Monday, October 09, 2006

Hey hey hey!

I should be studying, but I'm not. I just finished cleaning for roomcheck. I just have to find the vacuum cleaner. It's somewhere in the dorm.

Weekend was busy. Thankfully I did a lot of work for this week ahead of time, so this week isn't that bad. It was Homecoming, but I wasn't here at all for Saturday because I had to work. Work was SO busy. I was called in an hour and a half early on Friday and Saturday. Boscov's just opened up and Dan dressed up as a cow and passed out coupons... which resulted in hoards of people coming to us. Ahhh!!! It was CRAZY. In the words of Jon, "Visions of Christmas......" HAH well I won't be here for Christmas so YAY.

I did make it to some of the Friday night Homecoming activities. There was Powerderpuff football (girls playing football, boys cheerleading). It wasn't that exciting though. I think Freshmen and Sophomores won... no wait, they had a tie breaker by eating donuts and I think the Junior/Senior representative won. I forget. The boys had a hotdog eating contest after that. Junior and Senior boys definitely wiped out the Freshmen and Sophomore guys. (Partly because the sophomore representative was RUDY and the freshman representative was a total goof and was dancing to the background music while Rudy was feeding him... so they weren't trying very hard.)

Donkey basketball was interesting. This year the faculty won... at the last minute. The half-time show was done by the guys. It was... interesting. And I thought dancing was banned on campus. I might put the video clips up sometime.

They showed "Glory Road" in the chapel afterwards. It was supposed to be outside in the BLC courtyard, but then it rained. I didn't watch it. Elena, Colleen and I went back to the dorm and watched "Pride and Prejudice." I slept through a lot of it though.

So Saturday was work... and then I went home and made Andy a casserole.

Sunday was good. Andy invited a bunch of people over. There were some visitors from Mass. come too which was cool. We had some interesting conversations... Andy hadn't really planned the food so Julie, Laura, Catherine, Kaitlyn, and Christiana came in and took over the kitchen. That was funny.

I just want to say that I do not want to see Andy's apartment if he ever has an apartment of his own. Hahahaha ask if you want details.

I went to work... and then drove 2 hours. I have to admit, I have become dependent on coffee. In the words of Elena, "Don't do it!!! You're too young!"

My Integ. Lang. Arts midterm is over. Yay. Now I can study for PE and my children's lit midterm that we know nothing about.

Anyway I should go... in search of the vacuum cleaner. Byeee

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karl is a bat groupie said...

the party was a sucess no thanks to andy :-)
it was really fun...
i have alot of stuff to off i go