Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wow, busy week

Ok, I should be reading An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding or whatever it's called, but I can't focus. I should read it because I'm on the 4th page or something... out of 90+. It just takes too long to break it down and take notes on it.

Anyway, Sunday, we went to the Dizon's for lunch. Twas fun! Good Filipino food. =)

Let's see... what interesting things happened to me this week...

* The Dunkin' Donuts in Raritan is run by Filipinos (at least they looked it).
* There is a Seventh Day Baptist Church on Route 202.
* The bird story.
* We had a surprise bday for Christy.
* I think I passed my midterm.
* I don't know if I passed my Church History exam, but I was up until 2:30 studying for it.

OH, here's a story...

I went to work on Friday and Jon called me into the office and told me my drawer from the previous night was $100 short. He said he turned the store upside down looking for it. He knows I didn't take it, but he has no idea where it went. I have no idea how it could have magically disappeared. There were no change transfers that night at all. ($20 for 20 $1's) But somehow, my drawer was short. I left at 8:30 and I clocked out of my register, which means only the key could open it. Jon felt awful about it. Unless it turns up, Jon will have to take it out of my pay check. Yes, it's a big cut out of my paycheck, but I'm not really upset. "A good name is to be desired above riches." I have a good name at work, even with the unconverted employees. The one team leader was talking to Jon and sticking up for me and kept insisting I wouldn't have taken it. I don't know if I ever actually said I was a Christian, but because they know I go to PBU and because of my language, even the ones I don't know very well know I'm different. So as I see it, I'll take the responsibility I have for my drawer, hope it turns up, but if not, it's ok -- because I have a good name. =)

* Friday afternoon, Elena, Colleen and I went to the library to get a movie. Then we got the idea to go to Elena's house and get her dogs and walk them in the park. Sadly, the dogs were not home. So we went for a walk anyway. I was depressed because I didn't have my camera and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. And then we found a turtle. It was a nice 2 mile walk around a big pond.... and Elena and I chased geese. Then we got back and went to Sun Wah and got Chinese food! We watched "State Fair" which is a musical. It had a cheesy storyline, but it was funny at parts. Elena fell asleep in the middle and woke up in time to see the end and pronounce it "A good story!!!"

* I had to work at 8:30 today. This kid, Joe, wanted to get out of working because he wanted to go to the shore with his girlfriend. He kept calling us (the other employees) during the week and finally Tiffany and I decided that I could take Tif's 8:30 shift, but only work until 12:30 and then she would fill in the 12:30-3 vacancy along with Joe's 3:00-10:00 shift. I had never served breakfast before and was not used to the breakfast menu on the register. Oh well. We barely had any customers and I read Truett Cathy's autobiography. I actually read the entire book, except for the last 3 readers. Jason was amazed. "Do you like read mad fast?!"

* Speaking of "mad," one guy asked me for "mad ketchup and mad mayo." Haha. How stupid is that. Ahh, the English language. Oh and another guy asked me to "cow size" his meal.

* After work, Danae, Chris, Janita, and I went to New Hope. There was an arts and crafts festival. That part was kinda boring. We had more fun walking around and embarrassing Janita by taking crazy pictures. And then when we crossed the bridge from Lambertville to New Hope, we started hopping on bouncing, making a lot of noise, and making Janita really embarrased. That was fun. We have a lot of pics and I'll post them in a slideshow sometime.

So that was my week and I need to read or something.. ugggghhh. I'm too tired!!! This next week will be ok, but the week after that will kill. I have another Dr. A exam on Monday, a PE quiz on Tuesday, a paper due on Tuesday, a rough draft lesson plan due on Tuesday, a midterm on Thursday, a lesson plan on Thursday................. yeah. Pretty much gonna die.

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