Tuesday, January 30, 2007


After Jessi pushed Elena down the hill, I tried to help her up and she flipped me backwards and I went sliding down the hill leaving Elena lying in the snow kicking and giggling.

Elena is trying to look worn out

I don't know why I made such a weird face

This is Gertrude. There's also a snowball in the freezer. I named him Harold. Harry and Gerty are both safe and hopefully stay safe until May.

So it snowed and we went rolling down the snowy hill by Dr Babb's house at midnight. Twas much funness... and the next day it all melted.

We had a substitute teacher today... Oliff. He walked into class and everyone started grinning and you could hear a few people going "YESSS!!!!" Everyone who had had him before were excited... but some people were creeped out. He called on me and I freaked out because I kinda missed the question but thankfully he went off on another tangent after I tried to answer with what I hoped he was looking for. Haha! It was great... memories of Four Gospels class a year ago. Yeah he had some "interesting" ideas, but I liked his class and it was fun having him back again as a surprise.

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