Friday, January 27, 2006

Random things

You know those cell site tower thingies that are disguised as trees? Well they're really cheesy!!! Maybe they kind of pass off as trees in the summer, but they look really stupid being the only tree with leaves on it in the winter. I noticed one while driving down the highway today.

Random conversations:
In the car with Nick:
"You don't have a CD player in your car?! What do you listen to?!"
"Uh... I have a bunch of tapes... kiddie tapes..."
"Tapes? They don't even make tapes anymore, do they?"
"Uh... whatever."

At work last night:
"So are your parents Filipino?"
"No... they're American."
"Yeah... I'm adopted. That's why I'm Filipino."
"Well I thought that maybe you just look like that cuz you know, you like lived there your whole life."
*Tries not to laugh*

I went to the Chinese store today. OH IT WAS SO COOL!!!! But who on earth would want to import Clover chips?! Or Vaseline shampoo that is 10 times the normal price back home?! They also had the pink cutex cleaner thingies that you can get at Astro for like... 10 pesos! FUNNY! They also had Halo Halo stuff. YUMMIFEROUS.

So I went to work yesterday. I basically stood around and watched. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week.

Last night I went to Nifty Fifties with some girls in my dorm. That was crazy and fun... and then I went to bed at midnight cuz Sunhee and I were taking weird pics of ourselves. I'll post some pix another time. La de da.

Going to Sheryl's concert tonight. Toodles!


somecallmemom said...

"maybe one was born here and the other born there."

oldgreybeard said...

That's too incredible. You sure you did not imagine it? Were they Filipinos?