Saturday, September 23, 2006

La la la...

I am sitting here in an oversized t-shirt (very oversized... it's Andy's) updating my blog rather than studying. I have 2 quizzes and 2 exams (one of which is a midterm) next week, so I probably should not be doing this. But I am. Oh wait, 3 quizzes and 2 exams.

Anyway, the MuKappa cabinet (minus Irene who was working) went to the Kellaris's (our MuKappa advisors) for dinner. Ahh, good food. And Tucker, the dog, is very cute. We ate quickly because Ariel and Rachel had to go to the Symphony Orchestra concert that night. I got back and attempted to study until Elena and Allie popped in my room followed by Colleen. Allie disappeared and Colleen and I forced Elena into coming to the gym with us to exercise. (We have lately taken to going to the gym late at night and exercising..... or playing with the weight machines.)

This is Elena on my bed attempting to reach her nickel which was on Meghan's bed.

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Ashleigh, Rachael, and Meghan play basketball almost every single night at around 10:30. Ashleigh has been trying to get me to play and I haven't because they do it so late. Ash managed to persuade me to play last night, so Elena and I went to the gym and played. I hadn't played since I was 8. It was actually a lot of fun, even if I don't know any of the rules and can't shoot for the life of me.

Work today was ok. I was dying to go home, though. I have a cold... and the day before, I worked while having asthma. Because I seldom need it, I never carry my inhaler around. The only time I get it is if I get a cough. Soooo... yeah. I left 15 minutes early, but it took me 20 minutes to get back anyway because of the construction by the railroad tracks. But I managed to get my inhaler and then I could breathe again. Now it's still deep in my chest and a bit in my nose. Brian (one of the team leaders) was picking on me at work and then he found out I was sick and said, "So no wonder you are so quiet!"

I should get to studying now. Oh yes, my favorite quote of the week:
"I'm turning 20, but I act my shoe size." -- Elena (I think her shoe size is 7)

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Chuck said...

Bummer! I kept waiting for her to flip right out of the bunk.
PS My word was "keyzzzhs" which means "very important sleep"