Saturday, January 20, 2007


Here are pics from Grandmother's bday last night.

Justin enjoying his Ethan-chair... and then Julia jumped on them

Wesley and his intellectual reading material

I turned the flash off. Sorry it's dark

Strange candids


Uncle Cal playing with his camera

Like his hair? It's his new "I'm trying to look like Daddy when he went to the Academy" look.

Trying to be CJ

The boys

The girls

Justin doing I don't know what

Are you taking a picture of me eating?!

Ethan the pyromaniac

"Ok, Julia, I'm going to 'Whooo!!!'"

80 candles

Mother and daughter

Looking at old pictures and saying things like "What was I wearing?!" Ok, only Julia was saying that

Ethan playing with the candles and then forgetting he had them lit and went upstairs

Wes, Ethan, and I were trying to analyze the motives of the artist (yours truly) who took this picture... and what each object symbolized

Ethan eating ice cream

And last of all, a video!

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somecallmemom said...

So ... did she ever get all the candles out?