Monday, January 30, 2006


Sunhee and I are having a "AAAAH CAN'T DO HOMEWORK!!!" day. Slowly and surely it is getting done, though. Right now Erin is helping Sunhee with her physics or calculus or something... I dunno. Something brainy that I know nothing about.

Julie's concert was great! Those homeschoolers can sing! It was amazing and very enjoyable.

The Singhs came over for lunch on Sunday. I left around 3 and got to church right on time. (Meaning, I did not get lost) Pastor Wasson preached on the Judge of all the earth.

We had a tea party in Danae's room. That was fun... there are some crazy pix on photobucket. I accidentally wasn't thinking when I was uploading and started make sub albums on top of each other rather than several sub albums under the campus section. HAH that was confusing. Anyway, here:
Tea Party
Nifty Fifties

After lunch, I came back to my room and procrastinated... then Sunhee and I drew one out of two maps for Old Testament. I still have to draw the Middle East one. I finished reading my A&P chapter -- just have to study the terms for a quiz on Wednesday.

Ok, in case anyone's interested:
Tuesday -- OT 9:30-10:50 / Work 11:30-2:30
Wednesday -- Class 8am-1pm QUIZ in A&P/ Work 4pm-8pm
Thursday -- OT 9:30-10:50 QUIZ / Work 11:30-2:30
Saturday -- Work 12pm-4pm

I accomplished my reading for BI that is due Friday. I also did my math homework for Wednesday. I just need to read a lot and do my BI grammatical chart and 35 observations for James 1:12

I have not decided if I like Oliff or not. Today he was really interesting -- he's just really strange! He was singing songs from "Prince of Egypt" in class and announced loudly that "The music was great but they can't get the story right!" Erin told me that on the first day of class when she had him, he jumped up on the desk and announced "I am Rabbi Oliff!" He also said today, "I'm not a Jesus died for all person. Only the remnant are the elect."

It's 9pm. Time flies.


somecallmemom said...

I was interested.

katie said...

when do ya start at chick-fil-a?