Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday we had circuit training in PE. Twas fun. We had different stations and had to do each activity for 20 seconds and then move on to the next. My favorite was hopping over cones. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Haha. But now I'm all sore because I dragged Elena down to the gym to exercise after my philosophy class. We were also trying out all the weight machines. I figured out how to weight myself on this one machine. You are supposed to pull the bar down, but instead we just hung from it.

What else... work today started out pretty relaxing, but then suddenly bang and there was a non-stop line for an hour and a half. The problem with working Wednesday and Friday is I work the lunch rush.

Ministry was fine. Grace and Chris were sick, so after getting slightly lost, Janita and I finally made it to our ministry.

The weekend was nice and warm and now it's cold! I suppose the leaves will change soon after this. That or it will get nice and warm again.

I am now reading Discourse on Method. It is better than The Republic. I kind of gave up on The Republic. I'll look for notes on it and read those instead because I have no clue what The Republic was about. Class last night was super boring. Mr Harmon wasn't feeling too well, and he wasn't teaching very well either. It picked up after 8pm. Then the last 20 mins of class were spent arguing the stupidity of Plato's thoughts. Mr Harmon said, "This is the most ridiculous class ever!" I guess he isn't used to a Christian school where people pick apart everything in light of the Bible. When we get to the section on apologetics, it should be interesting.

I have had a pretty relaxing week. I am trying to keep up on stuff, though, because next week I have 2 quizzes, a mid-term, and an exam. Yikes. Surprisingly, although I feel like I never know anything for Dr A's class, my quiz grades are still in the 90's.

Speaking of exams, my life goes down starting next week.

Week of 9/25 -- Math midterm, Church History exam
Week of 10/9 -- Integ. Lang. Arts Exam, Children's Lit midterm
Week of 10/24 -- Philosophy midterm
Week of 10/30 -- Church History Exam
Week of 11/13 -- Math Final

And then I have teaching labs and a unit and lesson plans and all that good stuff.

Did I mention I got a raise? Too bad it's my 2 and a half hour job. They probably did it because I don't work that much and because they want me to stay for next summer too. Hahaha. But hey, a raise is a raise.

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Carrie said...

Hey Becky! I hope you had a good week! It's defintely getting to be like fall :) Tonight I'm taking the train to Philly to meet up with Anne D. and some freshmen girls from a Tenth Bible study, and then we're taking the train over to South Jersey where Anne and Lauren Tautrault live. We're getting together for dinner and all. Then I'm sleeping over and taking the train back to Widener tomorrow. Then it's on to the reading, reading, and more reading....blah, blah, blah! LOL. I can't believe you already have midterms. We've only been in classes for a little over 2 weeks! Anyways, have a great weekend. Love ya :)