Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick one

Welllll I spent all day studying. I think I got a lot accomplished -- except I am sad that I didn't read for philosophy yet.

Last night was MuKappa. It was a crazy event because people kept backing out and in the end we just had Jessi, Rachel, Sam M., and myself... and Janice as an honorary MK (she's Korean). It was still a great time. It was advertised as a Fellowship and Worship night, but it kinda didn't happen that way. We mostly sat around and laughed ourselves silly over stupid things we've been asked and other stuff.

"Star 247 -- I shall never forget that! This is gonna be FUN!!!" -- Sam M.
"Jello -- I thought it was jello and they just told me to go back to school and I did and it was yellow." -- Janice
"That should be our new advertisment -- come to the MuKappa Feeds!" -- Rachel
"My mom was asked if she could yodel." -- Sam M.
"Someone asked my dad what the kangeroos do in the winter." -- Sam (from AUSTRIA not AUSTRALIA)
"And so she said, 'You're Korean? But I thought you were Asian.'" -- Janice

"What knuckle thing?! Jessi, do you know the knuckle thing?!" me
"You've never heard of the knuckle thing? What is wrong with you!" Sam and Rachel
"I can use my fingers to count to ten..." Janice

One of my friends called me during MuKappa and Sam decided to answer in German. Then we called back and I hid my ID so it would come through as an unknown number. Sam spoke German, Rachel attempted to speak Korean but was laughing too much. After that everyone sat around trying to figure out how to hide their number. Sam was very pleased with the new found knowledge.

"You guys have cellphones?!?!?!?"

"Have you ever gotten a used tea bag? We did." -- Sam
"And you're not even in a third world country!"

It was a small group but it was funnnnn!!! Rachel and I went to HMart before and got stuff to make... I don't know how it's spelled... pretty much sushi kind of stuff. Twas fun.

The MuKappa and International Feed is going to GREAT!!!!! We want to make a house on stilts and put it over the pond so we can have a clubhouse to hold our "Feeds." =)

And finally, a video just for you! Enjooooy! (It's not on autostart to prevent annoyance, so you have to click play)

Quick! Start procrastinating before it's too late!

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Anonymous said...

Beck, Thanks for the video. The love of a father runds deep.