Monday, January 01, 2007

Merry New Year!

Had a good New Year's... we popped into the Vroegindeweys for part of the night and then to the Carlsons and had a hymn sing until almost midnight and then prayed in the new year. Then Kait, Susie, Catherine and I went to Catherine's so she could get stuff and then to Kait's and had a sleepover. After dropping Catherine off at home this morning, we went to see "Charlotte's Web." The cartoon version is better. They ruined the beginning even! Waaah!!!

Ok, airhead stories:

At the Vroegindewey's, I saw Andy outside the bathroom door. He started to go in and someboday said "There's someone in here!!!" and Andy replied "Oh, I thought I heard someone say there was nobody in here." Catherine and I were standing outside and we started cracking up. According to Kait, it was a Whinnie the Pooh moment.

Next story: Catherine lives on a hill and Kait was backing up. All of a sudden she said, "How come my gas tank is suddenly showing full?" One of the people in the car replied "It's because you're on an incline." Then a certain someone piped up, "Do gas tanks really fill up on an incline?"

Anyway, I'm getting sick I think. I've been achy since Saturday night and I think I have a fever on and off. Chicken pox here I come!

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