Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Becoming a pastora...

Well I just spent an hour breaking down Romans 12:1 to come up with 25 observations for Biblical Intro. Trust me, I didn't come up with 25. I just realized that the work that pastors do is quite hard. It took me an hour to come up with points that would take me only 5 minutes to explain. But anyway, I had never concentrated so long on a verse before. It was really good! I like that class... at least I will like it until we come to dispensationalism and literal interpretation. Heh. Oh well.

Yesterday there was still snow on the ground. This morning it was all gone and it was raining. WEIRD WEATHER!!! Oh well.

Oh yeah, at the retreat, we were playing foosball with Josh Carter. Funny, it was 4 girls against him and I was cheating by playing on his side, but turning the things backwards to help the girls' side. You know what is sad? We still kept losing. =P

Yay I did most of my homework for Friday!!! I spent 2 hours on Four Gospels (although I still need to re-read Matthew) reading Matera's "The Plot" and then a few mins on math and an hour on Biblical Intro. I should probably begin reading for OT... and read for Anatomy and Physiology. Reading all that is painful.

The End

P.S. 110 days

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