Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blast from the past

Three years ago

Three years is NOT a long time ago yet looking at this, it seems like soooo long ago! It's so weird. Three years never seemed huge until I came to college. Maybe it was because my life never really changed all that much in 3 years. Here I was worrying about Doctrine 1 and OT History and math... and now I'm in Doc 2 with only Doc 3 left for my Bible degree, I'm in class with Dr Van Billiard again but this time we're talking about Education Research in a graduate class rather than math concepts... I steer clear of the library unless I have to, and the upstairs library is freezing now. Oh yes, I have the same teacher for Social Studies now that I had 3 years ago for Teaching Bible, my first education class at PBU. Wow... what a ton changes in such a short time!

We celebrated our senior privileges and went to the pub for chapel! It's kind of a tradition -- during class chapel, seniors do theirs at the Great American Diner/Pub down the road. There were 100 of us and they were expecting about 50. Warren should have just preached to the entire pub since most of the population was made up of PBU seniors. The funniest part was that he was doing a devotional in Lamentations 3 and sometimes it's awkward to walk into if you have no idea what the context is... he was in the process of reading it when the waitress was handing out food. Anyway, looking around, it was so weird to see so many of my friends that started out as freshmen with me 3 years ago. I was at a table with Danae, Katie, Chris, and Elizabeth - we've been friends since the beginning when we all lived in Memorial. Danae lived across from Chris. Katie and Elizabeth were suitemates. Now Danae lives with me. Katie and Chris are still suitemates and Elizabeth lives with Chris. (Janita was working and couldn't come to chapel.)

Just look at from August 2005 on... it's entertaining... maybe more so for me than you.

I got a pink backpack at the thrift store today. Hooray! It's a pain to try bike to school with my computer back pack so this one is smaller, NOT a computer back pack, and less flimsy than my first blue backpack I got when I went to Essex County College... and besides, it's PINK! And it was $2.50 and brand new. I got Silverster and the Magic Pebble too... oh and a little kitchen decoration that's actually really funny.
Geography center for Teaching Social Studies

You know what's annoying? We have 10 article critiques due for Ed Research in 2 weeks. However, we're not allowed to start them because we won't know how to start them until the end of Thursday night class. Dr Van B's reasoning is so that we will have pressure and will get used to deadlines for when we do our IDP. Waaaaaaaaah!!!! I like starting things 2 weeks in advance! This defies all my habits of anti-procrastination!

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somecallmemom said...

Just think of how many times these past three years, by being forced out of your comfort zone you have grown. Thank Dr. Van B for another opportunity to grow!

Wow ... that's so philosophical for for a Monday morning. The mom in me is hoping the assigned articles are short and easy to understand.

Oh, a pink knapsack ... that sounds awful. Even if the price was right.

Thanks for the picture of the center. Now I'll ask for a picture of the it's-gotta-be-awful-even-if-a-good-price PINK knapsack.

I love the kitchen decor ... I finally was able to identify my problem. For sure, housework is tough on the manicure!