Thursday, January 11, 2007

Last of the ramblings for a while...

Hmm, this might be the last post for a while. It's the last day of having nothing to do! Horrors!!! Now I'll actually have to start working?! Oh beautiful sleep, I shall miss you.

I have 5 out of 7 of my syllabi. I can't wait to get to Barnes & Noble and hope that they have really really cheap planners again exactly like the one I used last year! I know they have them, I just hope they're all on sale again. My life cries to be organized. I've already pored over my syllabi trying to sort it all out. And I started a map project that's due in 2 weeks. Call me stupid all you want, but hey! At least I get it all done.

I am going to get acquainted very well with Psalm 50. Here are some of my assignments for this semester:

Study of a Psalm: Psalm 50
The purpose of this paper is to employ inductive Bible study and inependent research in the study of a psalm. The paper should summarize how the Psalm is handled by the various commentators and then the student should clearly articulate the form, content and design of the Psalm. This study should include an analysis of the poetic lines, use of parallelisms and figures of speech. Special attention should be paid to the purpose or universal lesson the Psalmist is trying to communicate by means of the Psalm. YAY for having had Emmonds!!!

The student will write a paper on "the fear of the Lord." The student should first define what is meant by "fear of the Lord," but the primary focus of this study is to determine how a Christian develops a "fear of the Lord." Since this is a key element in the life of a Christian, how does one go about making it happen in his/her life?

Zechariah and the Day of the Lord
Read selections from the following commentaries: premillenial: Feinberg and Unger; amillennial: McComisky and Leupold. Compare the amillennial and premillennial interpretations of Zechariah chatper 14:1-7. First summarize the difference between the premillennial and amillennial approaches to this context. Second, give a good example of the difference in interpretation with explanation (and quotes).
Yeah this is definitely too smart for me.

Tutoring Journal
Tutor a K-3 child a minimum of five times, diagnosing the child's reading ability and then teaching four lessons, maintaining a reflective journal of the session as outlined below... Hooray for having had Integrated Language Arts!

Lovely schedule:
12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe
6:30 OT Wisdom Books

9:30 Pauline Epistles 1
12:30 Foundations of Special Ed

12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe
6:30 Ministry

9:30 Pauline Epistles 1
12:30 Educational Technology (wow good thing I looked -- I thought Ed Tech was Tues)

12:00 Prophetic Books 1
1:00 Emergent Literacy
2:00 Integrating music/art/health/pe

Ok, where was I... I keep losing my train of thought because I'm also talking to my roommate online. And we're talking about chocolate. That's very distracting, you know.

I have to pick Andy up at 5:00. He's getting his car window fixed. I have to get gas too. Benefit of being sick -- not going anywhere which equals no using gas! Woohoo!!!

Oh for the interested, no I'm not laying anymore speckled eggs. They're all drying up and very VERY pickable. I love picking scabs. Aw come on, admit you (who's "you"?) do too... unless you're perfect like Mom. You miss out on a lot in life if you don't pick scabs. It's a delightful pasttime... I almost said "repast" but I think that's the wrong word. For some reason I think it has to do with food. I'll look it up later.

I'm sort of packing up, but not getting very far. Oh well.

Ok I definitely ran out of things to say. CHICKEN NUT BREAD!!! (I love that line) Ok, bye!

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