Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well then...

I haven't posted in a while! Oh well... didn't miss much. Haha.

There are days when the list of things that need to be done seems insurmountable and the deadlines are coming at way too fast a pace when you step back and realize, "God will see me through this... take it one step at a time" Then there are the days when something happens and you are positively beaming with joy. Such a day is this one. Get this: I have 12 credits this semester. I went to my Tuesday night 5 hr class and Dr. Vasso says, "You know this isn't required for your program. You need to check up on this." I talked to my advisor and sure enough, I have more than enough grad credits! I had no need for Global Trends in Education! I dropped it. (And I am sorely tempted to sit in on a Tuesday night class with Dr. Hardesty because he's just amazing and I never got a chance to take him.......) This means I have WAY more time to research and do a more careful job on my IDP. Along with that, my chapter due dates are flexible which means I can spread this project out longer! I wish I could sit in on Pauline 1 with Dr. Hardesty. I wish I could take piano again. However, I do need to utilize the free day of no class to do homework! I might still sit in at least once on Dr. H's class. I celebrated by bonding with a piano after lunch. I'm in linguistics this semester (for fun... it's an audit!) and I am falling in love with language. Music is a language in itself. I miss piano lessons. I miss music becoming more than symbols on a page as my teacher made the music tell stories and have feelings and emotions. It's like reading a story. A reader can follow the guidelines of a story but without making the words come alive, the story can be dead. A musician can follow the music on the page, keep perfect time, and to some extent, follow the written symbols for volume and tempo, but without making it come alive, the music is dead. I can be methodical in my playing and I don't always just let the music become music. Last semester, music became music. I miss it. Not that music ceases to be music, but that I have ceased to go to lessons and have whole new worlds opened up right beneath my fingers. (Ok, not MY fingers... my teacher's fingers... my fingers are still learning the language) Not to be dramatic or anything...........

I have recently moved into the library. I could probably bring my sleeping bag in here and just camp out all day and all night.

We had a snow day yesterday. I spent it reading Dispensationalism by Ryrie. It's a tough read!

I have taken to walking to school every morning. I also walk back if it's still light out. I love it. In the early morning, on a sunshiney day, it's beautiful!

I need to go to work soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This picture failed to attach itself to the previous post

Why HI there, ya’ll! (Said in a very Southern drawl)

Well, folks, the picture here is a good display of my opinion of my blogging: Are you serious? Yes, I do believe I have failed to develop my writing skills as of late and have next to nothing to say. I read over some old posts from back when I was a carefree freshman and I was quite entertained. My posts used to be somewhat interesting and hold a lot of memories. However, those carefree days are over. As I logged into IQWeb to print off my course syllabi I realized once again how each semester piled more and more work upon me. Obviously, I am ignoring the homework looming over my head and am not doing a lick of it. Shame on me! (I did finish my Theories of Learning pre-course work today, though)

What else is new in my life… Like I said, my life is uninteresting! I start classes on the 21st and life gets crazier from there. There is no life outside of school, apparently.

Here are some pictures I stole from Andy. When all else fails, post pictures! These are from the Helping Hands dinner. Eileen is really not THAT much taller than me.

Meet Abby. I was her buddy that

night. We made bead…project…things. Yeah.