Friday, February 24, 2006

"If it ain't chocolate, it ain't breakfast!" -- Anonymous

Hi peeps... hey look, I haven't updated since Sunday! Woohoo go me! I have better things to do!

Let's see, this week at work:

I got called "Baby girl" by this crazy lady who was trying sooooo hard to be cool and really wasn't succeeding. She was saying things like, "Oh give me a high five baby girl! You're the best!" Ok I was snickering for a while after that. It was really weird.

Then there was an old lady that came and I got her stuff and she started saying, "So where do you go to school, dear?" I told her. Then she said, "Well you are sooo nice and sooo smart." Smart? Thankfully I didn't mess up giving her change!

And as I was walking into the mall yesterday, this guy followed behind me and said "Kamusta?" I turned around the guy was African-American and definitely not Filipino. I was a little creeped out and I kept walking and he followed and said "Aren't you Filipino?" I said "Um.. yeah..." and he said "I have lots of Filipino friends." I was thinking "Yeah that's nice go away you're scaring me." So he just said "Salamat" and left. That was interesting. Then I had a Filipino customer that day. She looked kinda Spanish but as soon as she opened her mouth, I knew she was Filipino. "Can I have... what do you call this..." =D

Wednesday was delightfully slow and I read 7 chapters of the Chick-fil-A book. It's actually the autobiography of the guy who founded Chick-fil-A. It was a pretty interesting book. One of the girls couldn't believe I was reading it and said, "Why are you reading that book?! Is it all 'holy'?" Nick, the 17-year-old manager, said it was a good book and let me read it. So the reason why Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday is because the guy who founded it said when he founded it that if it needed to be open 7 days a week to make profit, he would need to find another line of business... and since then, Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sundays.

And then I finally cracked down and got slip-free shoes for work. They help a lot actually. Tis amazing. In fact, I was leaving work and I called Rachael and she was going to WalMart so we met up for a while and went shopping.

Let's see... what other weird experiences this week... OH YEAH! Today I went to my fav gas station in Flemmington and the guy (who is Indian) finally asked what country I was from and I said Philippines and he said I looked Indian. He said my name was confusing him because I looked Indian and my name is definitely not Indian. HAHA so yeah... So as I drove away he said "Thank you, Rivka." At first I thought it was some sort of Indian term or whatever for girl or something... until I was about 5 minutes down the road and I remembered that my name is Rebecca and that's probably how he pronounced me name. HAH I am so dumb. Rivka. Not bad, actually.

I went to my ministry on Thursday. There was also another woman there for the first time -- she was also helping. I'm not sure where she's from. Anyway, Kiara was doing a math problem and Marissa (the new helper) couldn't figure it out and asked me about it and I gave her what I thought was right until math class this morning when I realized that I completely and stupidly gave her the wrong answer. DUH!!! The question was 10 - __ = 20. For some odd reason I did use a double negative but I said THIRTY. THIRTY?!?!?! How stupid is that!!!!

Speaking of my ministry, there are some kids there with major issues. Kelly, Krista, and Kearstin have major issues. Kelly and Krista are sisters and Kearstin is their cousin. All three of them are only in the program because their mothers are the only ones that are working. All the other kids seem to have a little better home lives than those three. Kelly is on medication apparently, which explains some of her issues. Kearstin has a major temper and attitude problem. She got mad at Kiara and started walking around KICKING things. Then there was Kelly who was mad at Kearstin. I went over to her and tried to talk to her and told her she wasn't dealing with her problem properly. That child is 10 years old and she said, "I hate Kearstin." Kearstin was at fault but I also told Kelly that hating her cousin wasn't going to help her relationship with Kearstin. You know what Kelly said? "I don't have no relationship. I hate Kearstin and when I go home I'm gonna slap her face." I tried saying something about the Bible but she said "I don't care and I hate her and I'm gonna slap her." Then she walked in the house and Kearstin's jacket was there and Kelly threw it on the floor, stamped on it, and muttered, "That is the ugliest jacket I have ever seen." I made her pick it up but she stormed off and sulked. Kelly has big, deep anger. Kearstin expresses her anger and she's very annoying. Out of the three, Krista is the best. Apparently, according to Trish, when they're alone they're better, but when there are two or all three of them, they are terrible. The other kids are so much better and listen and obey much more. Miguel of course is the cutest one of all. =) Trish warned everyone about obeying the leaders and she finally told us what the rules and penalties were so we could deal with the kids a little better.

Next Saturday is the MuKappa talent show. I'm trying to get out of doing anything, but Ariel wants me to do something. Benaiah said that if he makes it (he has a meeting), he, Joe, and I will have to come up with something. He said we should do tinikling with steel bars. HAH. And then he said we should sing. SING?

I am now going to devote the rest of my life to studying Mark... and Anatomy and Physiology. We have TWO weeks left until spring break! YAY!!! Before then I have exams for OT, Math, Anatomy and Physiolgy, and Four Gospels (I could have just said all classes but BI). Blah blah blah... sooo yeah! Fun times!!!

Sun Hee went crazy last night. In fact, we were both going crazy last night. I don't know. I was in a normal mood (sort of) and her mood rubbed off on me. I was lying on the floor screaming something about Anatomy and Physiology and she was bouncing up and down on the floor. Then there was knock on the door and I assumed it was Shannon cuz it was time for roomcheck and so I yelled "GO AWAY!!!" and SunHee opened the door and Kaleigh and Stef were there with shocked faces. HAHAHA. Stef said they were just checking to see if everything was ok or if we were fighting or something. They're usually the loud ones and so we scared them when we were going crazy. HAHA funniness. We calmed down for a while until Sunhee hit her funny bone on her bed and she starts going bezerk. She would go off into giggling fits and then she started throwing stuff and hitting a stuffed animal on the bottom of my bed. WEIRD!!! It was really crazy last night. Then we decided to go to bed but ended up talking unti 12:15. Crazzzzy times. This morning she was still kinda high cuz she got a good grade on calculus. La la la...

Sooo that would be as much as I can think to update. Have fun!

EDIT// Also, at work, I was filling two medium cups of lemonade, one diet and one regular. I picked them up and turned to the counter and set them down to put lids on them. Then I suddenly couldn't remember which one was diet. So I picked them up and turned around so I could see which one was the diet side. The customer was cracking up and she said, "Sooo cute." I felt stupid.


somecallmemom said...

Oh, but you are cute!

katie said...

Haha... doesn't the regular lemonade look brighter than the diet lemonade? at least that's the way it is with ours. but you can't really tell when it's in the cup. our lemonade thing splatters all over the place whenever you get a cup of it. it's sooo annoying.