Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trust me to lose a library book the day I checked it out. Sheesh!!! I have NO clue where it could be.... unless it's in my math classroom. Waaaah!!!

It's all wet and dreary out. Oh well. And I have to drive to ministry tonight because Chris is sick. Let's hope I don't miss the turn..........again. And I NEED to get my full license ASAP.


We took Elizabeth to Nify Fifties for her birthday. Actually, I was supposed to persuade her to hang out with me after my night class yesterday and the other girls would meet us there, but instead they decided to blindfold her and take her. Haha. And I made her wear a giant crown that said "Lizzard Breath" on it. Funny, the other 2 tables that were occupied were by PBU girls. I wonder how many PBU students that place gets a night. Schofield is having a dorm event to Nifty Fifties tonight so Christy gets to go twice. I'm not going because of ministry.

I have a midterm tomorrow and then I can relax a bit because FALL BREAK is next Mon-Tues. WOOHOO!!! I have a lot of work for Fall Break. I want to get ahead. I had a lot this week, but I worked hard last week and got it all done. That's always fun.

Ashleigh and Rachael bought fish for our suite. The sad thing is that theirs died in 2 hours and mine is in the process of dying a slow death. It's very sad. Ash said I killed them. Hah.

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Oldgreybeard said...

Don't bring too much work home to NJ cause you have to talk to your rents.