Friday, January 20, 2006

Car trouble, episode #1

Well! I just had my first car trouble episode! I was all packed up and ready to leave when I went to start my car... it wouldn't start. I thought it was the battery so I called Chris but she didn't answer her phone. (Her car was parked right in front of me, so it would be easy to jump start -- I've jump-started her car in the past) So I called Nick who was eating lunch and didn't have a class (Mr Oliff canceled all his classes today which is why I got out early). He talked to someone from security who eventually came and tried to jump start the car. It didn't work and my battery was definitely strong. SO I tried calling AAA and was being really dumb by dialing 111 instead of 222 for aaa. DUUUH! Anyway, I went back to my dorm and met Sunhee who was just coming out (she went home this weekend too). Her dad has fixed tractors and stuff so he came over and took a look. I have zero tools in my car so I called Nick again who thought he had tools. (He just had a crowbar or something... and golf clubs.) Anyway, Nick came over and stuck his head in the hood and looked around (he knows a bit about cars). Then he called his dad on his cellphone and had his dad listen to the engine noise over the phone. The conclusion was that it is probably the gas pump. Something about the gas not coming up and kicking in? Don't know... anyway I figured out my AAA mistake and called them again. I was able to answer all the questions without sounding *too* dumb but couldn't describe what was wrong with my car OR where the school was located. HAH so I gave the phone to Nick who talked to the guy. Anyway! Sunhee and her dad left and I went back to my dorm to wait for AAA to come... they came within like 5 mins! SOOO I tore around the dorm trying to find someone to drive me to the car place (Nick told me not to ride with the guy) and Chris was in a class. Thankfully Rachael was free! (And Oliff canceled her BI class so she could take me!)

Anyway, the guy, with tatoos and all, was rather nice and told me he didn't want to take the car to PepBoys because they're known to be really slow about things. He did a whole speech on how he is not trying to take advantage of me and he knows the people at Citgo and they're trustworthy and he's not trying to take advantage of me (I would have laughed if it weren't my car cuz it was one of those "I'm not trying to take advantage of you and I'm not trying to take advantage of you and did I mention I'm not trying to take advantage of you?") and how he has a daughter probably around my age and therefore he wasn't trying to take advantage of me.......... SO I went with the Citgo choice.

He zoomed off and Rachael and I thought he went ahead, so we just went to the place. The next minute my phone rings and the guy was calling asking where we were. He had gone out the front entrance and was waiting for us! Hah oh well. We knew the way so he just met us there.

AAA told Nick that I was only covered for being towed 3 miles. Any distance past that would be $3 per mile. Either it wasn't 3 miles or the guy was really nice and didn't charge me. God is good -- the guy could have been really brusque and mean, but he was helpful and nice.

The Citgo guy was nice too! He didn't even look like he belonged working in an auto place. We drove off and the guy called me cuz I forgot to give him my keys. DUH!!! So after getting those to him (they have a really nice black lab there too...) we finally got back to school. I had transferred all my stuff from my car (cuz I was going home) to Rachael's and then we unloaded again at the dorm. Interesting day.

Um........ oh yeah I missed my job interview too cuz of Charlie (my car). I called them (Chick-fil-a) and they just said to come in on Tuesday for an interview. Wheee!!! And probably after my car gets fixed, I'll really need the money.

So now I'm back in my dorm and the nice thing is I can study Anatomy and Physiology. Sunhee left so I borrowed Christy's book (although she's leaving in an hour). I'm waiting for my brother to pick me up. He's being really nice and driving all the way here to get me and then he'll take me back Sunday (which will be good cuz then he can show me the quickest way to Warminster from Gmother's). We'll miss the beginning of the AIG conference, but oh well! We're volunteers over the conference too.

So now time for A&P. I just thought you would all be interested in my car story... not!!! (Well my parents will be... the rest of my adoring fans probably skipped this post.)


somecallmemom said...

we'll be waiting for "car trouble, episode #2"!

Anonymous said...

Did you check the henway on the car?

Where's the AIG conference?


kamandag_ng_barakuda said...

wow! you finally had a cool car experience. heheheheh!!! i'll be waiting for the next episode too..