Thursday, January 26, 2006

blah blah blah

Hey I'm done my homework!!! Last night, I was going to bed and suddenly was inspired to write my reflection paper for Four Gospels... after the dorm devotions last night, Shannon came up and told me what I did wrong with my BI chart for Mark 1. Soooo I had to fix that up -- just finished it. There's still an empty title that I wasn't able to fill in. Those charts are such a pain. (And they've only just begun!)

David played the guitar for me again -- wow, he's improved so much! I am so jealous... I want to learn how to play the guitar! Pastor Nene says it must be in the blood cuz both Dave and Calvin are picking up really well.

I had a donut last night. After the Bible study, Shannon decided to go on a donut run and they brought me back a chocolate one. Yay.

I'm sleepy. I should take a nap. Last night I slept on the floor on my banig and sure enough, my nose didn't fill up! (Except when I pressed my nose near my pillow -- then it immediately started filling up.) I still coughed the whole night cuz for some reason, lying flat made the mucus (how delightful) drip down. Coughs are not good for working at a food place. Oh well. Maybe I need to get back on my seretide thingy. Whatever.

It's 2pm. I could sleep for an hour before going to work. I might do that. Toodles!

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