Monday, September 18, 2006

Miss me???

I got tired of reading "The Republic" (Book 7) for the 4th time without comprehending a single thing other than the cave analogy. Blaaaaaah. Icky.

So let's see... what have I been doing. Um...

* I went to the Luau at Dr. Babb's and afterwards, a bunch of us girls walked to Rita's.
* That's when I met Elena... things have never been the same since. *cough* Let's just say we make an interesting pair.

* One night, Chris got the idea to go to MacDonald's in our pajamas. We only went through the drive-thru.

OK, I am not liking how the pictures can't be dragged down the page, so it's a pain. I'll make a slideshow instead....

* I had a bad day last Tuesday. I had sooo much due and I thought I pretty much flunked 3 quizzes. The one quiz, which was Dr A's and therefore scary, I thought I had failed. Heh.. I got a 95. Her other quiz on Thursday I ended up with a 90. So woot.

* In relation to the bad day Tuesday, I walked down the wrong hall twice. How stupid is that. I walked all the way down the hall and wondered why Christy's RA schedule was on the end of the hall... and when I opened the door I realized it was Christy's room. Haha. Funny. Then the same day, I walked down MY hall and knocked on what I thought was Elena's door and it was Amanda's door and I was in my hall. How stupid. Funniness. The next day I walked down Christy's hall, but I caught myself before I made a fool of myself again.

* Friday we had MuKappa. We greatly missed Cindy, Joe, and Benaiah. Sniff... but we got to meet several new MK's. One girl is from Cyprus! Her name is Jennifer, but Ariel got in the habit of calling her "Cyprus" and I've gotten into the habit.

* After a break of about 2 hours, I am back. I went out with Danae. We went to WalMart cuz she had some major shopping to do and then we went to get ice cream. Twas fun.

* Integrated Lang. Arts today was fun. I was having way too much fun with my slate. Heh.

* It's late and I don't have time to make a slideshow. Maybe tomorrow. There was probably a lot more I could have said right now, but I'm too tired. Byeness

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