Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aghhh school!!!

Christine came in today and sang an interesting song:

"Jesus loves predestined children
All the chosen of the world.
You and you and you and you
Jesus only loves a few
Jesus loves predestined children of the world."

Reminds me of the church history class. It's "church history" but more like "let's debate theology for 50 minutes." Last night, I met Nick's roommate from last year. I knew he had a bunch of books, but I didn't know if he was reformed or whatever. Nick had kept telling me I should talk to him. He's in my philo class so I talked to him after class and he said he started out dispensational, turned arminian with Nick, and then switched to mostly reformed. Nick became Presby and Dan is leaning towards the 1689 Baptist confession. I asked him if he had ever heard of an Al Martin and he said "Albert N. Martin??? Yeah! I really like his stuff!" He downloads Pas Martin's sermons from sermonaudio! So anyway, he was really excited to know that I go to Pas Martin's church. He wanted to know if I went to a Ref Bap one in PA so I told him about Providence. So anyway.. that's my story of the day. Goodbye!


kait is a bat groupie said...

cool beans. can u hang out after church on sunday...i don't have school monday

Becky said...

no... i wish it were hte following week cuz the following week is fall break!

Chuck said...

Glad to see someone else has trouble typing "the" cuz my kids all make fun of me!!
PS - the word of today is vwegum!