Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ahhh, dispensationalism!

Danae, you may stop reading this post because it is written by a "covenant theologian who hasn't seen the light." *cough*

I am coming to a great conviction that dispensationalism is very inconsistent. When we were in Richmond on Christmas, they were wrapping up a study of dispensationalism. I wrote down all the things and am only now coming to really understand what they mean because of classes this semester.

Let's start with BI this morning:
We're beginning our discussion Dispensationalism, but we started with a discussion on Covenant Theology. I don't think it was painted in a very positive light, which is not surprising. Here is a quote:
"Some of the dispensations are spelled out in the Bible which is why I believe dispensationalism is superior to covenant theology."

He also said that Covenant Theologians are very allegorical and feel very free about what is taken figuratively. Emmons said that Cov's believe the central theme of the Bible is man's redemption. Dispys don't believe it is the central theme.

"I am very thankful for redemption, but I think the Bible is a little bigger than redemption."
Anyway, that was interesting. On Monday we're supposed to learn why dispensationalism is superior.
I had a discussion with Nick about dispensationalism. It's amazing how much he reads on top of schoolwork. Right now he's reading "Understanding Dispensationalists" and highly recommends it.
Yesterday I studied for 5 and a half hours. That fried my brain. I took notes on Chapter 6 in A&P. I wonder if there's a better way...
I work today. So bye.

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