Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blast from the past

Three years ago

Three years is NOT a long time ago yet looking at this, it seems like soooo long ago! It's so weird. Three years never seemed huge until I came to college. Maybe it was because my life never really changed all that much in 3 years. Here I was worrying about Doctrine 1 and OT History and math... and now I'm in Doc 2 with only Doc 3 left for my Bible degree, I'm in class with Dr Van Billiard again but this time we're talking about Education Research in a graduate class rather than math concepts... I steer clear of the library unless I have to, and the upstairs library is freezing now. Oh yes, I have the same teacher for Social Studies now that I had 3 years ago for Teaching Bible, my first education class at PBU. Wow... what a ton changes in such a short time!

We celebrated our senior privileges and went to the pub for chapel! It's kind of a tradition -- during class chapel, seniors do theirs at the Great American Diner/Pub down the road. There were 100 of us and they were expecting about 50. Warren should have just preached to the entire pub since most of the population was made up of PBU seniors. The funniest part was that he was doing a devotional in Lamentations 3 and sometimes it's awkward to walk into if you have no idea what the context is... he was in the process of reading it when the waitress was handing out food. Anyway, looking around, it was so weird to see so many of my friends that started out as freshmen with me 3 years ago. I was at a table with Danae, Katie, Chris, and Elizabeth - we've been friends since the beginning when we all lived in Memorial. Danae lived across from Chris. Katie and Elizabeth were suitemates. Now Danae lives with me. Katie and Chris are still suitemates and Elizabeth lives with Chris. (Janita was working and couldn't come to chapel.)

Just look at from August 2005 on... it's entertaining... maybe more so for me than you.

I got a pink backpack at the thrift store today. Hooray! It's a pain to try bike to school with my computer back pack so this one is smaller, NOT a computer back pack, and less flimsy than my first blue backpack I got when I went to Essex County College... and besides, it's PINK! And it was $2.50 and brand new. I got Silverster and the Magic Pebble too... oh and a little kitchen decoration that's actually really funny.
Geography center for Teaching Social Studies

You know what's annoying? We have 10 article critiques due for Ed Research in 2 weeks. However, we're not allowed to start them because we won't know how to start them until the end of Thursday night class. Dr Van B's reasoning is so that we will have pressure and will get used to deadlines for when we do our IDP. Waaaaaaaaah!!!! I like starting things 2 weeks in advance! This defies all my habits of anti-procrastination!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Awkward moment of the day!

Rather than do homework, let me share my awkward moment of the day!

I finally remembered to carry my friend Brett's rubber ducky around in case I saw him to give it back. (I took it from him at the end of last semester and I completely forgot to give it back to him and have been slowly bringing it closer and closer back to PBU.) Anyway, he was sitting at a table, so I told him to catch the duck and threw at it him. He ducked and it hit the floor and bounced into the lap of a man eating by himself. The man was either a visitor, an IJS student, or a grad student. Either way, it was a little shocking for him to find a rubber duck in his lap and to find a whole table of college students laughing/turning red. Brett and I both apologized profusely. He thought Brett had thrown it at first. HAHAHA. He was really nice about it but I was mortified... well, sort of. If it had been a professor or even the president Dr Williams, I think I would have crawled into a hole until graduation. But it was actually really funny too... and now Brett has his duck back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Early Constitution Day

Dr Williams talked about the Constitution today. He read a list of attempted ammendments to the Constitution. He almost lost the whole chapel when he read the one about the 1893 attempt to rename the country to the United States of the Earth.

Check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe some day I'll post pictures and some wonderful blackmail videos of Elena. Last night when I got back from class, she had some Tang and apparently the sugar did her in because she was bouncing off the walls. She was lying on my bed serenading us "operatically" about life as a PBU student. It was a strange night.

I need to be reading right now but I'm not. Today is such a gorgeous day. It's not conducive to studying! I rode the morning shuttle to the tune of "Fun, Fun, Fun" (till Daddy takes the T-bird away). Yeah....... interesting.

Chapel was really good. A guy from Urban Promise spoke on innercity schools mostly and how solid, good Christian education should not be only for the rich. I saw there's a week long "mission" trip during Spring Break to Frederick Douglas School in Chester with World Impact. I want to look into that. It's such a good school. I loved it when I visited for a day during missions conference. It only goes up to 3rd grade, at least it only did last year. I like it when professors talk about our "teaching ministry" rather than our teaching job or career.

Anyway I really should do my homework before I have to go to the beloved dishroom.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I figured I should probably write something on my sadly neglected blog. We got internet in our apartment only yesterday.

So I started my last year. It's so weird to be a senior. I'm so antisocial. It is so much more enjoyable to come "home" ever day instead of going to a dorm room. We turned our apartment into our little home.. and I just noticed one of my pictures fell down. Silly 3M. I'm only on campus really for class and work. It's great. Today I biked to school and that was nice. Faster than walking and sometimes faster than the shuttle because the shuttle only runs every 20 mins and it takes about 5 minutes to bike... probably less coming back since it's all down hill.

Classes are great. I dropped my audited class (and I still had to pay to drop it.. sniff) and since I didn't want to miss out on anything I signed up for piano. Hahaha! I have one of the best pianists as a professor... which scares me. He's unbelievable! I've heard him play and now I feel like I'm in kindergarten. I start on Tuesday. He knows Jessi's grandma really well so Jessi said to just tell him I know them and he'll be nice. Haha.

My favorite day is Friday, not because of the weekend but because I don't have anything until chapel and nothing after chapel! MWF have my 2 favorite classes but Monday I work 3 times and Wed I work 2 times with 3 hours in the dishroom at night. So I look forward to Friday when I don't work and I get to enjoy class. ;) Except I think I have to babysit on Friday. But that's ok.

I had the first of my 2 five hour classes last night. It was actually fun. We did a lot of research. It's the prep class for doing my master's thesis next semester. Thankfully I have an idea but I need to tweak it a lot. Gaaah... it's stressful being a senior.

Speaking of being a senior...... I had my senior pics taken. The sitting is free and at least I get in the yearbook. Nobody really buys their pics anyway. I figured I'd just go to experience it even if I won't bother getting the pics. They're probably awful. The sitting was horrible. I had to turn my body one way, drop one shoulder, turn my head, lean back, lift up my chin.......... so the smile will probably be very fake and very pained. I looked in the mirror to check the cap and gown thing.. wow, freaky. It looked more official.. graduation is coming already?! Ok not for another year and a half but still! All my friends from freshman year are talking about graduation and stuff now. It's weird. All the freshmen are still running around stressing out a bit but not entirely overwhelmed and having 4 years to look ahead to. Lucky. Haha

I need to read for my book report. It isn't done yet and it's due on Thursday and I'm already stressing out. I had hoped to do it last weekend or at least finish it by yesterday but apparently that didn't happen. Oh well. Bye!