Friday, September 19, 2008

Awkward moment of the day!

Rather than do homework, let me share my awkward moment of the day!

I finally remembered to carry my friend Brett's rubber ducky around in case I saw him to give it back. (I took it from him at the end of last semester and I completely forgot to give it back to him and have been slowly bringing it closer and closer back to PBU.) Anyway, he was sitting at a table, so I told him to catch the duck and threw at it him. He ducked and it hit the floor and bounced into the lap of a man eating by himself. The man was either a visitor, an IJS student, or a grad student. Either way, it was a little shocking for him to find a rubber duck in his lap and to find a whole table of college students laughing/turning red. Brett and I both apologized profusely. He thought Brett had thrown it at first. HAHAHA. He was really nice about it but I was mortified... well, sort of. If it had been a professor or even the president Dr Williams, I think I would have crawled into a hole until graduation. But it was actually really funny too... and now Brett has his duck back.


somecallmemom said...

The hazards of eating a in college cafeteria ... as if the food wasn't bad enough, you have to watch out for low-flying ducks as well!

Keena said...

stoyk, you really do have the talent for getting into trouble! isn't it exhausting? =)