Friday, September 05, 2008


I figured I should probably write something on my sadly neglected blog. We got internet in our apartment only yesterday.

So I started my last year. It's so weird to be a senior. I'm so antisocial. It is so much more enjoyable to come "home" ever day instead of going to a dorm room. We turned our apartment into our little home.. and I just noticed one of my pictures fell down. Silly 3M. I'm only on campus really for class and work. It's great. Today I biked to school and that was nice. Faster than walking and sometimes faster than the shuttle because the shuttle only runs every 20 mins and it takes about 5 minutes to bike... probably less coming back since it's all down hill.

Classes are great. I dropped my audited class (and I still had to pay to drop it.. sniff) and since I didn't want to miss out on anything I signed up for piano. Hahaha! I have one of the best pianists as a professor... which scares me. He's unbelievable! I've heard him play and now I feel like I'm in kindergarten. I start on Tuesday. He knows Jessi's grandma really well so Jessi said to just tell him I know them and he'll be nice. Haha.

My favorite day is Friday, not because of the weekend but because I don't have anything until chapel and nothing after chapel! MWF have my 2 favorite classes but Monday I work 3 times and Wed I work 2 times with 3 hours in the dishroom at night. So I look forward to Friday when I don't work and I get to enjoy class. ;) Except I think I have to babysit on Friday. But that's ok.

I had the first of my 2 five hour classes last night. It was actually fun. We did a lot of research. It's the prep class for doing my master's thesis next semester. Thankfully I have an idea but I need to tweak it a lot. Gaaah... it's stressful being a senior.

Speaking of being a senior...... I had my senior pics taken. The sitting is free and at least I get in the yearbook. Nobody really buys their pics anyway. I figured I'd just go to experience it even if I won't bother getting the pics. They're probably awful. The sitting was horrible. I had to turn my body one way, drop one shoulder, turn my head, lean back, lift up my chin.......... so the smile will probably be very fake and very pained. I looked in the mirror to check the cap and gown thing.. wow, freaky. It looked more official.. graduation is coming already?! Ok not for another year and a half but still! All my friends from freshman year are talking about graduation and stuff now. It's weird. All the freshmen are still running around stressing out a bit but not entirely overwhelmed and having 4 years to look ahead to. Lucky. Haha

I need to read for my book report. It isn't done yet and it's due on Thursday and I'm already stressing out. I had hoped to do it last weekend or at least finish it by yesterday but apparently that didn't happen. Oh well. Bye!


Chuck said...

VERY sadly neglected - I might add!

Sara said...

It's good to hear from you again. Reading your post sure makes me miss being at PBU. The beginning of the semester was always a mix of excitement and feeling overwhelmed. Because on one hand, reading all my syllabi and charting out my work for the semester would make me anticipate all the wonderful things I knew I would learn. But on the other hand...well, I don't think I need to explain the overwhelming part! ;o) Good luck with the school year, Becky! Try to enjoy it as much as you can!

PS) You are not anti-social! Please! Everybody, no matter how social, probably gets tired of dorm-style housing after a few yearsenjoys having a place that's peaceful and quiet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beckster! Enjoy being a senior. It only happens once. And remember, as Grandmom told me in connection with my birthday, you'll never be this young again!