Friday, January 06, 2006

La la la

HI! So yeah, as you can see I tried out Hello. It's cool. Hey Dad you should get it cuz it's easier sending pix that way than through Yahoo. It's a Google tool.

Um... well I've been setting my alarm clock back little by little but I was so tired this morning that I turned my alarm off when it went off at 7. Sheesh.

I'm still working out my class schedule. I'm still waitlisted for BI and I considered dropping it. I just don't really want Oliff twice. But while I was searching through the course sections, I found out that BI with Emmons (very *cough* dispensational) is open at 8. So I emailed my adviser about dropping Lit and Arts and putting BI in there. Then I would waitlist for Lit and Arts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11. (Meaning I'd have the same TR schedule as last sem) I would still be #1 on the waitlist, but just change which class I'm waitlisted for. That would ease up my schedule with haveing 4 classes on MWF and two on TR rather than 5 on MWF and 1 on TR. Sooo yeah, that's probably what I'll end up doing. Yeah I know Emmons is very dispensational (and I think he's hard too), but maybe it will give me a better idea of what dispensationalism is all about anyway. Nick had him last semester and he would come into class and tell me what dispensational thing Emmons said. =) Haha. I thought about taking Four Gospels on Tuesday night and just get it over with, but the syllabus wasn't that nice looking. Haha.

I suddenly realized that I must have missed Sheryl's birthday. I knew it was coming up because last year we left on her birthday. Sheesh! So I managed to find her a gift and I'm going to their house after dinner. Oh and I got Mom her birthday gift. Wheee! Go me!!!

Ah it's Friday. Which means it's almost Saturday. Which means it's almost Sunday. Which means it's almost Monday. Which means I have to go back to school. Time flies (so do birds). I need to write thank you notes tomorrow.

Blah blah blah... andy spent all day playing his stupid warcraft game. (I don't feel like putting that on the tattle blog) But really... he comes down and plays games and eats lunch and plays games. Oh and he laughs a lot too... I think it's cuz they chat while playing... I mean the other players . It's online... blah de blah.

122 days

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