Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall Break! Woohoo!!!

The "forbidden" path... teehee

Cool worm, eh?

The pond, early in the morning


Isn't it cute?

Some type of leaves


Some type of flowers

Anyway, we're officially on fall break. YAY. I must have been on Fall Break mode since Thursday. Thanks to Meghan, I didn't miss my exam. She woke me up 10 mins before class. Glad I'm not in Heritage or Penndel or I wouldn't have made it. See, Meghan, Ash, and Rach pulled an all-nighter. I heard them up and I figured it was time to get up since I'm always the first one up. Then I realized it was 5am. Sooo I went back to sleep and went into a deeper sleep and turned off my alarm. Good thing Meghan woke me up!

I went to PE, even though Mrs Hui said we could count it as a skip. She told us to come in and work on our workout programs. Me? Work on my workout program? Hah. So I just went to see if this other guy JR was going to play dodgeball as he had talked about doing on Tuesday. We played ball tag with several other people. Mrs Hui thought we were crazy.

I went to work on Friday and then ended up skipping Church History so I could go home. I got home an hour and a half earlier than I would have if I had gone to class. I stopped by Orchard (of course!) and Tracie talked to me about all I need to do in December. Looks challenging, but I'm kinda excited.

One thing I like about my dorm -- I don't freeze. I slept with several blankets, a shirt and a sweatshirt, sweatpants, 2 pairs of socks, and gloves. And then Andy was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.

Well me is going to live in the library now.


Chuck said...

Where are the pictures of picking apples??


HaPi said...

Nice pond pix!