Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Mom,

Thanks for teaching me how to dress fashionably. This is my outfit of choice for hanging around the house. Do you think I did a good job?


Saturday, November 29, 2008

While my computer is borderline functioning, here are a few more pics. These are our "Family pictures" that we took for our Nexus family. Nexus and Enrollment Operations have groups/families and we are all trying to earn points toward some prize (which I don't even know what it is...) and one of the ways to earn points is to take a family picture. We took multiple and it was fun doing it. Soooo here are some of the pics...
Got a little squashed at the bottom

Too bad we weren't evenly lined up!

James thought it looked like a band picture so he's doing his air..banjo...thing

James is actually behind us but he ducked down at the last minute.

Some pics for once

I went hiking with on Friday at Federal Hill.

I was trying to beat UC with ugliest self portraits

I always thought I was the only one who took lots of stupid pictures of myself...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a video to amuse you.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Why, hello! I am currently sitting in the library and have been in front of this computer for 3 and a half hours doing work on my IDP... and my head hurts. I got a big chunk of the final project for Educational Research done, though. Hurrah! And by the way, if any of you wonderful readers feels inclined to give me a Christmas present, you can contribute to my Word 2007 fund. I need it for writing my IDP next semester. I've been bonding with the computer lab computers in the library because they have Word 2007. I don't understand the program, BUT it does have automatic APA formatting for citing and bibliographic needs. It's AMAZING in that way! APA is such a pain, especially since I've so far gotten away with MLA even in the grad classes. Oh well.

Today was quite the tiring week. I did manage to write 2 papers. I had a position paper for Ed Psych due Tuesday but I got an extension date on it because Dr Mac said we could but turned it in on time anyway. The extension date made me feel like I was doing it way ahead which is why I got it done. Haha! I have a psychological problem. I also got my doctrine paper done which is due in 2 weeks. I wanted to knock those out of the way so I could write the section of my IDP that I need to do. I'm also trying to do a book report on a book about the Cold War. It's much more boring and confusing than the book on the immigrants. The writing isn't as interesting either. I could summarize the Cold War in a few words, but unfortunately I think it has to be about 5 pages.

In two weeks I have due: Doctrine paper, Ed Research final project, book review, Ed psych exam, and teach a lesson. After that, my life gets much better, except for White Glove.

Tonight there's a really cool concert for Veteran's Day. It's called The Greatest Generation. They're playing some hymns such as "Abide with Me", "For All the Saints", "Eternal Father, Strong to Save", as well as some patriotic stuff, movie soundtracks, and a couple marches. I sat outside chapel during their rehearsal last night and they sound AMAZING. Dr. Emmons is reading some letters that are often read at funerals of veterans or something. They have slideshows and stuff. One of my friends is in band and she said she almost cried during the one song. So the not cool part of the concert is that I can't go. I have a previously planned dinner date with our former MuKappa advisors... and we've been trying to get this date since September. I'm looking forward to that too though.

Saturday is a worldview conference. I'm going and I'm excited! Afterwards, I'm going with Jenn to the house of the Walton's for a missions dinner. (Mr. Walton was kidnapped in the southern Philippines for about 24 days several years ago). That should be interesting too.

I just realized I don't only have a half hour until dinner... I have an hour and a half! They haven't changed the computer clocks in the library yet. I suppose I should work on my book report. I'd rather take a nap. I've decided to begin the habit of getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 11:00 so I can study more... it was working until this morning when I didn't get blanket victory. I think my eyes were in rebellion and didn't want to get up. I got up more around 7:30. Haha. I don't foresee much sleep next semester either so I should get used to it.

Ok bye!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Election Day (tomorrow)

And it is He who changes the times and epochs;
He removes kings and establishes kings;
He gives wisdom to wise men,
And knowledge to men of understanding...

For His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
And His kingdom endures from generation to generation.
And all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing,
But He does according to His will in the host of heaven
And among the inhabitants of the earth;
And no on can ward off His hand
Or say to Him, 'What hast Thou done?'

Friday, October 17, 2008

Post a picture of yourself.

I am... tired.
I want... to get an A on my Doctrine midterm
I have... a little shadow that goes in and out with me.
I wish... to get a head start on my IDP
I know... that they don't know that I know they know.
I hate... shoes.
I fear... C grades
I hear... Sesame Street songs.
I crave... chocolate.
I search... the Academic Search Premier far too much.
I always... greet my neighbor with a loud voice in the morning.
I usually... go to bed late.
I am not... a genius
I miss... not being a senior.
I love... school.
I never... succeeded in tagging a squirrel.
I rarely... get to go to the park.
I cry... over homework.
I lose... my cellphone a lot.
I am confused... in class.
I should... do my homework right now.
I worry... about my IDP.
I dream... weird things.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have to buy Word by next semester. Great sadness.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blast from the past

Three years ago

Three years is NOT a long time ago yet looking at this, it seems like soooo long ago! It's so weird. Three years never seemed huge until I came to college. Maybe it was because my life never really changed all that much in 3 years. Here I was worrying about Doctrine 1 and OT History and math... and now I'm in Doc 2 with only Doc 3 left for my Bible degree, I'm in class with Dr Van Billiard again but this time we're talking about Education Research in a graduate class rather than math concepts... I steer clear of the library unless I have to, and the upstairs library is freezing now. Oh yes, I have the same teacher for Social Studies now that I had 3 years ago for Teaching Bible, my first education class at PBU. Wow... what a ton changes in such a short time!

We celebrated our senior privileges and went to the pub for chapel! It's kind of a tradition -- during class chapel, seniors do theirs at the Great American Diner/Pub down the road. There were 100 of us and they were expecting about 50. Warren should have just preached to the entire pub since most of the population was made up of PBU seniors. The funniest part was that he was doing a devotional in Lamentations 3 and sometimes it's awkward to walk into if you have no idea what the context is... he was in the process of reading it when the waitress was handing out food. Anyway, looking around, it was so weird to see so many of my friends that started out as freshmen with me 3 years ago. I was at a table with Danae, Katie, Chris, and Elizabeth - we've been friends since the beginning when we all lived in Memorial. Danae lived across from Chris. Katie and Elizabeth were suitemates. Now Danae lives with me. Katie and Chris are still suitemates and Elizabeth lives with Chris. (Janita was working and couldn't come to chapel.)

Just look at from August 2005 on... it's entertaining... maybe more so for me than you.

I got a pink backpack at the thrift store today. Hooray! It's a pain to try bike to school with my computer back pack so this one is smaller, NOT a computer back pack, and less flimsy than my first blue backpack I got when I went to Essex County College... and besides, it's PINK! And it was $2.50 and brand new. I got Silverster and the Magic Pebble too... oh and a little kitchen decoration that's actually really funny.
Geography center for Teaching Social Studies

You know what's annoying? We have 10 article critiques due for Ed Research in 2 weeks. However, we're not allowed to start them because we won't know how to start them until the end of Thursday night class. Dr Van B's reasoning is so that we will have pressure and will get used to deadlines for when we do our IDP. Waaaaaaaaah!!!! I like starting things 2 weeks in advance! This defies all my habits of anti-procrastination!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Awkward moment of the day!

Rather than do homework, let me share my awkward moment of the day!

I finally remembered to carry my friend Brett's rubber ducky around in case I saw him to give it back. (I took it from him at the end of last semester and I completely forgot to give it back to him and have been slowly bringing it closer and closer back to PBU.) Anyway, he was sitting at a table, so I told him to catch the duck and threw at it him. He ducked and it hit the floor and bounced into the lap of a man eating by himself. The man was either a visitor, an IJS student, or a grad student. Either way, it was a little shocking for him to find a rubber duck in his lap and to find a whole table of college students laughing/turning red. Brett and I both apologized profusely. He thought Brett had thrown it at first. HAHAHA. He was really nice about it but I was mortified... well, sort of. If it had been a professor or even the president Dr Williams, I think I would have crawled into a hole until graduation. But it was actually really funny too... and now Brett has his duck back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Early Constitution Day

Dr Williams talked about the Constitution today. He read a list of attempted ammendments to the Constitution. He almost lost the whole chapel when he read the one about the 1893 attempt to rename the country to the United States of the Earth.

Check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maybe some day I'll post pictures and some wonderful blackmail videos of Elena. Last night when I got back from class, she had some Tang and apparently the sugar did her in because she was bouncing off the walls. She was lying on my bed serenading us "operatically" about life as a PBU student. It was a strange night.

I need to be reading right now but I'm not. Today is such a gorgeous day. It's not conducive to studying! I rode the morning shuttle to the tune of "Fun, Fun, Fun" (till Daddy takes the T-bird away). Yeah....... interesting.

Chapel was really good. A guy from Urban Promise spoke on innercity schools mostly and how solid, good Christian education should not be only for the rich. I saw there's a week long "mission" trip during Spring Break to Frederick Douglas School in Chester with World Impact. I want to look into that. It's such a good school. I loved it when I visited for a day during missions conference. It only goes up to 3rd grade, at least it only did last year. I like it when professors talk about our "teaching ministry" rather than our teaching job or career.

Anyway I really should do my homework before I have to go to the beloved dishroom.

Friday, September 05, 2008


I figured I should probably write something on my sadly neglected blog. We got internet in our apartment only yesterday.

So I started my last year. It's so weird to be a senior. I'm so antisocial. It is so much more enjoyable to come "home" ever day instead of going to a dorm room. We turned our apartment into our little home.. and I just noticed one of my pictures fell down. Silly 3M. I'm only on campus really for class and work. It's great. Today I biked to school and that was nice. Faster than walking and sometimes faster than the shuttle because the shuttle only runs every 20 mins and it takes about 5 minutes to bike... probably less coming back since it's all down hill.

Classes are great. I dropped my audited class (and I still had to pay to drop it.. sniff) and since I didn't want to miss out on anything I signed up for piano. Hahaha! I have one of the best pianists as a professor... which scares me. He's unbelievable! I've heard him play and now I feel like I'm in kindergarten. I start on Tuesday. He knows Jessi's grandma really well so Jessi said to just tell him I know them and he'll be nice. Haha.

My favorite day is Friday, not because of the weekend but because I don't have anything until chapel and nothing after chapel! MWF have my 2 favorite classes but Monday I work 3 times and Wed I work 2 times with 3 hours in the dishroom at night. So I look forward to Friday when I don't work and I get to enjoy class. ;) Except I think I have to babysit on Friday. But that's ok.

I had the first of my 2 five hour classes last night. It was actually fun. We did a lot of research. It's the prep class for doing my master's thesis next semester. Thankfully I have an idea but I need to tweak it a lot. Gaaah... it's stressful being a senior.

Speaking of being a senior...... I had my senior pics taken. The sitting is free and at least I get in the yearbook. Nobody really buys their pics anyway. I figured I'd just go to experience it even if I won't bother getting the pics. They're probably awful. The sitting was horrible. I had to turn my body one way, drop one shoulder, turn my head, lean back, lift up my chin.......... so the smile will probably be very fake and very pained. I looked in the mirror to check the cap and gown thing.. wow, freaky. It looked more official.. graduation is coming already?! Ok not for another year and a half but still! All my friends from freshman year are talking about graduation and stuff now. It's weird. All the freshmen are still running around stressing out a bit but not entirely overwhelmed and having 4 years to look ahead to. Lucky. Haha

I need to read for my book report. It isn't done yet and it's due on Thursday and I'm already stressing out. I had hoped to do it last weekend or at least finish it by yesterday but apparently that didn't happen. Oh well. Bye!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I HATE PACKING AND I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually on the bright side, this is the last year I have to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SENIOR!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing better to say

So this post I dedicate to my adorable, lovable, cute, angelic, and very stupid dog Pip.

Today I spent a lot of it terrorizing my dog so he'll miss me more. He loves the attention. This morning I made him beg for his breakfast. Then I played tug of war with him but I got tired of fighting him so I tied his rag to the grill on the outside of the window and cheered him on in his war against the immovable steel. Hahaha! He really got into it. I just stood on top of him and yelled "GRR!! COME ON! PULL!! FIGHT THAT THING!!!" He is so dumb, I love it. Then we ran out to SM to get a really small suitcase and apparently Pip is afraid of suitcases. (What's new!) He doesn't like the sound of them rolling. So I chased him around with them... he eventually sat outside in the rain because he was too afraid to come under the carport in case the evil suitcase was there. I had already put the suitcase in the house, but he kept creeping around looking for it as if it would jump out at him suddenly. He decided it would be safer in the house so he ran in and was confronted by the evil suitcase. HAHAHAHA!!! He'll get over it in about half an hour. What a dumb dog. That's why I love him. ;) Nobody else pays attention to him anyway, so he appreciates getting teased after the fear wears off. I'm trying to make him into a man. Unfortunately he's afraid of almost anything. At least he hunts and kills cockroaches and occasionally lizards. That's one of his favorite games. Whenever the garbage men come (which is rather rare and sporadic), my mom moves the garbage cans and he chases all the lizards that were living underneath. He used to be afraid of the trash cans too... when we got them, he spent the entire day barking at them.

YAY PIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah and lest the adorable munchkin Booger feels left out, he's pretty cool too but his skills are a little undeveloped. He's only capable of knocking his entire cage on the floor and making a mess. And Booger is a guinea pig, if you're confused. He looks like a little football and he has a black spot on his nose, hence the name Booger. He's not very friendly though.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Manila Paradise!!!

Gwapo if....

WALANG KALAT!!! No trash!!!
WALANG SAKIT - HANGIN, TUBIG, at PAGKAIN AY MALINIS!!!! No sickness -- air, water, and food are clean!
WALANG MABAHO!!! No bad smells!!!

WOOOOW!!! That'll be the day!

PS I would steal the sign for my room decoration because I like the colors, but apparently it's punishable by law. Sniff

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok, ok, I take it back. I will be long and detailed and tell you about my day in as much of an Andy-ish manner that I can muster.

First of all I awoke to a sunny day. I was quite cold because the fan kept blowing my sheets off. However, I survived and do not have any frostbite to show for it.

Today was teeth cleaning day! I got to go to the dentist and drool and slobber on myself while she cleaned my teeth. It was a rather unpleasant experience to have water drip down my chin to my shirt more than once. Plus, she managed to pinch my tongue a couple times and pick my gum. Oh well, I still like dentists. At least I don't have any cavities yet.

We then proceeded to the Optical Shop because I needed new contacts. I decided to get my eyes checked to make sure the prescription was correct. Now, the dear eye-checker-upper seemed to think I had never sat in one of those chairs and stared at slides of letters before. He proceeded to explain the entire procedure to me while I bore it patiently and didn't once tell him I had been sitting in those chairs for the past 14 years and I was very experienced with the procedure. He then proceeded to use no grade at all and asked me if I could see the letters on the wall. Now, he had just examined my glasses and knew that their grades were 475 and 275 but I guess it didn't click.... but of course with eyes like that, I couldn't even see any letters except a slightly black smudge on the wall. Anyway, we proceeded with the rest of the checkup and for some reason, he decided to use pictures instead of letters. So now I sat there hoping I wouldn't suddenly lose my entire vocabulary and not know what a car or a dog or a horse or a teacup were. The point of the story is that my eyes are the same as they have been for the past 3 or 4 years.

In other news, my new hobby is Milo. I like to invent new ways to make Milo. Isn't that exciting? Yeah....................

Ok bye!
Andy gets more comments to his posts than I do and he updates more often... so I have to keep up! However I don't have anything to say anyway. So the end.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


First Grade

Third Grade

First grade goodbye

Third grade goodbyes

The past two weeks have been a wonderful, unique, blessed experience! I spent the past two weeks in Cebu teaching English to grades 1 and 2 and math to grade 3 (except for one math lesson for grade 1). The school is a Christian school run by the Martinez family. There are about 200 kids from pre-k to 2nd year high school. I had some adjustments to the education system but the English books were American curriculum. The methods are different here but it was easy to work with. I LOVED teaching grade 3 in particular. We had a lot of fun together. Grade 1 was more stressful but I still enjoyed the challenges they presented. I fell in love with the teaching profession finally! I was finally able to apply what I had learned in methods classes... and I found out that doing poorly in Teaching Math class also manifested itself in the classroom. I couldn't explain anything! I hate teaching math! I want them to know how math works but I can't even explain how it works to them! AHH!!!

When I left on Friday, the third grade class wailed. They couldn't understand why I had to go back to the States to finish learning how to be a teacher. It was enough for them that I already taught them English and what more did I need in my education! Two of them wouldn't eat their pizza (Tita Totit bough pizza for their class) because they were too sad. They all howled so badly that the other classes were congregating outside the window and door to see what was the matter. I could barely get out the door because they were clinging to me and sobbing. Grade 1 wasn't even that bad. Only 4 of them cried whereas almost all 18 of the kids cried in grade 3. I think half of it was getting so emotionally charged by the other crying kids that they all ended up crying for no reason at all. Haha. It was touching though. I felt so inadequate but I hope somehow I touched their lives.

I am excited to graduate and possibly come back and at CLF. ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Because Facebook is being annoying, I'll take valuable time out of my lesson planning time and put some pics from Sunday up!!! YAY go me!

Ok too much effort. The End

Monday, July 14, 2008

Line up!

So Andy's face seems to be improving. Last time he was a doll and this time he's a fan! Our lovely little lineup did a little switching over the years heightwise...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Hey wow it's July 4th! I almost forgot. Anyway... I found this gem of a sentence attached to a doll in Balikbayan Handicrafts:

A typical barrio lass garbed in baro at saya, being in a tropic with humid climate, women carry an alampay, a piece of cloth to wipe away dirt and perspiration worn over the shoulders.

BEAUTIFUL! I love the English language!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back to REAL jokes!

For what it's worth, here's the latest text message joke sent to me. I miss this style of humor because it just doesn't translate properly in English... and this one is mostly English but it's still not as funny outside of Filipino circles. So I wrote it down and here it is in case I lose the paper. Feel free to not even get it but I thought it was hilarious:

Once I crush a guy from my alma mother who got my number so we could keep intact. Sabi ko, connect me if I'm wrong, but are you asking me ouch? Sabi nya, "The?!?!" I mean, tell me to the marines ang kapal! The nerd! Naiyak ako because of hunger. I cried buckles of tears. Tapos sabi nya, "Don't cry! Isipin mo na lang this is a blessing in the sky. Irregardless of my feelings let's go out na rin." Now we're so in love. Mute and epidemic na yung pass. Thanks we shallowed our fried.

Now to completely spoil it and give you a translation of what it is trying to say:

Once I crossed a guy from my alma mater who got my number so we could keep in touch. I said, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you asking me out? He said, "Duh?!?" I mean, tell it to the marines, how thick! The nerve! I cried because of anger. I cried buckets of tears. Then he said, "Don't cry! Just think of this as a blessing in disguise. Regardless of my feelings, let's still go out." Now we're so in love. Moot and academic is the past. [Good thing] we swallowed our pride!

Friday, June 27, 2008


These cute things eat the roots of plants... and thereby kill the plants.

If you think he's not particularly dashing...

Then just look at how he looks when he's cut in half! He was more handsome when he was alive and before we cut him in half with garden sheers.

Poor guy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

OK so... New Jersey gets me lost! Why do I only have these problems in NJ and not PA?! I was trying to go to the Carlson's and I did some light exploration on the way. I took a post-modern approach and followed my heart and created my own way. I found it. Then I got really lost trying to get to Walmart. Ok, technically I wasn't lost because I had the general knowledge as to where I was -- I just kept making stupid mistakes! The exit I needed also had the street name and being on the other side of the road, it was different than what I was used to. I had the feeling it was right as I drove past it. Then I decided to make a U-turn at another exit, but listen to this ingenious move: I took the exit ramp, and made a U-turn which, guess what, just turned me right back on the highway in the same direction! HOW DUMB IS THAT!!!!! And then I wonder why I'm on the dean's list! Long story short, I ended up in Denville. Surprisingly I was able to visualize a map and managed to guess my way back and found WalMart after a number of completely unnecessary miles.

AND speaking of miles, I did an experiment. I didn't use the aircon in my car all week and I got 27mpg. That's 4 extra than usual which multiplied by 13 is 52 extra miles! Plus, I was on the highway every day which helped. Still that was a great highlight of my day -- and it made up for the fact that my Hide Em in Your Heart tape died. I need to try to open it and tape the ends back together. WAAAAAAH!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A PS to the previous post...

I forgot to mention this little tidbit...

At dinner tonight Mr F. went around the table asking each person the highlight of their day. This was mine:

My highlight was when I got into my car after class. As usual, I had a kid's tape in and it was "Hide Em in Your Heart." The verse/song that was playing was "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path." I almost ran off the road (ok not that bad). We had just been learning about different worldviews and theories and philosophies of education. The post-modernists talk about producing your own knowledge. Other worldviews champion the understanding of man and then they wonder why education fails. All of a sudden I saw that verse in a new light! Lean not on your own understanding. Christianity starts with acknowledging God! True wisdom and true knowledge can be found -- but only if you go to the root, the Author of Truth! In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path!

Cherish these moments!

How often do you come out of an education class (let alone something as daunting-sounding as "Philosophy of Education") with a mind so full that you know you must let it all out before you explode yet so full that you do not even know where to begin! How often do you come out of such a class about education in awe of the Creator, having studied His character, the nature of humanity, and God's mercy in that class! How often do you come out thinking, "For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart"? This day 3 of class and this class is an unbelievable blessing. Dr MacCullough did not begin with the academics and the theories so much as she began with the Creator and our root belief system from which every other aspect of our life must flow. She wants us to love God with all our mind -- not just randomly pick and choose from different theories that sound close to Christianity. She wants us to have a sound Christian belief system founded in Christ alone! I've rethought a lot of things this week. I've seen how I have unconsciously let the world dictate my thoughts on education rather than asking what the Word of God says about it (and believe me, there's a lot -- a lot more than I ever realized!). I have separated profession from faith. If I believe such and such about the nature of man, God, sin, etc, how can I separate that from what I do as a teacher?

Today we covered a lot of things. We talked about who has the primary responsibility for the education of the child. If we believe the parents do, then how do we put that belief to practice? How do we encourage parents in their role? Then we talked about the nature of the pupil, beginning with the meaning if "Imago Dei" the image of God. Each human being is alike in that they are created by God in the image of God, but then fallen and no longer accurate image-bearers. Yet each individual is also very different! We had an activity where we picked pairs of Biblical characters (Moses and Aaron, Daniel and David, Deborah and Barak, Peter and Paul) and answered the question: Which one out of each pair would you want in your classroom and why? The point of the activity was that each person was very different but God used them in unique and special ways.

Much as all my other methods and education courses were rooted in God, I don't think I've ever had one so centered around God. This class really isn't about philosophies of education as much as it is about the Creator in all His grandeur and holiness and how each human being is a sinner in need of salvation and each human being is responsible for their actions. Everything we do in that class, everything we discuss is driven by what we believe about God and His world. I thought about a lot of my classes (and there have been a lot!) and a lot of my professors who have changed or greatly impacted my thinking in one way or another and I think I would rate this class and this professor as the top of my top ten. As I've mentioned before, I have indeed learned and grown in awe and appreciation of God and my need to live a holy life from other professors, but this just tops them all.

What have professors taught me at school? Mrs Sparling taught me the need to know the Word and live out the Word (and also the paranoia of yawning with my mouth uncovered because she calls you on it in the middle of class), Dr VanBilliard taught me that math can possibly be understandable and an appreciation of the creativity of God through the complexity and order in math, and many other lessons from other professors... and then Dr MacCullough taught me to rethink why I do what I do and that everything should be done in the light of God's Word and in light of what our philosophy in life is and even more importantly to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.

Sometimes I wonder where God will lead me in the next few years. Will I be one of the "successes"? One of those star teachers that actually made a difference? Will I treasure the training years sitting under the teaching of such committed teachers as Dr MacCullough and go out and apply the tools and grow and expand in teaching and showing the love of Christ to children from all walks of life? PBU has so many success stories -- so many amazing teachers have arisen from this school -- and that is actually quite daunting. There is a standard to live up to -- the standard of this university but more importantly the standard of God as a Christian teacher.

Maybe I should change my major. Just kidding. ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here is worldview!

Part of my worldview is that we must have coffee. It's just integral! -- Dr MacCullough

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back in Class

Lunch break! Back in class... school is such a horrible addiction. I was already weaned off of it for a month and now I'm back and looooving it!!!! Terrible, isn't it. I'm also way ahead of the game because I did extra precourse work. I also found out that the final project I have to do is the worldview integration one (which I wanted) and I don't have any other option because the dual-level people need it for the ACSI certification. Woohoo! And the beauty is I don't have to do any great research in the library. Hurrah!

Friday, June 13, 2008


We served at Becky and Robbie's rehearsal dinner -- Western theme!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flower Power

I have nothing significant or inspiring to say so here are some pictures of flowers

The End