Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why HI there, ya’ll! (Said in a very Southern drawl)

Well, folks, the picture here is a good display of my opinion of my blogging: Are you serious? Yes, I do believe I have failed to develop my writing skills as of late and have next to nothing to say. I read over some old posts from back when I was a carefree freshman and I was quite entertained. My posts used to be somewhat interesting and hold a lot of memories. However, those carefree days are over. As I logged into IQWeb to print off my course syllabi I realized once again how each semester piled more and more work upon me. Obviously, I am ignoring the homework looming over my head and am not doing a lick of it. Shame on me! (I did finish my Theories of Learning pre-course work today, though)

What else is new in my life… Like I said, my life is uninteresting! I start classes on the 21st and life gets crazier from there. There is no life outside of school, apparently.

Here are some pictures I stole from Andy. When all else fails, post pictures! These are from the Helping Hands dinner. Eileen is really not THAT much taller than me.

Meet Abby. I was her buddy that

night. We made bead…project…things. Yeah.


Sara said...

What's up with your classes not starting until the 21st? That seems late! I hear there's an undergrad J-Term now too. Did they do away with the missions conference?

Becky said...

Yeah there is J-term. I don't have anything left to take though. Missions conference will happen during the regular school schedule. Don't know exactly how it will work, but BBC does the same thing so I guess we're trying to be like them. Hahahaa