Tuesday, January 31, 2006

98 days

"Welcome to Chick-fil-a"
"May I help the next guest?"
"My pleasure."

Yeah, we're supposed to say "my pleasure." I think that's such a cheesy line.

Hey guess what my life is organized! Sun Hee had to go to Barnes and Nobles and I went along and they had a clearance sale with an organizer thingy for $1. I got that and now my life is moi moi organized. (Yeah right)

OT was fine today. We got out early! Amazing. The sad thing is that the cafeteria doesn't open until 11 and so I really had to rush to grab something to eat before work. I forgot to order a bag lunch yesterday. I managed to order one for tomorrow and Thursday. Go me. I made it to work just on time and clocked in at 11:29. YAY.

Work was good. Beth (the manager that day) said that she was going to feed me to the dogs. I had to work the register and fill orders and everything, relying on all the stuff I learned on Thursday. Thankfully I survived. The only thing I was confident about was when someone wanted a cone with frozen yogurt. =) I wonder why I knew how to do that... I miss TCBY. It was fun working there. There was one really rude customer though. I made a mistake cuz I accidentally gave chicken salad instead of coleslaw.

"I'm gonna keep this cuz I opened it but I want slaw."
"I'm sorry, we have to throw it out and give you coleslaw in exchange."
"No I'm gonna keep it but I want coleslaw."
"I'm sorry but we can't allow you to keep it."
"Why not."
"Because we can't give out free food."
"I know what this is. I want coleslaw."
"I'm sorry, you can exchange it if you want."
"No. I'm keeping this. I used to work for Chick-fil-a. I know what this is." (HUH!?)

She finally walked off, keeping her chicken salad since Beth wouldn't give her the coleslaw.

I got to talk to Keena! YAY!!!

I was getting inspired to excercise MWF at 5:30 am, but I didn't get past being inspired. Then I was inspired to do it at 6am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sun Hee said she'll do it with me -- and she'll MAKE me do it (since I can't get past being inspired). We'll see if I actually get around to doing it next week. HA!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, UC, my organizer thingy has CAT pictures. =) I almost got you a cat comic a day calendar, but I refrained.


katie said...

wow!! you got to work out front already? they put me in the back first. i'm so glad they did or else i would have been really confused if they put me out front first. we usually say "our pleasure" but we don't HAVE to... "my pleasure" wow that's even cheesier... we don't even say "welcome to chick-fil-a" we say "can i help you?" and that's about it. :) sooo... what's in a combo 4?? and what's on it?? hehe

Keena said...

When exactly are you planning to come home???

Becky said...

katie -- combo four? chicken. yeah.. chicken. there's chicken in a combo four................

a girl who has been working there since august still hasnt been trained in the back yet.

most of hte managers are kids -- one is 21, and 2 of the guy managers are 17. sheesh.

keena -- may 8, God willing

Anonymous said...

Your self-control is quite amazing. Notice there's a whole holiday for a groundhog and none for any cats!! Yhipee.