Sunday, January 08, 2006

The heavens are telling the glory of God...

Hi! Today was great... so far! And this evening there will be a baptism. Anyway, we took a break from godly churchmanship in Sunday School and watched a video from an Answers in Genesis conference on the 'best' evidence that God created. It was really neat -- there were all these creatures talked about like the mimic octopus (definitely the coolest) and man and all that. Oh, and the answer to the question is the Bible. The Bible is the best evidence. I realy liked it and I'll probably go to the AIG conference next week. (20-21)

For the morning, it was on a Christian perspective on life... wait, that wasn't the exact title. Oh yeah, "Facing the New Year with the Mind and Tongue of a Christian." It was really good. The last point of application was really vital -- although we shouldn't throw in "God willing" for every single thing we do (meaning, you aren't going to win any brownie points with God for using that phrase, but rather it should be from the heart and should be obvious in the way you live), saying it can in fact serve as a check for sin. I mean, you can't say you're going to do something that you know is sin and add "God willing" to it. It serves as a check.

Anyway, that was this morning. This evening is the baptism and Lord's supper.

Last night I went over to Kait's. It was good... they're going through "Manly Dominion" in their family devotions and the chapter was on peace. I realized that relying on the feeling of peace is a mentality that I see all around me in PBU ("I have peace that..." blah blah blah) and something that I see myself having the tendency to fall into. Besides the fact that sometimes I think I struggle with the tendency to make my conscience my God, I also can see the tendency for that whole "peace" thing too. Anyway, now I want to read the whole book.

I played Uno Attack with Kait, Susie, and Cameron... but then it turned into "Susie Attack" by Cameron.

I think I shall go take a nap now and then catch up on reading for OT and Four Gospels. Toodles!


somecallmemom said...

you're already reading for next sem's classes!?

Becky said...

yeah! get ahead!

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't pass up an opportunity to go to AIG. we heard Ken Ham at the homeschool conference, and we went to a kid's conference with him and buddy davis. he's great! fivelittleoliveplants