Saturday, February 11, 2006


Wow it has been a year since:
*Ate Rose's wedding
*Roasting Kemi and Elot

A year ago I didn't know where I was going to go to college. Now I'm in college. So much changes in one year!!! And, time flies! So many changes... so many things I never thought would have happened.

I should not be writing. I should be reading Anatomy and Physiology. I also should be reading chapter two in the Methodical Bible Study book which is SUPER BORING. (Living by the Book is sooo much better written).

The youth bible study was good. I liked the Zimbabwe report... haha they taught us a song and Mr Bell asked if clapping was appropriate in Trinity. Hehe. Funny. Anyway, they pronounce everything just as it is written -- like in Tagalog. The song started something like this:
Hakuna wakaita seJesu
Hakuna wakaita seYe
Hakuna wakaita seJesu
Hakuna hakunawo

I brought Kait's cow calendar and it was a huge hit -- Stringbean (aka Pete S. -- hey! He calls me Shorty!) wanted one so I have to get him one if there are any left. Chris F. was doing a monologue for the talent show this week during Trinity's spirit week. It was basically the written out version of "Why Murphy's Not at Work Today." Since I had my laptop there, I played the song for him and he loved it.

It is snowing. It is snowing a lot. Big, fat snowflakes. Hence SS and AM are canceled at Warminster -- but I have 3 tapes. Not sure if I'll go to the evening service -- depends on black ice.

Ok I should study or something! Bye


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky!
It's been a while since I've read or commented on your blog! I know the feeling...not wanting to study for A&P..haha. I watched the Olympics and studied :) I love when it snows and it is the big snowflakes :) I'll find out in the morning if I'll be going to church. If not, Tenth is webcasting their 11am service, so you can go to their website and watch it if you want. Alie Lee watched one of the services once and liked it. Well, I hope you have a blessed Lord's day! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you left yesterday to drive back! We didn't get any snow and the temp is still in the 40's.

You won't miss me this week - I'm staying around here to work. You can listen to our service being streamed at
I think Andy (not your brother)will be preaching on Eph 6, but that's a guess.

I'm using that Living By the Book in my 9th-10th grade SS.

Have a good day and make a snow angel for me!


katie said...

we have a cow calendar. they are GREAT. :)