Friday, February 17, 2006

An update! WOOT!

I suppose my adoring fans will be calling for an update soon... sooo here goes!

Well, Wednesday I had classes (duh) and we had the A&P quiz that had been postponed from Monday. I think I got 2 wrong. (But my grade moved from a b+ to an a- now...) I also worked from 4-8. That was fun... and Chris (a 15-year-old kid who looks like he's 12) got us chocolate. I have no idea why (except that Sara said she wanted candy and he actually got some... at the dollar store...). Um, and the snow began to melt and it was all slushy.

Thursday we turned in our OT maps (I had done them 2 weeks before) and then I went to work which was fine and then to my ministry. It was pretty cool at Afternoon Impact yesterday. Jaci and I walked in the door and before I knew it, Krista was jumping into my arms (thankfully she's skinny as anything and very lightweight) and Kearstin was jumping at Jaci. We then proceeded to help them with homework and stuff like that.

I came to a definite conclusion that boys are easier to handle than girls. Kearstin was having attitude problems. One of the girls wouldn't share or something and she was pouting about it. I sent her out again, but she came back in and pouted and I walked over and she was trying very hard not to laugh. I told her she was faking it. Little brat. The girls are much more prone to sulking and whining and going crazy. The boys are sooo much more fun. If they get into a fight, it's dealt with nicely and quickly by some punches and then they're all best friends again. Definitely easier. What cracked me up was how Eric and Tony were teasing Lawrence for liking Krista (Krista is 9 and I'm guessing Lawrence is around the same age). They kept picking on poor Lawrence saying things like, "Put your girlfriend on a leash!!!" because she was screaming while playing playstation. (Lawrence does like Krista... in case you were interested.) I definitely think the boys are more fun than the girls... they have fewer issues. Miguel is 8 and REALLY tiny, such a complete ham, and soooo funny.

Oh yeah, Lawrence and Eric were playing playstation and Krista kept saying she could beat them all... until she started playing it and she kept dying. HAHA little girls... I was once one. *Sigh* How embarrassing.

Um... so yeah! Then I came back and started studying for the Matthew Exam. We were allowed to bring in a "cheat sheet" (or as Mr Oliff called it, "A study guide") which helped a tiny bit... but not all that much. I don't know how well I did. We'll see.

Today I am going to try to read a lot, correct my A&P test (he said we could go back and try to find the correct answers and bring up our grade by 50%), and read a lot (I already said that, didn't I?). Alexa and Benaiah are off to the MuKappa winter retreat.

I do like this planner I have. It keeps me organized!!! I thought I wouldn't use it much, but it reallllly helps! Want a sneak peak of next week? (Sure you do!!!)

Monday (hopefully get most done Fri and Sat -- all the reading is due on Friday):
Living by the Book (171-229)
Quiz: Systems of Nummeration
NT Wright "Gospel" (77-112)
Sailhammer -- Mark
Oliff "Messenger"
What On Earth is God Doing? -- Showers

Work 11:30-2:30

Work 4pm-8pm

OT Quiz (p. 111-123)
Work 11:30-2:30
Ministry 3:30-5:30

Ephesians 2:1-10 (Chart due)
Reflection Paper on Mark due

THREE WEEKS UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!! Before then I have whatever I said for next week, more reading due, finish 1 and 2 Samuel twice, a trace paper for Mark, an Anatomy and Physiology Exam, an OT exam, and Math and Mark exam (same day). Fun times.


Anonymous said...

What are you doing over spring break?


Becky said...

why? you miss me? you want me to visit you?

Anonymous said...

Well, in a word - YEAH!