live any life they want because they have their "Hell insurance." He was talking about how if someone was really saved at 4, there should be growing evidence of that fact in their life. He also talked about hymns and how they dont have "repeat 3x" and involve waving the arms saying "Jesus I love you, I love you..." but had a lot more substance and the gospel in them. He also mentioned how people are without excuse and if they are to be saved, God will make a way. He mentioned the book Peace Child as an illustration. Good book. I read it over the summer. I like Mr Allen's assignments because he has study questions that are to be done before each class. He does this rather than a paper and the study questions are really helpful. I read Romans straight through the other night -- something I've never done. Mr Allen told us to read each of the books 3 times and one of those times straight through. We were also supposed to read it in 3 different translations but then he changed it to 2. I now have an ESV Bible as well.

I'm beginning to think that I need to get a Bible Knowledge Commentary. I've never really had to use it before, but more and more I'm using it for every single Bible class. Whoops. I'll have to actually get a copy and stop mooching off other people... I also finally broke down and got my own supply of crayons, colored pencils, and markers... which ever El Ed major needs!

Prophetic Books is an interesting class. Dr Toews has us read a passage out loud for the beginning. Bible classes sometimes remind me of big family devotions... or Sunday School. If a professor is also a pastor, the classes turn more into sermons than lectures. ;) I have cool MuKappa people in my class. Jessi says that if there's a MuKappa person in your class, then you're cool because you get to be in with the cool people.

Wisdom Books is an interesting class. It's a night class, so I've only had the intro. Like I said, the prof is a little nutty, but we'll see how it goes.

Emergent Lit looks like an interesting class. I have to tutor a kid so I'm doing Hannah A. from church. I just have to meet with her this weekend to do the "introductory meeting." Integrating Music, Art, Health/PE is an interesting class too. The other day we had to write a ditty to some subject. We did the planets to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Another group did something on math facts and it was really good. Some people are just creative. We thought we should perform in chapel. =)

I just realized that I have a lot of lesson plan writing to do... well the thematic unit for Emergent Lit doesn't really involve lesson plans, but still a layout of what we're going to cover. We have to write 6 that integrate technology for, surprise, Educational Technology. I have to write 4 and teach them to Hannah for Emergent Lit. Yeah, so I'm glad I've written about 8 PBU lesson plans already. I talked to Charissa at the DVYR and she said she's never had to write out a lesson plan in the PBU format ever again. It's good to know though. =)

For foundations of special ed, we have 8 class meetings and then we have the rest of the weeks to observe in an inclusion classroom. It looks like it will be interesting.

I am still jobless. I haven't really gotten around to looking... I definitely need to find one, but I want one that's actually worth my time. Maybe I'll work at Starbucks. Haha. I'm watching the bulletin boards for babysitting advertisements.

Next Saturday we're having a dorm event to Hershey Park!!! Yay for chocolate! Jessi and I were just talking about going there and then we're having a dorm event! Exciting. Then there's a dorm bonfire that's in the making... and Souder is "escorting" Scofield to a hockey game. Not sure I'm interested in that one. 1) I don't really care about hockey and 2) The Souder guys are really loud and obnoxious... at least the ones that did the gingerbread house are.

I saw some old friends this past week whom I haven't seen in a while. Benaiah came back from Israel, Nick C. dropped by for a visit, Katie (I don't remember her married name) came by for a visit too! Sun Hee owes me a visit sometime.

The only complaint about the basement is the lack of closet doors. Now we can't just stuff everything in the closet and shut the door and make it look neat... haha! Oh well!

On the 24th, there's a WW2 veteran speaking in chapel. That should be interesting. I am exempt from chapel, but I'll probably go more since I don't have morning work (yet). I'm not going tomorrow because I'm not too interested in the "Christian comedian" who's speaking. He spoke last year and I don't really remember being very impressed.

Oh yes, we went to Friendly's for Chris' bday and when we walked in there was a kid at another table who looked really familiar! He was one of the guys I worked with the whole time I was at Chickfila! He had finally made it to team leader and then he quit. Something about too much responsibility and he didn't like it (he's 16 or 17). Apparently a whole bunch of people quit. People keep quitting that place!

I've rambled on enough. I think I'll finish Romans and wait for Jessi to get back from the SMF informational meeting. Bye!!!


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