Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok, ok, I take it back. I will be long and detailed and tell you about my day in as much of an Andy-ish manner that I can muster.

First of all I awoke to a sunny day. I was quite cold because the fan kept blowing my sheets off. However, I survived and do not have any frostbite to show for it.

Today was teeth cleaning day! I got to go to the dentist and drool and slobber on myself while she cleaned my teeth. It was a rather unpleasant experience to have water drip down my chin to my shirt more than once. Plus, she managed to pinch my tongue a couple times and pick my gum. Oh well, I still like dentists. At least I don't have any cavities yet.

We then proceeded to the Optical Shop because I needed new contacts. I decided to get my eyes checked to make sure the prescription was correct. Now, the dear eye-checker-upper seemed to think I had never sat in one of those chairs and stared at slides of letters before. He proceeded to explain the entire procedure to me while I bore it patiently and didn't once tell him I had been sitting in those chairs for the past 14 years and I was very experienced with the procedure. He then proceeded to use no grade at all and asked me if I could see the letters on the wall. Now, he had just examined my glasses and knew that their grades were 475 and 275 but I guess it didn't click.... but of course with eyes like that, I couldn't even see any letters except a slightly black smudge on the wall. Anyway, we proceeded with the rest of the checkup and for some reason, he decided to use pictures instead of letters. So now I sat there hoping I wouldn't suddenly lose my entire vocabulary and not know what a car or a dog or a horse or a teacup were. The point of the story is that my eyes are the same as they have been for the past 3 or 4 years.

In other news, my new hobby is Milo. I like to invent new ways to make Milo. Isn't that exciting? Yeah....................

Ok bye!


Andrew Hofmaier said...

well... maybe I'll just have to leave more comments on your blog. That's not very good andyish writing style though - you didn't contradict yourself even once!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I haven't logged onto your blog in days and have just had the pleasure of doing so! Thanks for all the news and amusing stories! We're thinking about you often and trusting that you are enjoying every minute!
BTW, the girls and I also went to the dentist today for our annual cleaning & check-up. Not my favorite thing to do, but at least we can check that off the list. Andrew is at Boy Scout Camp this week. It's amazingly quiet today without him.
Love, Mrs. Carlson

Sara said...

Great post! I'm still laughing about the eye doctor having you look at pictures instead of letters - that's hilarious!