Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm updating. Happy?

Ok I'm updating! Yay! Go me!

So Saturday was good. I went to the conference. I missed the lecture on "The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye" because I was molding clay dinasaurs with the kiddies. Haha. I volunteered to help with the kids and that is what I did. For a while it was kinda boring but then we got into the activity. I was wandering around when some little boy asked me to help him. He was only 4 years old and not doing that well. (He was too young to be there anyway.) That was fun. He was a cute kid, even if he was hard to understand. His name was Okuchu or something like that. I was also helping 2 other kids who wanted to know if I was Spanish. There was a Spanish boy there who spoke perfect English, but spoke Spanish a mile a minute to his mom. In Teaching Bible, we learned about how kids need a secure learning environment. As I was walking by, one kid asked me, "Can you tell me if I'm doing good?" Guess he needed security or a boost on his pride. Haha. Some of the kids could draw really well!

There were a lot of Spanish people there and I also heard a good bit of Tagalog. That was cool.

The last lecture was on the movie "Inherit the Wind." Dr Menton named his lecture "Inherently Wind." He went through the movie pointing out the errors. (It's about the Scopes Monkey Trial)

I went to bed at 8:30 Saturday night. YAY!!! That was nice!

Sunday afternoon Andy and I went to the Carlson's for lunch and then from there we drove to Warminster. There was a Filipino family from Tenth Presbyterian visiting. Andy shocked the woman by saying "Magandang gabi, po!" Teehee. Funness.

Tuesday I got my car back! Nick went with me cuz Dad didn't want me getting ripped off. Shows a lot I know about cars -- I thought the guy said "crank shaft center." It was the SENSOR. Oh well. He was really nice (and they have a beautiful black lab behind the counter) and explained everything and stuff. It cost $186. The labor was the most expensive. Good grief!!!!!

Today I went for an interview at Chick-fil-a. I basically got hired on the spot cuz I'm from PBU. The owner's son is a senior at PBU. Anyway, she said that the fact that I go to that school says a lot to her. Uh oh. When she found out I was homeschooled, she was even more thrilled. She has another homeschooler working there and told him that she wanted more homeschoolers. Sooo I guess that means I have to fulfill a big standard -- Homeschooler and PBUer! The downside of it is that I have to work every other weekend. (Although I could make it back to NJ for dinner on Saturday... but I don't know how worth it that would be.) My major homework day would be Monday, but that's ok because I do most of my homework for Friday on Monday. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm tentatively set for 11:30-2:30 which means I can do my Afternoon Impact ministry on either of those days (it's at 3:30 I think) and still have a while to study. The starting pay is $5.50. Oh well. That's more than I make now (which is $0). I go in for training tomorrow from 4pm-8pm (or 9pm). Thankfully I've been here long enough to be familiar with what quarters look like (haha TCBY memories).

I need to do work... lots of work. Gotta make a chart on Mark 1 --> Emmon's way or the highway. (We learned about the "dispensations" today. How intriguing. Danae immediately asked me at chapel, "SO! What did you think about the dispensational stuff?!?" Haha.)

So bye!!!

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katie said...

wow you got the job! yay!! you only get 5.50? i get 6.15 and that's minimum wage here. i can't get any less than that. haha well i hope you like it. it gets pretty fun, especially after you've been there a coupla weeks. it's in a mall right?