Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hello, my kiddies! And how are you today?

So last night I had a date with a great man, a deep thinker... except he's dead. I read Augustine's "The Teacher." Boy he had a smart son. Some lines deserved a double "HUH?!" Here is a quote:

"So, every name, including the word "name," is a word, but every word is not a name, though the word "word" is itself a name."

Somehow I think I managed to follow his train of thought. Would you believe that class has taught me to how read with comprehension. I actually liked this reading assignment. I get tense while reading because I have to concentrate so much. We have to write an essay on Augustine vs. Postmodernism. I completely did not understand what we had to read in Introducting Postmodernism. My mind has limits and it stops at comprehending utter bizzareness (i.e. postmodernism).

So I dropped one of my 5 ed courses for next semester and now have 4 ed courses and 3 Bible. Either way, it's still a load. Oh well.

Thankfully I finished some major projects so I can concentrate on writing final papers. Yay?

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