Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do you know how much sound travels in this dorm?

I can actually hear Steff's voice up above me... along with a lot of banging and ocasionally Amelia's voice. I moved to the room directly below my old one! Yes, I got to move in with Sun Hee! Wheeeee!!! Soooo happy, yet also feeling like I chickened out or something. Oh well... my RA's assured me that they think this is the best and that we'll both grow and not to feel too badly. Apparently every dorm is supposed to have 2 in-reachers. Our dorm was full last semester, so we only had one. Since Bo moved out, I went down to Sun Hee's room (although her room is the official in-reacher room) and the new in-reacher, Rachel, moved in with Amelia.

The move was interesting. I was told at 9pm last night to move as much as I could that night... soooo the opposite wing (Elizabeth, Janita, Katie, Rachael) helped me drag everything down. It was such a mess. Then today Bethany and Rachael helped us move the furniture all around to make more room. It took a while to clean up, but it looks soooo good and there is so much room!!! Ariel and Alexa are complaining about missing me, but Ariel said she'll visit often, with or without our permission. =)

The missions conf is officially over. It was... interesting. The workshop I liked the best was "The Role of a Wife and Mother on a Mission Field." It was done by Mrs Severn, the main speaker's wife. It didn't really stay on topic, but it was still interesting because they were missionaries to the Philippines. It was cool listening to some of her stories.

A lot of the missions conference had to do with stories about how God spoke to people and called them. The last session was interesting... they practically had an altar call, but it was more of a "Send Me" call. Mr Severn had people raise their hands if they were willing to go and then he had them all come up and had missionaries lay their hands on them and pray. Sooo... yeah.

It's weird being at school yet not having any homework to do. Last night I watched "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" (or something like that). It's based on a true story of a girl who was a diving girl in a stunt during the Depression. (She would jump on a horse as it ran up a ramp and they would jump off the tower into a pool of water.) Anyway, she became blind and yet she managed to still dive blind. It was a good movie, although I hated the ending. "I married him and continued to dive for 11 more years and led a happy life." Booooring!!!

Later in the evening we played Balderdash in the lounge. I didn't stay for long, though because it was getting late and I had to look for Sun Hee. There was an international food and games thingy but I didn't stay more than 5 mins cuz the Eagle's Nest was CROWDED and incredibly hot.

Speaking of hot, we've had gorgeous weather here, only a cold front is coming in soon. =( The weather has been in the 60's!!! WHEEE!!!

Sooo I now have 15 credits and am really hoping for Lit and Arts to open up so I can take 18. With 15, I might have to work overload or do something over a winter or perhaps summer. Oh well! I have the hardest professor in the school MWF at 8am! Woohoo go me. ?! Yikes. Oh well...

Anatomy and Physiology looks great. Sun Hee and I are in it along with Danae and Christy. I was looking over the syllabus and immediately started singing all my A&P songs. Sun Hee said I should teach them to her. See?! Lyrical Life Science comes in handy in COLLEGE!!!!

Tomorrow I have 4 classes (with chapel in between) from 8am-1pm. Then I leave at 3:45 for the Sutherland's house to meet Jeremy and whoever else is going to the youth retreat with him... bunch of guys I don't even talk to. Sheesh. Oh well. The only getting lost thing to face would be getting to the Sutherland's.

Sun Hee's gone... she went to watch King Kong with a friend. I don't know where everybody else is. I'm going to bed early, though!!!

I'm hungry... I'm making milo. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I have pix but they're not posting right now


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check out my email to you!

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you seem kind of busy this days... hehehehe!!! thanks for the paper check although when it came back it got bloody.... heheheh!