Saturday, January 28, 2006


Went to the concert last night. It was good. Todd has definitely cut down on his "snorting" to count the rests when he conducts. Anyway...

I was helping Rachel C. grade papers for her 2nd grade class. 'Twas very confusing. There was one paper Rachel was doing where it asked some question about the poisonous stew. The answer was supposed to be "There is death in the pot!" Some kid had written, "Elijah do something!" and we were cracking up! Funniness.

We went to the Carlsons afterwards for a hymn sing. There were a lot of people there -- including the entire Lipsy family (all 10). That was fun cuz I got to talk to Martha and Joanna! I haven't gotten to talk to them much lately. The Lipsys can all sing -- and sing really well! They sing parts and make up parts too -- but all in harmony and it's gorgeous! I was between Pete and Martha and felt incredibly insecure cuz both kept adding blends and I kept going off tune cuz of it. Haha. Besides the fact that I couldn't really sing anyway. I was coughing for a while (Pete: "Do you have a cough?" HAHAHAHA) until I got my inhaler. We got home around 1ish.

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Socrates399 said...

Did you grade any by cameron?