Monday, February 13, 2006

Procrastination is a gift of mine

HI!!! I should be studying the muscular system, but I'm not. ("Muscles of three types you'll find/Skeletal, smooth, and the cardiac kind/Working together to make you strong/One gets short while the other long/Like your arm when muscles flex/Biceps short and long triceps/Your heart is a muscle too/Skeletal-type working like a smooth/A specialized muscle called the cardiac/But your skeletal muscles go right up your back") Hooray for anatomy songs!!!

Well phooey!!! I stupidly did not double check when I copied Philippians 2:5-11 onto an index card for taping over my bed so I could memorize it... and I memorized it, not realizing I had left out "and under the earth"!!! *Sigh* So dumb of me. Oh well.

I dreamed twice last night that classes were canceled. Sadly, I woke up, checked the emergency closing site only to find that all the classes were being held as scheduled. Sniff. Saddest thing in the uvinerse (hehe, Keena!). Oh well. Soooo I had to get up and get ready to brave the white stuff outside.

The snow was sooo pretty this morning with the sun glistening on it. Prettiness!!! It was also really bright and my eyes hurt.

We learned more about dispensationalism in class today. Woohoo!!! Fun times... so anyway, the concept of the dispensations is practically "salvation by works" although they'd never, ever admit it. See, the dispensations are basically testings of "stewardship" -- which sounds an awful lot like works. So yeah...

Christy and I ate in the Eagle's Nest for lunch. We got chicken nuggets... definitely fake chicken. At least Chick-fil-A uses real chicken (bet they'd be sued if they didn't). Teehee.

Sunhee's sick... but she should be back tonight... *rambles* Well I should probably start cracking down on my studying again. OH YEAH!!! I forgot -- we were supposed to have a quiz today in Anatomy and Physiology and I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT!!! Because of the weather, Dr. Beach moved it to Wednesday. *relief*relief* Danae didn't remind me about it cuz she figured I knew since I usually keep tabs on stuff. SHEESH. I do know that we have an exam in OT tomorrow, A&P quiz on Wednesday and hand-in set #2 due in math (which I did last week), OT maps due on Thursday (which I did two weeks ago), chapter 2 in Methodical Bible Study due (which I did last week) and an exam in Four Gospels on Friday. Yada yada.

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